#140 The stamps and history of the Belgian Congo, Katanga and one of the largest DB's in history

Welcome to episode #140.  This week we are all about the history and back story of the stamps of the huge area smack dab in the middle of Africa that was claimed by England, France, Germany, Spain, and Portugal but eventually wound up being owned by one pretty despicable person from Belgium. (4 minute marker)  The history of The Congo, The Belgian Congo, Saba, Katanga, Zaire (did I leave anybody out) is fascinating in its brutality, instability, United Nations involvement and crisis.   The stamps of this area confirm this with many different nation states (and some non-recognized ones), overprints and new issues, all with fascinating back stories  This area has always fascinated me.  Finally we have done a podcast on it.  We also have an update on COUNTERFIET STAMPS. (28 minute marker) Enjoy.

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