212: How to Release Cravings and Emotional Eating With EFT

As a mom, I’m ultra-aware that I’m the example my children look to when it comes to their view of food and healthy eating. Understanding the science of how our brain works and why we crave unhealthy foods is half the battle! In this fascinating interview, EFT expert Brittany Watkins shares how she ditched her unhealthy emotional eating habits and retrained her brain so she could make better food choices without a struggle. Episode Highlights on Emotional Eating The difference between cravings and emotional eating Where these issues often originate and how to determine yours Why willpower almost never works, at least over the long term How childhood experiences likely influence your eating habits as an adult The science of tapping and how it changes our brains Why we crave certain foods at certain times The real reason people are more likely to gain weight over the holidays And more! Resources We Mention Learn more about Brittany at BrittanyWatkins.com More From Wellness Mama 98: Overcoming Orthorexia With Intuitive, Mindful Eating With Devyn Sisson 87: How to Stop Emotional Eating (From a Nutritionist Who Lost 100 Pounds!) 84: How to Use Ancient Spices to Make Weight Loss Easier 72: How to Turn Off Cravings and Rewire Your Appetite with Robb Wolf 45: How to Lose Weight With Thyroid Problems EFT: How Tapping & Emotional Freedom Technique Work How to Lose Weight Fast On Women & Weight: A Manifesto 7 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings Is emotional eating a struggle for you? What has helped? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let us know. We value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well. Thank You to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Fabletics. You’ve heard all the jokes about moms and yoga pants, but these jokes exist for a reason! Yoga pants and leggings are comfortable and practical, especially for those of us who work out almost every day but have lots of other stuff going on too. I’m a big fan of choosing products that last but that don’t break the bank and that are flattering (even after having kids when my stomach isn’t necessarily perfect anymore). I run on a tight schedule to manage businesses, kids and sneak in self-care, so I need my workout clothes to be functional for deadlifts and also cute enough to run errands or take the kid

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