179: Understanding DNA Damage & How to Reverse It With NanoVi

Rowena Gates is a principal and vice president of the Eng3 Corporation, a life science technology company addressing health, wellness, and performance. She’s also a serial entrepreneur which is so inspiring to me personally. Prior to joining Eng3, she spent six years as the founder and CEO of Aviarc, a company that provided Internet-based solutions for international trade. She has a whole list of other successful ventures as well. In addition she received a doctorate from the University of Washington for her dissertation on international strategic alliances. As a science geek, I have no doubt I’ll be hanging on every word in this interview! Episode Highlights With Rowena Gates What DNA damage is, how it occurs, and why it’s unavoidable (hello aging!) Some ways we can repair DNA damage as fast as possible Why telomeres are in the press lately (and what they are) The role proteins play in the body and why they’re important for DNA Free radicals: why the reactive oxygen species cause damage & what we can do about it Why too many antioxidants may be just as bad as not enough How the NanoVi works using ordered water help address inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage, and more The reason I’m sold on this device (hint: it has to do with top-notch medical studies) Who’s using the NanoVi now (I’m on this list) NanoVi uses for dentistry Quotables From Rowena We don’t have a healthcare crisis as much as we have a health crisis. Solve the health part of it and the care part of it goes away. We tend to focus on what’s wrong… but really what the body is doing right is just amazing. It’s fixing all this free radical damage — quadrillions of hits every day — and it does a lot of things right. [The body’s] capacity to fix things is almost unlimited. Resources We Mention NanoVi Rebounders I’ve used Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle The Fourth Phase of Water by Gerald Pollack More From Wellness Mama 169: From Advanced Stage Cancer to Remission in 7 Months on a Quest to Cure Cancer 9 Lessons Blue Zones Can Teach Us 7 Fun Ways to Exercise as a Family The Health Benefits of Nature Did you enjoy the podcast? What questions do you have for Rowena? Let us know by dropping a comment below or leaving a review of the podcast! Special Thanks to Today’s Sponsors! This podcast is brought to you by Kettle and Fire. You may already know that this is my go-to bone broth because it is shelf-stable, easy to use, and delicious. But you may not know that Kettle and Fire just released brand new bone-broth based soups, which make it even more convenient to eat healthy on the go plus

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