Tuesday Interview: Mamie Kanfer Stewart of Meeteor

Mamie Kanfer Stewart, founder of Meeteor, talks with us about how to do meetings better. It's not just about being productive, but about getting higher quality work done as a result of that meeting. We all spend hours a week in meetings, and there are some great takeaways in this episode to help us all be a little more productive. SPONSORS: Todoist helps you organize and prioritize your tasks and projects so you can stress less and achieve more. This is the productivity app you've been waiting for. With a beautiful web app, native iOS and Android apps and even an email plugin to help you get to Inbox Zero. Go to Todoist.com/redeem and use the code "Rocketship" to get 5 premium accounts for 1 year. Bench. With Bench, you get a professional bookkeeping team to do your books for you and our simple, elegant software to review your finances. It's everything you need to forget about your bookkeeping, without actually forgetting about your bookkeeping. Go to Bench.co/rocketship and get 20% off your first 6 months.

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