Episode 6 Interview With Aaron Michael Ritchey

Aaron Michael Ritchey joins us to talk about his new book LONG LIVE THE SUICIDE KING.   Mentioned in this episode:   STORY by Robert McKee Deb Courtney from Courtney Literary Kirkus Review Harold and Maude Crescent Moon Press Stephen King RMFW Colorado Gold Contest Stephen King King of the Hill ERAGON by Christopher Paolini THE LORD OF THE RINGS by J.R.R. Tolkien THE NEVER PRAYER by Aaron Michael Ritchey 30 Seconds to Mars Winter's Bone Letters to Juilet Blade Runner THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green TWILIGHT by Stephanie Meyer Ange,l Buffy, and Firefly of Joss Whedon fame Tamora Pierce Dallas Buyers Club National Treasure THE DaVINCI CODE by Dan Brown Paul Lell Breaking Bad "Cross the Ocean" by Bora Yoon AaronMRitchey.com

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