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JF680: Your "Foot in the Door" Approach to REI and How to Find Your PathJul 13, 2016 Listen
JF679: How to Score Transactions in Other Markets Through NetworkingJul 12, 2016 Listen
JF678: Earn TWICE the Fair Market Rent from an Assisted Living SFRJul 11, 2016 Listen
JF:677 The Struggle from Online Poker Losses to $60k Debt and How He Came Out on TopJul 10, 2016 Listen
JF676: Mind Tricks to Overcome ANY Unfavorable Situation and How to Think #situationsaturdayJul 09, 2016 Listen
JF675: This Trick Will HIDE Your Assignment Fee #followalongfridayJul 08, 2016 Listen
JF674: Where GOLDEN Buyer/Seller Leads Come From Jul 07, 2016 Listen
JF673: How Speaking Engagements, Education, and Obeying the Market Helped Him Raise MILLIONS For Big Deals Jul 06, 2016 Listen
JF672: Why This Investor Won't Touch Single Family Homes NowJul 05, 2016 Listen
JF671: How this Lender Uses a Fund to Process Your DealsJul 04, 2016 Listen
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Grab this BONUS GIFT for Pre-Ordering Best Ever Book (time sensitive) Jun 22, 2016 Listen
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JF658: A High Level Investing Strategist Covers the MOST Important Market IndicatorsJun 21, 2016 Listen
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JF652: How Being Authentic with High Net Worth Families Ensures a Strong BusinessJun 15, 2016 Listen
JF651: How He Works a Day Job and Closes Over 140 DealsJun 14, 2016 Listen
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JF635: How to TRANSFORM Your Morning and Respond to Adversity #SkillSetSundayMay 29, 2016 Listen
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JF631: How Grandma Helped this NYC Investor Get Started in REIMay 25, 2016 Listen
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