363 - Allison Task: How to Have a Personal Revolution

Allison Task is a businesswoman. She was in the dot-com industry for nearly a decade. But she didn’t want to run a tech business. She wanted a more creative career... cooking. So that’s what she did. First, she went to culinary school, then she worked for Martha Stewart. and now, Allison is a premier chef, life coach, TV personality and podcaster. She’s also the author of recent book, “Personal Revolution: How to Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted to Do.” And that’s what she’ll teach you in this episode… how to have a personal revolution. Links and Resources
Personal Revolution: How to Be Happy, Change Your Life, and Do That Thing You've Always Wanted to Do by Allison Task You Can Trust a Skinny Cook by Allison Fishman  
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