The Beef on Red Meat: Unhealthy on Many Levels

Guest: Barry Popkin, PhD
Host: Cathleen Margolin, PhD
Certain foods and beverages seem to go in and out of style as new research emerges to support or refute their health benefits. Yet when it comes to eating red meat, despite the long-standing advice from nutrition experts, our taste buds never seem to tire of the all-American burger or the juicy tenderloin steak. New research provides us with what is billed as definitive evidence that our penchant for red meat shortens our lifespan. Dr. Barry Popkin, the Carla Smith Chambliss Distinguished Professor of Global Nutrition and director of the Interdisciplinary Obesity Center at the University of North Carolina, joins host Dr. Cathleen Margolin to discuss how we can use this research, in addition to previous evidence on the subject, to encourage our patients to work toward healthier food habits.

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