The Count of St Germain (Part 3)

There seems to be no doubt that the Count of Saint Germain existed, but how did he exist and for how long? There are levels to the incredulity of his story. It seems unlikely that one individual could possess so many varied talents, but the Count's most unlikely talent was living into his 80s while still looking to be in his 50s. If you're willing to go even further and believe the accounts of some of his contemporaries, then the Count was over 100 years old and lived well into the 19th century. Impossible you say? Then you might have even more trouble believing what many of those who had studied under him and some that continue to study his life believe, that the Count may have been hundreds or even thousands of years old, knew the ancient wisdom and secrets of life, and practiced the lost arts known only to the most enlightened beings. Whatever you choose to believe, a strong argument could be made that in his time and long after, he was actually the real 'most interesting man in the world'. Tonight's Quote: “He was, perhaps, one of the greatest philosophers who ever lived. The friend of humanity, wishing for money only that he might give to the poor, a friend to animals, his heart was concerned only with the happiness of others.” — Prince Charles of Hesse-Cassel on the Count of Saint Germain from his book, Mémoires de Mon Temps Show Links: We've found that some sites are not showing these links as clickable unless they are URLs, so until those outlets improve their show notes section, we are providing actual URLs next to the clickable description of each link to make things easier for our listeners! Jessie Desmond's Finding Count St. Germain blog Direct to: Travis J. Dow & Pete Collman's History of Alchemy podcast Travis J. Dow's collection of podcasts on Podcastnik, with Pete Collman Get Kevin Pollak's/The Count's book, How I Slept My Way to the Middle: Secrets And Stories From Stage, Screen, And Interwebs Is the fantastic American actor and comedian Kevin Pollak The Count? Now we know! Petter Amundsen and Erlend Loe: The Seven Steps to Mercy: with Shakespeare's Key to the Oak Island Templum "The Real Doctor Who" excerpt from Tom Sleman's Mysteries of History and other works Thomas Sleman's book, Strange but True: Mysterious and Bizarre People, Who Were They and Where Did They Go Other books by Thomas Sleman The Wandering Jew Rabbi Isaac Luria, the father of contemporary Kabbalah Kabbalah The Tree of Life or the 10 Sephirot in Jewish Kabbalah Theosophy PDF of St. Germain's Most Holy Trinosophia PDF of St. Germain's Triangle Book Grimoire Staff of Moses The Invisibles: A History of Rosicrucians and How Elites Gained Knowledge... Francis Bacon, The Count, the Supernova of 1604 and the 800 year spiritual cycle Theosophy and Saint Germain on Wikipedia The Alchemy Web Bookshop Ascended Master Rosicrucianism Rosicrucian Trilogy: Modern Translations of the Three Founding Documents The alchemy website on Alchemy on Wikipedia Prince Charles "Karl" of Hesse-Kassel Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer Paracelsus Giacomo Casanova Count Alessandro di Cagliostro Affair of the Diamond Necklace Madame Helena Blavatsky Sirhan Sirhan

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