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Ice Worlds, Landing on the Moon and Blasting an AsteroidApr 03, 2019 Listen
Dunes, Walnut Shells, Alien Impostors and Other Worlds: A Visit with Sarah HörstMar 27, 2019 Listen
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Boosters, Breakthroughs and Budgets: Canada and the US Look Toward SpaceMar 13, 2019 Listen
China on the Final FrontierMar 06, 2019 Listen
Space Policy Edition: When a (Space) Cowboy Came to WashingtonMar 01, 2019 Listen
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Watching the Births of Solar SystemsFeb 13, 2019 Listen
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Earthrise! The 50th Anniversary of Apollo 8Dec 19, 2018 Listen
At the Space Settlement Summit With Former NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden Dec 12, 2018 Listen
Space Policy Edition: Canada's Uncertain Future in Space (with Kate Howells)Dec 07, 2018 Listen
Last Week, Mars. This week, An Asteroid Called Bennu.Dec 05, 2018 Listen
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We Know Where the 2020 Rover Will Look for Martian LifeNov 21, 2018 Listen
Space Policy Edition: After the Midterms—Looking Ahead with Marcia SmithNov 16, 2018 Listen
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Where Do We Come From? – Exploring the Origins of Life LabNov 07, 2018 Listen
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Back to Saturn for Brand New Cassini ScienceOct 17, 2018 Listen
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Space, Rockets, and a Senatorial Encounter in Huntsville, AlabamaAug 29, 2018 Listen
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Dark Energy’s Co-Discoverer and the Leader of Chinese Space ScienceAug 08, 2018 Listen
Space Policy Edition: Destination…Mars? Contradictions and PrinciplesAug 03, 2018 Listen
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Something Old and Something New: Exciting Research on the International Space StationJul 11, 2018 Listen
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Kathryn Sullivan, Space Dentistry and More at the International Space Development ConferenceJun 20, 2018 Listen
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It’s Rocket Science: Testing PlanetVac in the Mojave DesertJun 06, 2018 Listen
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Space Policy Edition: Lori Garver on what a NASA Administrator (and Deputy) actually doesApr 06, 2018 Listen
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Space Policy Edition #20: Looking back on the year in space policy. Also, your questions!Jan 05, 2018 Listen
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Could the Soviet Union Have Won the Space Race?Aug 23, 2016 Listen
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Space Policy Edition #3: Plutonium-238, Europa via SLS, Cost of the Next Mars Rover RisesAug 05, 2016 Listen
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A Death Valley Conversation About Life, The Universe and Everything With Tyler Nordgren and Jill TarterApr 26, 2016 Listen
Exploring Europa and Mining Asteroids at Yuri’s NightApr 19, 2016 Listen
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Ashwin Vasavada, Leader of Scientists Roving MarsMar 29, 2016 Listen
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Ann Druyan and the Breakthrough SETI InitiativesAug 04, 2015 Listen
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Planetary Radio Live at the New Horizons Pluto EncounterJul 21, 2015 Listen
A Small, Distant World: Kepler 138bJul 14, 2015 Listen
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Cassini Update AND LightSail Spreads its Wings!Jun 09, 2015 Listen
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Spiraling Closer to Ceres With the Dawn Mission’s Marc RaymanMay 19, 2015 Listen
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Leaving Behind a Life on Mars—Former Curiosity Project Scientist John GrotzingerMar 17, 2015 Listen
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Jim Bell Welcomes “The Interstellar Age”Mar 03, 2015 Listen
Jonathan Goff Says Let’s Redirect an AsteroidFeb 24, 2015 Listen
Found! Beagle 2 on MarsFeb 17, 2015 Listen
Year of the Icy WorldsFeb 10, 2015 Listen
Planetary Radio Extra: A Deep Dive into the New NASA Budget—A New Mission to Europa, But the End of Opportunity?Feb 10, 2015 Listen
Tales From a 4 Billion Year Old Piece of Mars...On EarthFeb 03, 2015 Listen
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A Recipe for a Small PlanetJan 20, 2015 Listen
Dr. J and the World’s Biggest TelescopeJan 13, 2015 Listen
The Exciting Year Ahead on the Final FrontierJan 06, 2015 Listen
2014: The Year in SpaceDec 30, 2014 Listen
Where Did The Air Go? Bruce Jakosky on the MAVEN Mars MissionDec 23, 2014 Listen
Sara Seager and the Search for Earth’s TwinDec 16, 2014 Listen
Orion Launches Into HistoryDec 09, 2014 Listen
Kip Thorne and the Science of InterstellarDec 02, 2014 Listen
2014: The Year We Landed on a CometNov 25, 2014 Listen
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Digging Deep With Kris Zacny and the Planetary Deep DrillNov 11, 2014 Listen
The SpaceShipTwo and Antares Disasters: Special Coverage With John LogsdonNov 04, 2014 Listen
A MESSENGER From Mercury—Principal Investigator Sean Solomon ReturnsOct 28, 2014 Listen
Ancient Water Was Here Before the SunOct 21, 2014 Listen
Yale’s Debra Fischer and the Ever More Precise Search for New WorldsOct 14, 2014 Listen
Planetary Radio Live! We See Thee Rise: The Canadian Space ProgramOct 07, 2014 Listen
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Dr. Bell Goes to WashingtonSep 16, 2014 Listen
Miguel Alcubierre, Inventor of Warp Drive?Sep 09, 2014 Listen
Smashing Holes in Mars to Look for LifeSep 02, 2014 Listen
Alan Stern and a Big Milestone on the Way to PlutoAug 26, 2014 Listen
Journey to the Center of Jupiter: Creating Fantastic Pressure With the World’s Largest LasersAug 19, 2014 Listen
The Search for Extraterrestrial Polluters?Aug 12, 2014 Listen
A Death-Defying Climax for Venus ExpressAug 05, 2014 Listen
Jay Barbree on “Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight”Jul 29, 2014 Listen
Keith Cowing and the ISEE-3 RebootersJul 22, 2014 Listen
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Discovered: Titan's Magic IslandJul 08, 2014 Listen
Was a Natural Fuel Cell Key to the Origin of Life on Earth?Jul 01, 2014 Listen
Elisa Quintana on the Discovery of Earth 2.0Jun 24, 2014 Listen
Pathways To Exploration: John Logsdon Analyzes the Human Spaceflight ReportJun 17, 2014 Listen
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A Starlight Festival Cassini Mission UpdateJun 03, 2014 Listen
At Spacefest VI With Apollo Astronaut Gene Cernan and a Host of Proud Space GeeksMay 27, 2014 Listen
Living and Working on Mars—A Conversation at the International Space Development ConferenceMay 20, 2014 Listen
Special Planetary Radio Advocacy Report From Casey Dreier: A Good Week in WashingtonMay 13, 2014 Listen
Spinoff 2013: Bringing Space Technology HomeMay 13, 2014 Listen
Neil deGrasse TysonMay 06, 2014 Listen
Planetary Radio Live at the USA Science and Engineering Festival with Mike Rowe of Dirty JobsApr 29, 2014 Listen
A Second Earth, and OSIRIS REx is Go for Asteroid BennuApr 22, 2014 Listen
Planetary Radio Live at Yuri’s Night—Under Space Shuttle EndeavourApr 15, 2014 Listen
Microbes in Orbit: Cheryl Nickerson’s Revealing Biomedical ResearchApr 08, 2014 Listen
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Emily Lakdawalla At Her Favorite Conference While Alan Stern Stirs Up the Solar SystemMar 25, 2014 Listen
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A Planetary Radio Special Feature: NASA Unveils Its Proposed FY2015 BudgetMar 05, 2014 Listen
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Talking with JPL's Blaine Baggett and Ed Stone About "The Stuff of Dreams"Feb 25, 2014 Listen
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10 Years A Roving: A.J.S. Rayl on the Mars Exploration RoversDec 23, 2013 Listen
A Big Week for Space Science at the AGU and BeyondDec 16, 2013 Listen
Comet ISON: Much More Than a MemoryDec 09, 2013 Listen
Celebrating the Admiral of the Solar SystemDec 02, 2013 Listen
Alyssa Rhoden and the Rise of the Europa UndergroundNov 25, 2013 Listen
Planetary Radio Live Celebrates the Launch of MAVENNov 18, 2013 Listen
SpaceUp LA: What would you do with $13 Billion?Nov 11, 2013 Listen
All-Sky Optical Search for Extraterrestrial IntelligenceNov 04, 2013 Listen
It's Hot! Plutonium 238 is BackOct 28, 2013 Listen
Juno's Brief Home Visit on the Road to JupiterOct 21, 2013 Listen
Emily Lakawalla's DPS ReportOct 14, 2013 Listen
The New Horizons InitiativeOct 07, 2013 Listen
Gregory and James Benford on the "Starship Century"Sep 30, 2013 Listen
Can We Touch the Stars? Lou Friedman at the 100-Year Starship SymposiumSep 23, 2013 Listen
MAVEN Mars Mission's Bruce JakoskySep 16, 2013 Listen
PLANETARY RADIO LIVE: LADEE Launches for LunaSep 09, 2013 Listen
Remembering Bruce MurraySep 02, 2013 Listen
Taikonauts on the Moon? A Conversation With Leonard DavidAug 26, 2013 Listen
NASA's Charlie Bolden Visits Earth Missions at JPLAug 19, 2013 Listen
Bleeding Edge--NIAC Chooses 12 New Out There ProjectsAug 12, 2013 Listen
The Ancient Snows of MarsAug 05, 2013 Listen
Europa Report--New Science Fiction Film Embraces the ScienceJul 29, 2013 Listen
JPL and England Wave at SaturnJul 22, 2013 Listen
Touring Mt. Wilson with George Ellery Hale's DescendantsJul 15, 2013 Listen
Tim Spahr of the Minor Planet CenterJul 08, 2013 Listen
Water on the Moon! Jul 01, 2013 Listen
A Cosmic Concert: Singer/Songwriter Peter Mayer on Planetary Radio LiveJun 24, 2013 Listen
Landing On Mars With JPL's Matt GolombekJun 17, 2013 Listen
Saving Science Education With Pamela Gay AND Creating the Blackest BlackJun 10, 2013 Listen
Tasting the Air of Distant WorldsJun 03, 2013 Listen
Live at the Space Tech Expo with Bill Nye, Xcor and Zero-GMay 27, 2013 Listen
Advocating for Planetary Science/Star Trek Meets SpacefarersMay 20, 2013 Listen
Sun Rings: Music of the Spheres From the Kronos QuartetMay 13, 2013 Listen
Saving Earth: Asteroid Emergency Tabletop Exercise at the 2013 PDCMay 06, 2013 Listen
Kindred Spirits: Alison Gibbings and Carolyn Shoemaker at the Planetary Defense ConferenceApr 29, 2013 Listen
Live at the Planetary Defense Conference!Apr 22, 2013 Listen
Yuri's Night 2013 Under Space Shuttle EndeavourApr 15, 2013 Listen
Basics of Interplanetary Flight With Dave DoodyApr 08, 2013 Listen
Saturn Update from Cassini Project Scientist Linda SpilkerApr 01, 2013 Listen
More of Our ALMA Adventure in Chile's Atacama DesertMar 25, 2013 Listen
ALMA AdventureMar 18, 2013 Listen
Drill Baby Drill! On MarsMar 11, 2013 Listen
Alan Stern's Golden Spike Sets Sights on the MoonMar 04, 2013 Listen
One In A Million!Feb 25, 2013 Listen
Chris Lewicki of Planetary Resources: Mining Asteroids For Fun and ProfitFeb 18, 2013 Listen
2012 DA14--Coming Soon to a Planet Near You!Feb 11, 2013 Listen
An Imminent Asteroid EncounterFeb 04, 2013 Listen
Debra Fischer Hunts for a Second Earth at Alpha CentauriJan 28, 2013 Listen
The Gigantic ALMA Radio Telescope in ChileJan 21, 2013 Listen
Visiting the AAS Meeting for a JWST Update and MoreJan 14, 2013 Listen
Listening Once Again to Amateur Astronomy Pioneer John DobsonJan 07, 2013 Listen
Looking Back, Looking Forward: Beginning a New Year In SpaceDec 31, 2012 Listen
PLANETARY RADIO LIVE: Special Curiosity Report ContinuesDec 24, 2012 Listen
PLANETARY RADIO LIVE: Celebrating Rover CuriosityDec 17, 2012 Listen
First Earth-Sized Exoplanet is Next Door!Dec 10, 2012 Listen
All Together Now! The News From CuriosityDec 03, 2012 Listen
Approaching Pluto, and Learning About Uwingu From Alan SternNov 26, 2012 Listen
Dawn Mission Update and At Home With Marc RaymanNov 19, 2012 Listen
Celebrating Carl Sagan With Lou Friedman, Lynda Obst, Kip Thorne and MoreNov 12, 2012 Listen
Curiosity Sniffs Martian Air/Shuttle Endeavour Opens to the WorldNov 05, 2012 Listen
A Vacuum Cleaner on MarsOct 29, 2012 Listen
Amazing Science at the 2012 DPS MeetingOct 22, 2012 Listen
Amateur Astronomers Work to Save Earth!Oct 15, 2012 Listen
Exploring the XDF, The Deepest Image of Our Universe, With Garth IllingworthOct 08, 2012 Listen
Curiosity Finds a Martian Stream Bed and Endeavour Flies HomeOct 01, 2012 Listen
Live at PATS With OSIRIS REx!Sep 24, 2012 Listen
Celebrating 35 Years of the Voyager MissionSep 17, 2012 Listen
A Conversation With Telescope Inventor John DobsonSep 10, 2012 Listen
Author David Brin Considers and Writes "Existence"Sep 03, 2012 Listen
Remembering Neil Armstrong/ChemCam is Zapping Martian Rocks!Aug 27, 2012 Listen
More From Planetfest With Andrew Chaikin and Scott HubbardAug 20, 2012 Listen
Planetary Radio Live at Planetfest 2012!Aug 13, 2012 Listen
Astronaut Tom Jones at SETIconAug 06, 2012 Listen
More Planetary Radio Live at the Aquarium of the Pacific: Oceans EverywhereJul 30, 2012 Listen
Planetary Radio Live at the Aquarium of the PacificJul 23, 2012 Listen
Fire and Ice With Volcanologist Rosaly LopesJul 16, 2012 Listen
Mae Jemison of the 100 Year Starship InitiativeJul 09, 2012 Listen
Lockheed Martin CTO Ray JohnsonJul 02, 2012 Listen
More From the Air and Space MuseumJun 25, 2012 Listen
Live at the National Air and Space MuseumJun 18, 2012 Listen
Remembering RayJun 11, 2012 Listen
Cassini Project Scientist Linda Spilker With a Saturn Mission UpdateJun 04, 2012 Listen
Author Kim Stanley Robinson Takes Us to 2312May 28, 2012 Listen
VIP Tour of a Huge Solar Sail BONUS: Falcon 9 and Dragon Head for the ISS!May 21, 2012 Listen
Visiting the Spacecraft Technology ExpoMay 14, 2012 Listen
Planetary Astronomer Franck MarchisMay 07, 2012 Listen
Cutting-edge Approaches to Protecting Interplanetary AstronautsApr 30, 2012 Listen
The Pioneer Anomaly... Solved!Apr 23, 2012 Listen
Taking Back the Night -- International Dark Skies WeekApr 16, 2012 Listen
Searching for Pandora With Debra FischerApr 09, 2012 Listen
SETI Scientist Jill Tarter Continues the SearchApr 02, 2012 Listen
Big News All Around the Solar System From Emily LakdawallaMar 26, 2012 Listen
"Drifting on Alien Winds" With Author and Artist Michael CarrollMar 19, 2012 Listen
Discovery of a New and Neighborly AsteroidMar 12, 2012 Listen
Can Laser Bees Save Earth? Exploring Asteroid Deflection With Alison GibbingsMar 05, 2012 Listen
Alan Stern: Organics on Pluto and Fairy Castles on the MoonFeb 27, 2012 Listen
Alan Stern Puts His Stamp On PlutoFeb 20, 2012 Listen
Rocketplanes, Space Yachts and New Space Geeks at SpaceUp!Feb 13, 2012 Listen
James Webb Space Telescope Status Report from Deputy Program Director Eric SmithFeb 06, 2012 Listen
Planck Project Scientist Jan Tauber on a Mission MilestoneJan 30, 2012 Listen
The SpaceUp Unconference and A Free Online Astronomy ClassJan 23, 2012 Listen
How "Outside In" Will Rock Your Solar SystemJan 16, 2012 Listen
Is Anybody Home? Assessing A Planet's HabitabilityJan 09, 2012 Listen
Planetary Radio LIVE Continues! With John Callas of the Mars Exploration Rovers and Joy Crisp of the Mars Science LaboratoryJan 02, 2012 Listen
Planetary Radio LIVE! With John Callas of the Mars Exploration Rovers and Joy Crisp of the Mars Science LaboratoryDec 26, 2011 Listen
Astronaut Rex Walheim: NASA Is Looking for a Few Good Spacemen and WomenDec 19, 2011 Listen
Emily Lakdawalla's Special Report on the American Geophysical Union Fall MeetingDec 12, 2011 Listen
Author Dava Sobel's New Book About Copernicus: A More Perfect HeavenDec 05, 2011 Listen
New Mexico Space Adventure: Back to the First International Planetary Caves WorkshopNov 28, 2011 Listen
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Touring the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento PeakNov 14, 2011 Listen
New Mexico Journey: Dale Frail of the Very Large Array Radio TelescopeNov 07, 2011 Listen
One Planet, Two Stars, With Laurance DoyleNov 01, 2011 Listen
A Cassini Saturn Update From Linda SpilkerOct 24, 2011 Listen
All-Star CalTech Panel Discussion: Moving an AsteroidOct 17, 2011 Listen
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The Beauty of Space with Space Artists Don Dixon and Jon RamerOct 03, 2011 Listen
Building a Better Galaxy With Javiera GuedesSep 26, 2011 Listen
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Opportunity Reaches Endeavour, and Planetary Radio Wins an Award!Sep 05, 2011 Listen
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Flying With Your Telescope to the Edge of SpaceAug 22, 2011 Listen
Visiting Vesta Fiesta, With Pablo Gutierrez-Marques of the Dawn MissionAug 15, 2011 Listen
Two Clouded Mysteries: Jupiter and the Pioneer AnomalyAug 08, 2011 Listen
Staying in Shape in Space With Astronaut Clay AndersonAug 01, 2011 Listen
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Atlantis: Space Shuttle Launch PartyJul 12, 2011 Listen
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The Mystery and Music of Saturn's Rotation with Don GurnettJun 20, 2011 Listen
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Planetary Radio Live! Featuring Mike 'Pluto-Killer' BrownJun 06, 2011 Listen
Scattered Clouds and Fog...On MarsMay 30, 2011 Listen
Einstein and Gravity Probe BMay 23, 2011 Listen
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Students for the Exploration and Development of SpaceApr 25, 2011 Listen
LIFE Heads for Space Aboard Shuttle EndeavourApr 18, 2011 Listen
Debra Fischer, Discoverer of WorldsApr 11, 2011 Listen
Cosmic Rants From Phil Plait, the Bad AstronomerApr 04, 2011 Listen
PI Sean Solomon's MESSENGER is Orbiting Mercury!Mar 28, 2011 Listen
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Folksinger Peter Mayer Sings of the CosmosMar 14, 2011 Listen
Life's Building Blocks Found in an "Impossible" MeteoriteMar 07, 2011 Listen
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Exploring NewSpace at the 2011 San Diego SpaceUp UnconferenceFeb 14, 2011 Listen
Voyager 1 at the Edge of the Solar System, With Ed StoneFeb 07, 2011 Listen
Tasting a Super-Earth's AtmosphereJan 31, 2011 Listen
Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez and Chris McKay Say the Vikings Probably DID Discover Organics on MarsJan 24, 2011 Listen
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Mike Brown's New Book: How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It ComingDec 13, 2010 Listen
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Special Launch Coverage From the Kennedy Space CenterNov 08, 2010 Listen
Lou Friedman: The Rebirth of Russian Space Exploration?Nov 01, 2010 Listen
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Special Coverage of the Division for Planetary Sciences Annual MeetingOct 11, 2010 Listen
Gregory and James Benford on Benford Beacons for SETIOct 04, 2010 Listen
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Water: Now It Has Been Found on an Asteroid!Sep 06, 2010 Listen
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Talking With Mary Roach, Author of Packing for MarsAug 16, 2010 Listen
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Looking for E.T.'s Laser Beam: An Optical SETI UpdateJul 12, 2010 Listen
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Going Behind the Scenes With LightSail 1Jun 28, 2010 Listen
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Falcon 9 Launch, Another Jupiter Smackdown, IKAROS...and a SurpriseJun 07, 2010 Listen
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James Cameron on the Science of AvatarMay 24, 2010 Listen
Planetary Society Executive Director Lou Friedman on solar sails IKAROS and LightSail-1May 17, 2010 Listen
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Paul Davies, Author of The Eerie Silence""Apr 26, 2010 Listen
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100 Millions Solar Systems Like Our Own?Mar 01, 2010 Listen
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Planetary Society's Lou Friedman on NASA's New PlansFeb 08, 2010 Listen
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David Morrison of NASA's Lunar Science Institute and Jack Gregg on the Lunar Regolith ChallengeAug 11, 2008 Listen
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Observing Earth With Space Studies Board Chair Charles KennelJul 28, 2008 Listen
Astonishing Mercury, With MESSENGER Principal Investigator Sean SolomonJul 21, 2008 Listen
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WALL*E and the Future of Robots in SpaceJul 07, 2008 Listen
William Hartmann on 100th Anniversary of Tunguska's Big BangJun 30, 2008 Listen
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Landing on Mars: How Hard Can It Be?Jun 09, 2008 Listen
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Planetary Radio 5th Anniversary Show: Astronomer Geoff Marcy on Discovery of Fifth Planet in Star SystemNov 26, 2007 Listen
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Building the J-2X Rocket Engine for the Return to the MoonNov 05, 2007 Listen
The Universe in Ultraviolet: Bill Blair on the FUSE MissionOct 29, 2007 Listen
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Space Elevator Games and Serious Planetary ScienceOct 15, 2007 Listen
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Homer Hickam, the Original Rocket Boy, Revisits His October SkyOct 01, 2007 Listen
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At the EuroPlanet Conference With Doug EllisonAug 28, 2007 Listen
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Honoring Ray Bradbury, Mars PhotographerJul 23, 2007 Listen
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Digging for Dollars on the Moon: The Lunar Regolith ChallengeJun 04, 2007 Listen
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Studying the Rings With Imke de PaterMay 14, 2007 Listen
What's New at Saturn? Checking In With Cassini's Linda SpilkerMay 07, 2007 Listen
The Most Earthlike Extrasolar Planet Yet -- A Conversation With Co-Discoverer Stephane UdryApr 30, 2007 Listen
Science Fiction Author Kim Stanley Robinson Saves Earth!Apr 23, 2007 Listen
Spaceward Bound: Chris McKay Leads Scientists and Teachers in the Mojave DesertApr 16, 2007 Listen
Cosmology: Five Big Things You Need to KnowApr 09, 2007 Listen
A Sea Under the South Pole of Enceladus?Apr 02, 2007 Listen
Mars Express Confirms Lots of Polar Ice! Where's the Rest?Mar 26, 2007 Listen
Lou Friedman on the International Lunar DecadeMar 19, 2007 Listen
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Putting the Universe on Canvas With Astronomical Artist Don DixonJul 24, 2006 Listen
Turning the Spotlight to Uranus and Neptune with Heidi HammelJul 17, 2006 Listen
John Rummel: Protecting the Planets from Earth InvadersJul 10, 2006 Listen
Talking With the Top of the World: Stephen Grasby at the Europa Analog on Ellesmere IslandJul 03, 2006 Listen
Bob Pappalardo and the Mysteries of EuropaJun 26, 2006 Listen
A Planetary System That Looks Like HomeJun 19, 2006 Listen
Solving Cosmic Mysteries Deep Under the EarthJun 12, 2006 Listen
Sending an SOS to Congress: Save Our Science!Jun 05, 2006 Listen
Big Eye in the Martian Sky: Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Project Scientist Rich ZurekMay 29, 2006 Listen
The Many Missions of JPL's Kevin BainesMay 22, 2006 Listen
Rusty Schweickart and More from the International Space Development ConferenceMay 15, 2006 Listen
Join Us at the International Space Development ConferenceMay 08, 2006 Listen
Help Us Find Star Dust at Home!May 01, 2006 Listen
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News from Saturn and a New Companion for VenusApr 17, 2006 Listen
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A Bright New Star in the Search for Extraterrestrial IntelligenceApr 03, 2006 Listen
Oceanographer John Delaney Jumps in Europa's OceanMar 27, 2006 Listen
News From the 37th Lunar and Planetary Science ConferenceMar 20, 2006 Listen
Harvard Physicist Lisa Randall on Hidden Dimensions and New Universes to ExploreMar 13, 2006 Listen
Europa: Life Beneath the Ice?Mar 06, 2006 Listen
Third Time's the Charm for Dan McCleese and the Mars Climate SounderFeb 27, 2006 Listen
On the Way to Pluto with New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan SternFeb 20, 2006 Listen
Has NASA's Vision for Space Exploration Become Nearsighted?Feb 13, 2006 Listen
Closing In On An Interplanetary Mystery: The Pioneer AnomalyFeb 06, 2006 Listen
The Orion Nebula As You've Never Seen ItJan 30, 2006 Listen
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Stardust Samples Streak Safely HomeJan 16, 2006 Listen
A Special Reprise: The Planetary Society's 25th Anniversary GalaJan 09, 2006 Listen
Countdown to Sample Return: A Stardust SpecialJan 02, 2006 Listen
Still Making a Deep Impact, with Jessica SunshineDec 26, 2005 Listen
Uranus and Neptune Take Center Stage With Heidi HammelDec 19, 2005 Listen
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin, and Your Ticket to SpaceDec 12, 2005 Listen
Lou Friedman on China's Rising Star in SpaceDec 05, 2005 Listen
A Martian Anniversary for Spirit and Opportunity!Nov 28, 2005 Listen
Off to Pluto and Its Three Moons with Alan SternNov 21, 2005 Listen
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Ray Bradbury Returns!Oct 24, 2005 Listen
Venus Express Leaves for Earth's TwinOct 17, 2005 Listen
Gamma Ray Bursts: Explaining the Universe's Biggest BangsOct 10, 2005 Listen
Going Up! Ben Shelef of the Spaceward Foundation on Space Elevator DevelopmentOct 03, 2005 Listen
NASA's Chief Scientist on the Vision for Space ExplorationSep 26, 2005 Listen
Japanese Hayabusa Probe Reaches AsteroidSep 19, 2005 Listen
The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's Project Manager and Project ScientistSep 12, 2005 Listen
The Pioneer Anomaly: A Mystery in Deep SpaceSep 05, 2005 Listen
Amateur Astronomy: Do It Yourself Space ExplorationAug 29, 2005 Listen
A Tour of the Solar System With Bill HartmannAug 22, 2005 Listen
Mike Brown, Discoverer of 2003 UB313...Planet 10?Aug 15, 2005 Listen
Author and Four-Time Shuttle Astronaut Tom JonesAug 08, 2005 Listen
A Year of Saturn Discoveries From CassiniAug 01, 2005 Listen
NASA Goes for Star Trek Science: Bob Cassanova of the Institute for Advanced ConceptsJul 25, 2005 Listen
Deep Impact Begins to Reveal Comet SecretsJul 18, 2005 Listen
Space Shuttle Flight Director Talks About Return to FlightJul 11, 2005 Listen
Deep Impact SpecialJul 04, 2005 Listen
Cosmos 1: Solar Sail Special ReportJun 27, 2005 Listen
Solar Sail CountdownJun 20, 2005 Listen
Move Over Hubble: The Spitzer Space TelescopeJun 13, 2005 Listen
The Threat of Military Space DebrisJun 06, 2005 Listen
Saving VoyagerMay 30, 2005 Listen
Era of Solar Sailing BeginsMay 23, 2005 Listen
Astronomer, Astrobiologist and Fast Pitch Outfielder Woody SullivanMay 16, 2005 Listen
Farewell to Star Trek EnterpriseMay 09, 2005 Listen
A Tribute to Philip MorrisonMay 02, 2005 Listen
Mars Express Finds a Frozen SeaApr 25, 2005 Listen
A Conversation with Sally RideApr 18, 2005 Listen
By the Light of a New WorldApr 11, 2005 Listen
Genesis Rises From The Ashes With a Piece of the SunApr 04, 2005 Listen
A Saturn Update from Cassini's Linda SpilkerMar 28, 2005 Listen
Neil deGrasse Tyson on the Future of Space ExplorationMar 21, 2005 Listen
Chasing Volcanoes Around the Solar SystemMar 14, 2005 Listen
Astro Turf: M.G. Lord's New Book About the Private Life of Rocket ScienceMar 07, 2005 Listen
John Casani on NASA's Prometheus ProjectFeb 28, 2005 Listen
NASA's Budget: Good News and Bad NewsFeb 21, 2005 Listen
Pluto's Diamond JubileeFeb 14, 2005 Listen
Sami Asmar: The Man Who Told Us The Huygens Probe Made ItFeb 07, 2005 Listen
Astronaut Owen Garriott on How to Explore the Solar SystemJan 31, 2005 Listen
Director James Cameron Searches for AliensJan 24, 2005 Listen
A Visit With Spirit Mission Manager Mark AdlerJan 19, 2005 Listen
Sweet Sound of Success...The Huygens Probe on TitanJan 17, 2005 Listen
Deep Impact: The Real ThingJan 10, 2005 Listen
A Year of Roving Across MarsJan 03, 2005 Listen
Huygens Probe Sets Off On Its Own for Saturn's Moon TitanDec 27, 2004 Listen
Wes Huntress on the NASA Administrator's Resignation and a New Super Mars RoverDec 20, 2004 Listen
Deflecting Asteroids Headed Our WayDec 13, 2004 Listen
IBM Enters SETI@Home's GameDec 06, 2004 Listen
The Depths of Space: A New Book About the Pioneer Planetary ProbesNov 29, 2004 Listen
Europe's SMART-1 Reaches the Moon!Nov 22, 2004 Listen
Solar Sail Ready for LiftoffNov 15, 2004 Listen
On The Edge of Science: The NASA Institute for Advanced ConceptsNov 08, 2004 Listen
Black Cats and Other Mysteries--Cassini-Huygens at Saturn's Moon TitanNov 01, 2004 Listen
Getting Ready for Titan with Chris McKayOct 25, 2004 Listen
A Conversation With Jet Propulsion Lab Director Charles ElachiOct 18, 2004 Listen
A Special Planetary Radio: SpaceShipOne Wins the X Prize!Oct 11, 2004 Listen
Former Soviet Space Program Director Roald Sagdeev on the Sputnik 1 AnniversaryOct 04, 2004 Listen
Amateur Astronomers Work to Save the PlanetSep 27, 2004 Listen
SETI@Home Chief Scientist Dan Werthimer Says Sorry, Wrong NumberSep 20, 2004 Listen
Genesis Rises From the Ashes/Planetary ProtectionSep 13, 2004 Listen
Billions of Earths?Sep 06, 2004 Listen
Genesis Returns With a Bit of the SunAug 30, 2004 Listen
In the Footsteps of Carl Sagan: Neil Tyson of the Hayden PlanetariumAug 23, 2004 Listen
Encore Presentation: Ray Bradbury's 83rd Birthday Party!Aug 16, 2004 Listen
Moonwalker Harrison Schmitt Visits Planetary RadioAug 09, 2004 Listen
MESSENGER Spacecraft Heads for MercuryAug 02, 2004 Listen
Thunderbirds Director Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek FameJul 26, 2004 Listen
Apollo Astronauts Visit Planetary RadioJul 19, 2004 Listen
A Visit With NASA Associate Administrator Ed WeilerJul 12, 2004 Listen
Cassini-Huygens Reaches SaturnJul 05, 2004 Listen
A SpaceShipOne Special!Jun 28, 2004 Listen
Cassini Visits Phoebe at Saturn!Jun 21, 2004 Listen
Donna Shirley and Science Fiction's New HomeJun 14, 2004 Listen
How's the Weather on Mars?Jun 07, 2004 Listen
Hunting for Extrasolar PlanetsMay 31, 2004 Listen
A Teenager in Space?May 24, 2004 Listen
SETI@Home Turns Five!May 17, 2004 Listen
Opportunity Reaches Endurance Crater on MarsMay 10, 2004 Listen
Charley Kohlhase: Engineer, Artist, Cassini Mission DesignerMay 03, 2004 Listen
Ray Bradbury Returns!Apr 26, 2004 Listen
Magnets Roving on MarsApr 19, 2004 Listen
Celebrate With The Mars Exploration Rover TeamApr 12, 2004 Listen
Life on Mars...and EarthApr 05, 2004 Listen
A Salty Sea on MarsMar 29, 2004 Listen
Far Out SednaMar 22, 2004 Listen
Defending Earth From AsteroidsMar 15, 2004 Listen
Confirmed: Water Was on Mars!Mar 08, 2004 Listen
Jim Bell, The Pancam Man!Mar 01, 2004 Listen
RATs, Astrobots, and a Six Iron on the Moon!Feb 23, 2004 Listen
Stardust Status ReportFeb 16, 2004 Listen
The Astrobots are Back on Our Show!Feb 09, 2004 Listen
Mars Exploration Rover Flight Director Chris LewickiFeb 02, 2004 Listen
Opportunity Lands and Hope Builds for SpiritJan 26, 2004 Listen
The First Student Astronauts ArriveJan 12, 2004 Listen
Spirit Lands on Mars!Jan 05, 2004 Listen
Columbia's Aftermath: "Butterfly on a Bullet"Dec 29, 2003 Listen
Steve Squyres Is Ready for MarsDec 22, 2003 Listen
Mars Exploration Rover UpdateDec 15, 2003 Listen
Women in SpaceDec 08, 2003 Listen
A Wes Huntress Encore for the Beginning of Our Second SeasonDec 01, 2003 Listen
One year of Planetary RadioNov 24, 2003 Listen
The Planetary Society's Red Rover Goes To Mars Project with Emily LakdawallaNov 17, 2003 Listen
Moon Rocks, Martian Meteorites and More at the NASA Astromaterials LabNov 10, 2003 Listen
A South African Teen Joins the Student AstronautsNov 03, 2003 Listen
The Planetary Society Goes to WashingtonOct 27, 2003 Listen
China Joins the Spacefaring Nations ClubOct 20, 2003 Listen
To The Moon With the Lunar ProspectorOct 13, 2003 Listen
The Moon, Ion Engines, and Helium 3 ...What More Could You Want?Oct 06, 2003 Listen
A Gala Evening With Galileo and His DaughterSep 29, 2003 Listen
Claudia Alexander, the Final Galileo Project ManagerSep 15, 2003 Listen
Holographic Doctors and Galileo's Daughter: A Visit With Robert PicardoSep 08, 2003 Listen
A Traveler's Guide to MarsSep 01, 2003 Listen
A Martian Birthday Party for Ray BradburyAug 25, 2003 Listen
Four Decades of Mars ExplorationAug 18, 2003 Listen
SMART-1 Goes to the MoonAug 11, 2003 Listen
The Envelope Please: Choosing the 2007 Mars Scout Mission, Part 2Aug 04, 2003 Listen
The Envelope Please: Choosing the 2007 Mars Scout Mission, Part 1Jul 28, 2003 Listen
From Russia With Love: A Solar Sail UpdateJul 21, 2003 Listen
Pluto Will Finally Get a VisitorJul 14, 2003 Listen
An Encore for Sir Arthur and Another New Extrasolar PlanetJul 07, 2003 Listen
Bill Nye the Science Guy and Sandy Moondust!Jun 23, 2003 Listen
Joy Crisp is On Her Way to MarsJun 16, 2003 Listen
Society President Wes Huntress and a Little Guy Named Biff""Jun 09, 2003 Listen
High Flyin', Cave Divin' Planetary Science with Dan DurdaJun 02, 2003 Listen
Phil Christensen Explores Mars in the InfraredMay 26, 2003 Listen
Journey to the Center of the Earth!May 19, 2003 Listen
Getting a Rover's-Eye View of MarsMay 12, 2003 Listen
Columbia Experiment Recovered!May 05, 2003 Listen
Looking Back: Jurrie van der Woude's 37 years at JPLApr 28, 2003 Listen
Return to Mars: Two Rover Landing Sites ChosenApr 21, 2003 Listen
A Microphone on Mars?Apr 14, 2003 Listen
Deep Space 1 / ET Phones Home!Apr 07, 2003 Listen
Masters of Science FictionMar 31, 2003 Listen
A Visit With Sir Arthur C. ClarkeMar 24, 2003 Listen
SETI@home Aims Arecibo at the Best ET CandidatesMar 17, 2003 Listen
Life in the ExtremeMar 10, 2003 Listen
Cool Science: Ice on Europa and MarsMar 03, 2003 Listen
The Volcanoes of IoFeb 24, 2003 Listen
Optical SETI Has an Eye for Extraterrestrial MessagesFeb 17, 2003 Listen
100 Extrasolar Planet Candidates...and Counting!Feb 10, 2003 Listen
Special Live Edition of Planetary Radio: The Loss of Space Shuttle ColumbiaFeb 03, 2003 Listen
A Renaissance Space Man: Dr. William Hartmann Talks About His Novels, Art and ResearchJan 27, 2003 Listen
Another Benefit of Space Science? Shuttle Experiment Offers Glimmer of Hope in the MideastJan 20, 2003 Listen
A Microwave Push to the Stars?Jan 13, 2003 Listen
Earth Shattering ImpactsJan 06, 2003 Listen
Star Trek ScienceDec 23, 2002 Listen
Interview with Freeman DysonDec 16, 2002 Listen
Planetary Radio Looks at SETIDec 09, 2002 Listen
Interview with Bruce BettsDec 02, 2002 Listen
Interview with Louis FriedmanNov 25, 2002 Listen