Episode 8 Fan Art

We discuss fan art.   Mentioned in this episode:   tortallcomicsproject.deviantart.com D&D World of Warcraft Robotech Star Trek Star Wars Dr. Who R.A. Salvatore The Doubleclicks Kirby Krackle M.C. Frontalot PAX Harry and the Potters Draco and the Malfoys Turn Left Chameleon Circuit A Very Potter Musical Tolkien The Dresden Files RPG @harriedwizard and @mollycarpenter @watsonjw and @sherlocksh Nancy Drew Roommates on DeviantArt Tamora Pierce Tomorrow Girl THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins Supernatural Firefly Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling Etsy.com ThinkGeek.com Denver Comic Con Avatar: The Last Airbender Kid Loki Starfest Opusfest Circle of Magic Thor Invader Zim GURPS Munchkin Small World Evil Hat-FATE Serenity RPG

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