364 - Tom Papa: Will You Put Your Dream to The Test?

Tom Papa was afraid to follow his dream (like everyone else). But he put it to the test. He went up on stage, got laughs, and kept going. Now he has 5 different income streams (all because he took that first leap). He’s got a new TV show coming up, a podcast, a radio show, live events and comedy tours, plus he also just wrote a book, “Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas.” These opportunities didn’t come to him over night. He’s been doing comedy for 25 years. He put his dream to the test. It was the scariest thing he’d ever done. I wanted him to share his story. And the courage.   Links and Resources Read “Your Dad Stole My Rake: And Other Family Dilemmas” by Tom Papa Watch Tom’s Specials, “Tom Papa: Human Mule,” “Tom Papa: Live in New York City,” and “Tom Papa: Freaked Out” Listen to Tom on the radio “Live From Here” Listen to Tom’s podcast “Come to Papa” Check out Tom’s website to see where he’s touring right now Follow Tom on Twitter  
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