DTNS 3209 – Mine Your Own GPU Business

Spectre and Meltdown have put a dampener on processor performance. But what does it mean for folks looking to upgrade their hardware; should you upgrade today or wait a few months? Amazon and Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan team up to provide affordable healthcare for their employees. And are high GPU prices due to crypto-currency mining? Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Ryan Shrout. MP3
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Quick Hits (00:50) Verizon Drops Plan to Sell Phones From China’s Huawei, Sources Say | bloomberg (01:05) Snapchat enhances Bitmoji with 1.9 septillion avatar options | tech crunch (01:20) Facebook is banning all ads promoting cryptocurrencies — including bitcoin and ICOs | recode More Top Stories (01:45) Amazon, Berkshire, JPMorgan partner to cut U.S. healthcare costs | reuters (04:45) Facebook ‘no place’ for young children | bbc (08:20) Hawaii officer who sent false missile alert believed attack imminent, FCC says | ars technica Employee fired for sending false Hawaii missile alert, emergency official resigns | cbs news (12:00) Scoop: Apple delays iOS features to focus on reliability, performance | axios (14:00) Bitcoin mania is hurting PC gamers by pushing up GPU prices | the verge Samsung is reportedly manufacturing cryptocurrency mining hardware | the next web Why RAM Prices Are Through the Roof | extremetech Discussion (23:50) Spectre/Meltdown Perspective Message of the Day (25:55) Gouthaman – Aadhar usage Today’s Contributor Ryan Shrout Friend of the show Wil Harris is fundraising for Campaign Against Living Miserably, a charity that encourages men to get help with their mental health.

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