386 - Bassem Youssef: The Bravery to Speak Out (How He Risked Everything to Create An Impact)

Bassem Youssef risked everything to create an impact. He was living in Egypt. And a revolution was happening. Everyday, he would go to the streets of the protests and try to help the wounded. Then he’d go home. And watch the news. That’s when he saw how the media was lying to the people. So Bassem started a Youtube channel where he reported what was REALLY happening in his country. He did this with satire and comedy. He relieved the tension of the country. Egypt has 80 million people. And in weeks, 30 million were watching Bassem. And the weird part is he had no background in media. Bassem was a heart surgeon turned truth teller. And he was rewarded for it. In 2013, “TIME Magazine” named Bassem Youssef “one of the most influential people in the world.” This podcast is about the revolution in Egypt and Bassem’s journey through it. But it’s also about creating content people want and need. And telling a story that changes lives.   Links and Resources Listen to Bassem’s podcast “Remade in America” “Revolution for Dummies: Laughing Through the Arab Spring” by Bassem Youssef Follow Bassem on Twitter  Tickling Giants - the documentary about Bassem directed by Sara Taksler 
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