247: Vaccine Injuries, Autism, and Homeoprophylaxis With Dr. Jeff Knight

Dr. Jeff Knight is a chiropractic physician who works to help people tap into their natural ability to heal. His multi-therapeutic approach includes functional medicine, functional neurology, muscle activation, brain and cellular detox, and more. Today I’m talking to Dr. Jeff about a much-requested and highly controversial topic that every parent has had to weigh: vaccination. Yep… we’re going there! Let me start by saying that our goal in this episode is not to discuss whether to vaccinate or not. Instead, we’re bringing up important questions to consider so we can give vaccines the same careful thought we give to other areas of health. Bottom line, we’re certainly not judging any parents for their decisions one way or the other, since we are all trying to educate ourselves and do what’s best. Episode Highlights With Dr. Jeff Knight Whether or not vaccines have anything to do with autism Genetic factors that determine how well we detoxify from heavy metals What makes certain children more susceptible to vaccine injury How generational toxins are passed down from parent to child The concept of herd immunity and some important questions to ask Whether we can “overuse” vaccines the way we have antibiotics, and why this is a tough question to answer Homeoprophylaxis: is it a viable vaccine alternative? The role of parents in the vaccine decision & how to get educated The detox protocol Dr. Jeff follows for a child with vaccine injury Whether there are other safe and effective ways to provide immunity And more! Resources We Mention True Chiro North (Dr. Jeff Knight’s practice) James Maskell Vaccines Revealed documentary (Dr. Patrick Gentempo) Truth About Vaccines documentary Dr. Pompa detox More From Wellness Mama Episode 100 AMA: Your Questions Answered on Circumcision, Vaccines, CBD & More 92: A Holistic Pediatrician Talks Ear Infections, Fevers, & Vaccines 113: Toxic Metals That Cause Fatigue and How to Detox Them 134: Five Benefits of Fasting, Autophagy, Diet Variation & Cellular Healing with Dr. Daniel Pompa 210: Why Most Detox Methods Are Dangerous & What to Do Instead With Dr. Shayne Morris Is the Flu Shot Safe? How to Detox Heavy Metals Safely (& Get More Energy) Did we miss a question you wanted answered? Let us know! Please drop a c

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