190: The Easiest Way to Track HRV, Sleep, and Movement With Oura Ring

I seriously cannot wait to dive into this episode because we’re going deep on a topic near and dear to every mom’s heart (and sanity)… how to get better sleep! Whether it’s due to kids, working late, electronics addiction, or you plain just can’t sleep… too many of us are skipping precious hours of shut-eye. This impacts health more than we realize. Today I’m here with Harpreet Rai, CEO of Oura Health, the company that makes Oura Ring, the sleep and activity tracker that I have been using to track the quality of my sleep as well as fertility markers. He has some fascinating facts to share about how our bodies function during sleep, why we need it so much, and natural ways to solve sleep problems. Episode Highlights: Oura Ring why shift work is considered a carcinogen the real problems that happen when you don’t sleep sneaky little habits that rob us of the quality sleep we need what the brain and body do while sleeping (it’s fascinating!) why you feel extra groggy some mornings what the Oura Ring can do to track heart rate variability and improve your sleep patterns and more! Resources We Mention Oura Ring – Use this link to save $50 on any of their rings Why We Sleep by Matt Walker Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Chili Pad Blackout curtains More From Wellness Mama 58: How Knowing Your Chronotype Can Improve Your Sleep 89: Why Sleep Is More Important Than Diet and Exercise Combined with Shawn Stevenson 132: How to Use Cannabidiol or CBD for Sleep, Hormones, and Health 9 Lessons We Can Learn From Europe (Food, Wine & Sleep) Natural Ways to Get Better Sleep (Even If You’re a Mom!) Can a Weighted Blanket Transform Your Kid’s Sleep? How to Create a Perfect Sleep Environment What kind of sleep are you getting? Do you use any kind of sleep tracker like the Oura Ring? Also, please take two minutes to leave a review on iTunes. I value knowing what you think and this helps other moms find the podcast as well! Many Thanks to Today’s Sponsors This episode is brought to you by Perfect Keto. I have heard from a lot of you who are trying the keto diet right now

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