DTNS 3225 – Nuthin’ but a 5G Thang

Intel has announced 5G connected PCs next year promising an always connected machine. But is this necessarily a good thing? Plus the FCC has published its new rules on Net Neutrality and Airbnb Plus has launched offering plusher accommodations to better compete with hotels. Starring Tom Merritt, Sarah Lane, Roger Chang and Justin Robert Young. MP3
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Quick Hits (00:45) Amazon plans to open as many as six more cashierless Amazon Go stores this year | recode (01:25) Apple Plans Upgrades to Popular AirPods Headphones | bloomberg (02:00) Lighthouse is taking on Amazon and Nest with its new AI-powered security camera | the verge More Top Stories (02:30) The FCC’s order gutting net neutrality is now official — but the fight is just getting started | tech crunch (04:30) Disney loses in Redbox copyright row | bbc (07:00) Airbnb reveals new hotel-like service called Airbnb Plus | the verge (09:55) Snap stock plummets after Kylie Jenner declares Snapchat dead | the verge (12:10) Streetlights could be replaced by glow-in-the-dark trees after scientists create plants that shine like fireflies | dailymail Discussion (15:30) Intel Announces 5G-Connected Windows 10 PCs Coming Next Year | thurrott Qualcomm, Microsoft ‘Always Connected’ PCs to hit store shelves | zdnet HP’s first Windows 10 ARM PC is available for preorder | the verge Message of the Day (23:45) Dylan – Ethicists (25:00) Mike – Uber/Via Today’s Contributors Justin Robert Young Politics Politics Politics Daily Newsletter Jury Talks The Contender twitch.tv/justinrobertyoung

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