77: Minimalism with a Family to Decrease Stress and Clutter with Joshua Becker

Minimalism has become incredibly popular over the past several years (I’m a big fan as well), and today I’m talking to Joshua Becker of the blog Becoming Minimalist. His mission is to “own less and live more,” and inspire others to do the same. What Minimalism Adds to Life For Joshua, the story began years ago as he was cleaning out his garage. His young son was playing outside in the backyard, and had asked him to come play. He struck up a conversation with the neighbor has he cleaned and his neighbor made a comment that maybe he didn’t need to have all of that stuff to begin with. That offhand comment marked a turning point in his life and minimalism began that day for Joshua and his family. They began the process of reducing their possessions and only keeping the things that added value to their lives. After donating the majority of their things, they found so much time and freedom that Joshua started his blog to share the message with others. In This Episode, You’ll Learn: How to get started with reducing possessions without getting overwhelmed The first step for someone wanting to live more minimally The many things you gain when you start living with less How to navigate families and holidays when everyone wants to give your kids stuff Resources We Mention Article: The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life 10 Reasons to Escape Excessive Consumerism 15 Clutter Busting Routines For Any Family Book:The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own More From Wellness Mama 103: A Professional Organizer Shares How to Beat Clutter 223: Mindset for Moms & Tips to Get More Done & Stress Less This Year How Minimalism With a Family is Possible (& Life Changing!) My Take on New Year’s Resolutions (+ The Best of 2018) My Home Organization System & How I “Get It All Done” How to Choose Low Clutter Toys (Ideas Kids Love) Special Thanks to Today’s Sponsors: This episode is brought to you by Paleovalley. This company makes one of my favorite on-the-go snacks to give to my kids. Paleovalley beef sticks are 100% grass-fed and g

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