Learn How Hot Moms Club Founder Jessica Denay Is Redefining Motherhood. And Choose Not To Use Steroids With NCADFA Prez Dr. Vic

"The funniest weight loss and fitness radio show on the internet." Please click on the POD button to listen to the latest Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy show.   On tonight's show, Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about Hot Moms from Hot Moms Club co-founder Jessica Denay. The Hot Moms Club is a fun group dedicated to redefining motherhood. These moms are not your stereotypical "American Mom". These moms are professionals, unapologetically sexy or simply dynamic women who break the typical mommy mold. Jessica is the mother of a six year old son and she is the author of the Hot Moms Handbook as well as editor of HMC Magazine. The Hot Moms Club has been featured all over the place from the Today Show to the New York Times, to People magazine to CNN. If you want to learn more about Jessica and her group, please head over to her website www.HotMomsClub.com. Sign up for the club, buy their book, check out the ultrahip Hot Moms Club clothing, listen to "Beautiful Now" the official Hot Moms Club song and most importantly see if there is a Hot Moms Club near you to join. Also be sure to check out Jessica's personal website www.JessicaDenay.com to see what she is up to. We also were proud to have on Dr. Vic Naumov, the President of The National Coalition For The Advancement of Drug Free Athletics. He talked about the "Choose Not To Use" campaign that Kevin Valluzzi, one of New Jersey's top personal trainers and he are trying to spread the word about. For more information be sure to check out this non-profit organization's website www.ncadfa.org and see some of the tools you can use to protect your teenager from the dangers of steroid abuse. Also be sure to check out Kevin's informative website www.thefitnessleader.com Dr. Fitness had some really good tips about correct weight lifting techniques to prevent injuries and maximize your results. The Fat Guy's only tip was how to psych out your opponent in tennis by asking him if he exhales or inhales when he serves. Even Dr. Fitness agreed that would probably work on him.  Here are Dr. Fitness' tips...Number 1, if you are new to strength training be sure to hire a personal trainer to learn the proper form. This will make your future workouts more productive and decrease the chance of you injuring yourself. Number 2, try relaxing uninvolved muscles while working out target muscles. For example, if you are working out your chest, try and relax your legs. And Number 3, balance strength exercises for opposing muscle groups to avoid injury. There were a lot more detail from Dr. Fitness, so you will have to listen to the show to find out all the rest of these great tips. Another highlight of this show was the Fat Guy and Dr Fitness talking about college football. Since Adam went to Rutgers he thinks they are deserving of a National Championship bowl game. All the Fat Guy thinks is that Rutgers should play Boise State for a very special College Championship Game. This is the last week we will be giving away free books for the best weight loss success stories from our listeners. Just email us your struggles or your successes and we will send you a free copy of our book "You Can't Lose Weight Alone. The Partner Power Weight Loss Program" if we think they are good enough. Send your stories to adam@drfitnessandthefatguy.com Also don't forget to check out Dr. Fitness on Huntsville, AL TV. He has a segment every Tuesday on the ABC affiliate there WAAY where he answers viewers weight loss questions. Their website is www.waaytv.com As always, more laughs, more info and more fun than any other health, fitness, weight loss podcast out there. Click the podcast button and check out the entire show right now. Don't forget to check out the Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy blog at www.weightlossradio.blogspot.com for more tips about weight loss and Dr. Shafran's analysis of all things health and fitness. Also check out our website www.drfitnessandthefatguy.com to subscribe to our FREE weekly healthy living newsletter. You can also email Dr. Fitness there with your specific questions and he will personally answer each one.

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