178: A Pediatrician Explains How EMF Kill Switches Can Protect Our Children

I seem to specialize in being passionate about controversial topics, and my guest today is right there with me. Dr. Amy Munro is a pediatrician with over 30 years of experience and she’s been following the research on EMFs and how they affect the body for decades. Hiding under a rock isn’t an option last I checked, so Dr. Amy offers a long list of easy ways intercept electromagnetic frequencies in our homes with simple devices like an EMF kill switch. It’s an easy way to protect our families from EMFs until we know more about the long-term health effects. Episode Highlights: EMF Kill Switch What volted gated calcium channels are and why they help explain how EMFs affect the body How EMFs increase reactive oxygen species in the body (that’s not a good thing) What reactive nitrogen species are and how EMFs contribute The way electrosmog exposure can create breaks in DNA How heat shock proteins are affected by EMFs The blood brain barrier and the unusual way it responds to EMF exposure Why studies show that EMFs suppress melatonin and how The result of thousands of studies on EMF exposure The real reason “non ionising radition” is still harmful How to measure and mitigate EMFs in your home Quotables From Dr. Amy Munro In my career as a pediatrician, I have seen changes, especially I would say in the last five years, that really our conventional thought has no explanation for. The defenders of the telecom industry and technology will point out that there is no preponderance of proof on these studies. And it’s true that the results are mixed. Henry Lai, a professor at the University of Washington, did an analysis of studies, and overall, there was about a 56% rate that show that EMFs are harmful and a 44% rate that show that they are not. If you break it down by funding [and] take out the ones that are funded by industry, it will show you that about 67% are harmful and 28% are not harmful. Solutions exist. Don’t get overwhelmed, take baby steps. It’s what inside of your home is what counts the most. Resources We Mention EMF Kill Switch (Wellness Mama listeners receive 5% off with the code wellnessmama5) Smart plug with remote Volt meter EMF shields I use The Body Electric by Robert Becker and Gary Selden The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan Blue light blocking glasses More From Wellness Mama 73: The Truth About EMFs, WiFi, and Radiation (+ How to Avoid Them!)

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