223: Mindset for Moms – Tips to Get More Done & Stress Less This Year

In this New Year check-in, Heather and I chat about our goals for this year, upcoming projects, and tips for getting more done with less stress this year! Episode Highlights Stress-reducing tips: Learn the top things we’re both doing to reduce our stress and be more productive including self-care, organization tips, and more. Sauna vs. Red Light: We answer the much-asked question: what is the difference between red light therapy with infrared waves and infrared saunas? Finland: This leads into a discussion about Katie’s upcoming trip to northern Finland (Lapland) with Tero and the Four Sigmatic crew to learn about how medicinal mushrooms are sourced and about the indigenous Sami tribe (inspiration for the book Santa Sold Shrooms). Follow Katie on Instagram if you want to keep up with the trip next week! CBD: We also delve into the new research on CBD and how we’re both using it for different things. See this podcast for the full scoop. Sensory swings for vestibular function: How hanging sensory swings from my kids ceilings has been a time and stress saver this winter Reducing Plastic Use: We also go deep on the subject of plastic use and encourage everyone listening to reduce their use of plastics (especially single-use plastics) both for the sake of health and of the environment. With floating islands of plastic in the ocean that are the size of Texas, and plastic chemicals found several kilometers deep in the ice of the Arctic, this is now a global problem and we can all pitch in to reduce our dependency. Check out this post on reducing plastic use for some ideas. Health Trends for 2019: We delve into some health trends we anticipate continuing to grow in popularity in 2019. Specifically: Elderberry All things elderberry seem to be on the rise, and with good reason. While both of us have been using homemade elderberry syrup for years, we’re starting to see all types of remedies and even skin care that involves elderberries. Want to get creative? Try these elderberry marshmallows or elderberry tea. CBD Another health trend that seems to be exploding right now! Be careful, because there are many types out there and some are not as effective as others. I personally prefer this one because it is water soluble and colloidal so it’s highly effective and doesn’t use solvents to extract. Digital Detox After years of increasing technology use, we’re seeing a trend toward intentional time off from technology and seeking out quiet and focus. Personally, we love taking digital days off for a mental reset. Rethinking Sunscreen With Hawaii leading the charge, many states and countries are moving to reduce or ban chemical sunscreens

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