SEpp 058; Onion Sale, Listener Questions, and New Company; Doveandlamb.comJun 26, 2018 Listen
SEpp 057; Garden Update, Electrical Drama, Onion Sale & Local EventJun 14, 2018 Listen
SEpp 056; Spring Garden Prepping, What’s in Bloom, The Cost of Raising Chickens, Listener Questions including Planting in Deep Mulch, Picking Fruit from Baby Trees, and Tools for Carving Spoons.Apr 11, 2018 Listen
SEpp 055; New Chickens, Garden Planning, Lots of Listener Questions about chicikens, ducks, septic systems, healthy eating, ponds, fruit trees and moreFeb 27, 2018 Listen
SEpp 054; Record Cold, Chicken Drama, Busy in the Workshop, How our House Kept up with the Cold, and Seed Testing for GerminationJan 19, 2018 Listen
SEpp 053; Listener Interview with JarvisJan 08, 2018 Listen
SEpp 052; Fall Garden, New Puppy, Close Call on Power, and Foraging vs Food ForestNov 28, 2017 Listen
SEpp 051; Fall Planting, Medical Emergency, Finding a Puppy a Home, New Green House, and Transitioning your Year Round Garden to the fall.Sep 29, 2017 Listen
SEpp 050; Plant and Tree Sale! Snakes, Tractor Tires, New Greenhouse, and Kitchen Garden Sprinkler SystemAug 15, 2017 Listen
SEpp 049; Dori and Family buy a Cave… a Listener Interview from a real life Cave Woman!Jul 22, 2017 Listen
SEpp 048; Garden Abundance, Septic Tank Do’s and Don’ts, and a Few Things You Probably Didn’t Know About SeedsJul 07, 2017 Listen
SEpp 047; Fox attacks the Chickens, Listener Questions: Gutters, Compost tea, Chipper for Deep Mulch Garden, and ConsultingJun 28, 2017 Listen
SEpp 046; Adventures of a Farm Dog, Tips for looking for Land, Tankless Hot water heaters vs Solar hot water heaters, and How we CompostJun 09, 2017 Listen
SEpp 045; Listener Interview with Megan and Ben Hollar (The Hollar Homestead)Jun 02, 2017 Listen
SEpp 044; Baby Chicks, Slugs and other garden pests, and Beware of Faulty MethodologiesMay 29, 2017 Listen
SEpp 043; Fruit Trees in Bloom, Mulching vs Cover Crop, Year Round Food Self Sufficiency in GreensMay 12, 2017 Listen
SEpp 042; Moles, 5 Tips to Keep Summer Heat Out of your House, and Types of PondsMay 01, 2017 Listen
SEpp 041; Kid Gardens, Grafting, PDC, Watering your Back to Eden Garden, and 5 Edible Weeds that are Choice GreensApr 23, 2017 Listen
SEpp 040; Getting Ready for Spring Planting, Splitting the Bees, Firewood Usage for the First Year, and Hardiness ZonesApr 15, 2017 Listen
SEpp 039; Guinea’s, Back to Eden Garden Wood Chips, and Listener Questions on Septic Fields, Solar panels, How we made the move from city life to farm life, and How do we have time to do it allApr 07, 2017 Listen
SEpp 038; The Month of Chaos, Tree Planting, Starting Indoor Plants and Indoor Propagation, How to Start New Garden Beds When you Have Bad SoilMar 09, 2017 Listen
SEpp 037; Snow, Rabbits, Seedlings, Off Grid Laundry, our Appliances & Mushroom CultivationFeb 04, 2017 Listen
SEpp 036; Homestead Pig, Sawing Mantles, Listener questions, Firewood and WoodstovesDec 22, 2016 Listen
SEpp 035; Interview Blake Akers with AgriTrueDec 14, 2016 Listen
SEpp 034; Mushrooms, Listener Questions, Developing a Permaculture Site on a BudgetNov 14, 2016 Listen
SEpp 033; Wrapping up the Summer Season, Automated and Off Grid Chicken Coop, and Prepping for New Gardens and TreesOct 04, 2016 Listen
SEpp 032; Playgrounds, Parties, and Garden Abundance, Entertaining in an Off Grid House in 100 degree Weather, Lessons Learned in the Kitchen GardenAug 24, 2016 Listen
SEpp 031; Kitchen Garden Harvest, Control Module Down, Permaculture and Mixed Martial Arts, and All About PreppingJul 23, 2016 Listen
SEpp 030; Kitchen Garden Harvest, Chicken Coop Completion, Air Quality in a Tight House, and The importance of being at Least OrganicJun 22, 2016 Listen
SEpp 029; Chickens and Coop Construction, Solar Power in the Rain, and Mushroom Log InoculationMay 30, 2016 Listen
SEpp 028; Hive Swarms, Tips in Choosing Your Off Grid Property, Permaculture Hero Paul Stamets, & Mushrooms in your GardenMay 05, 2016 Listen
SEpp 027; Garden Prep, Spring Planting with Perennials, Pros/Cons of Grid Tied VS Off Grid, Long Term Planning and DesignApr 18, 2016 Listen
SEpp 026; Moving into the Off Grid House, Kitchen Garden Design, Workshop Projects, Fruit Tree Maintance BasicsMar 13, 2016 Listen
SEpp 025; Tree Pruning, Rodant Damage, Off Grid House Complete, Classes in the WoodshopFeb 26, 2016 Listen
SEpp 024; Prepping the Kitchen Garden, Off Grid House Update, and Concrete StructuresDec 28, 2015 Listen
SEpp 023; Poisonous Caterpillars, Hurricane Rain, Rocket Mass Heaters, & Permaculture Heroes Jack Spirko and Paul WheatonOct 19, 2015 Listen
SEpp 022; Prickly Pear Jackpot, Pig Escape, Choosing HVAC for Off Grid house, Ways to Prevent ErosionSep 19, 2015 Listen
SEpp 021; Tractor Issues, Painting Off Grid House, Seed Saving for Trees and Plants in your GardenAug 06, 2015 Listen
SEpp 020; Harvesting and Processing, Off Grid House Dried In, and 4 Immune Boosting Medicinal HerbsJul 16, 2015 Listen
SEpp 019; Rotating Ducks, Wild Strawberries, Off Grid House Construction, Managing Production and Life Cycles of Your AnimalsJun 01, 2015 Listen
SEpp 018; Tree Planting with a New Implement, Balancing Little Children with Farm Work, Root Cellar Complete, Planting for PollinatorsApr 30, 2015 Listen
SEpp: 017 Workshop Prepped, What’s Blooming, Phase 3 Root Cellar , Food ForestsApr 15, 2015 Listen
SEpp 016; Grafting and Mulching, Underground Root Cellar Phase 2, How to transform your yard into an edible landscape- Trees & Fence linesApr 03, 2015 Listen
SEpp 015; Pond 3 Expansion, Breaking Ground on Underground Root Cellar, Pros/Cons Hugelkulture GardeningMar 16, 2015 Listen
SEpp 014; Experimenting with Swales, Water Chestnuts, Mice Traps, Tree Protection, Window Options for Energy Efficiency, & Permaculture Heroes Nature’s Harmony FarmFeb 18, 2015 Listen
SEpp 013; Beehive loss, Tree Planting & Tagging, Comparing Wood Heat Sources, Woodstoves, Rocket Mass Heaters, Russian Stoves, Importance of CommunityFeb 04, 2015 Listen
SEpp 012: Piglet Experience, New Scalder, Off Grid House Structural Drawing Mishap, Listener Question Regarding Sawmill, and Identifying Trees in the WinterJan 19, 2015 Listen
SEpp 011: Christmas Tree Hunt, Blackberry Wine, a Faint Flicker of Office Paint, Things you Can Do Now to Prepare for your Dream PropertyDec 11, 2014 Listen
SEpp 010: Baby Pigs, Hunting, Diakon Pickles, Off Grid House update, Solar Panels are not kites, Developing Property to Attract WildlifeDec 02, 2014 Listen
SE 009: Chinese Water Chestnuts, Acorns for Pigs, Breaking ground on Off Grid House, Root Cellar, Water hyacinth, & Tree Order is OPEN!Nov 07, 2014 Listen