Instrumental Celtic Music Study Aid #347

Are you needing some good instrumental music to study to? Show #347 features a study aid of instrumental Celtic music from The Here & Now, McFlooseys, Baal Tinne, Anne Roos, Alizbar & Ann' Sannat, Across the Pond, Adamh, Wolf & Clover, Chris Murphy, Peat in the Creel, The Led Farmers, Brynmor, Bridgid's Crossm Solasta, Andy Lamy. Listen and share this podcast. Download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free. Subscribe to the Celtic Music Magazine. This is our free newsletter and your guide to the latest Celtic music and podcast news. Remember to support the artists who support this podcast: buy their CDs, download their MP3s, see their shows, and drop them an email to let them know you heard them on the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast. TODAY'S SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY CELTIC INVASION VACATIONS Don't just see the world. Go on a relaxing adventure with a small group of Celtic music fans, just like you. We won't see everything. Instead, we will stay in one area. We will get to know the region through it's culture, history, and legends. You can help me decide where we should go into 2019. Subscribe to the mailing list to join the invasion at THIS WEEK IN CELTIC MUSIC 0:05 "Three" by The Here & Now from Ladybird 5:13 "Reels" by McFlooseys from One Night in Dublin 9:04 "Aislinn Gheal" by Baal Tinne from Aislinn Gheal 11:43 "Bears - Bear Dance & The Dancing Bear" by Anne Roos from A Light in the Foret 16:31 "The Mountain Set" by Alizbar & Ann' Sannat from Welcome Into the Morning 24:04 CELTIC PODCAST NEWS 24:31 "Scotland the Brave/Flowers of Edinburgh" by Across the Pond from Kid on the Mountain 28:13 "Tara" by Adamh from Adamh 32:32 "Eleanor Plunkett" by Wolf & Clover from Wolf & Clover 35:53 "The Artful Dodger" by Chris Murphy from The Tinker's Dream 40:42 "McMahon's (The Banshee)" by Peat in the Creel from The Barn Session 43:32 CELTIC FEEDBACK 44:21 "The White Set" by The Led Farmers from Katie 47:57 "Farewell to Erin" by Brynmor from The Great Hill 51:27 "Swallowtail Jig" by Bridgid's Cross from Live without an Audience 54:35 "The Cowslip Set" by Solasta from Solasta 1:01:57 "Hornpipes: The Fiddling Barrister/Galway Bay'The Banks" by Andy Lamy from The New Blackthorn Stick The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. To subscribe, go to iTunes or to our website where you can become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode. Promote Celtic culture through music at THANK YOU PATRONS OF THE PODCAST! Imagine a world with no Celtic music. Sounds pretty horrible, right? All you have is boring music being shoved down your throats by big record labels. You wouldn't get to experience the incredible music shared each and every week in the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Our incredibly generous people bring you hours of great Celtic music. You can help celebrate Celtic music and culture and keep this show running every week. Become a Patron of the Podcast at Thanks to our newest Patrons of the Podcast: CELTIC PODCAST NEWS * Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic and Geek musician and podcaster. This podcast is dedicated to the indie Celtic musicians. I want to ask you to support these artists. Share the show with your friends. And find more episodes at You can also support this podcast on Patreon. I've received quite a few emails from people who listen to this podcast while they study. One person asked if I would release another instrumental episode. So here it is. Of course, if you'd like a good 3-hour long instrumental show, check out #204. And we have other instrumental episodes. VOTE IN THE CELTIC TOP 20 It's easier than ever to do. Just list the show number, and the name of one or two bands. That's it. You can vote once for each episode help me create next year's Best Celtic music of 2018 episode. I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK What are you doing today while listening to the podcast? You can send a written comment along with a picture  of what you're doing while listening. Email a voicemail message to Robin Allen emailed: "I'm listening to your podcast while roofing.  The nail patterns I make inform my colleagues whether I'm listening to a jig, a reel, a polka or an Irish waltz." Luke Sinclare emailed a picture: "Hey Mark! Enjoying the latest episode of drinking songs at work while I enjoy a pot of tea with some Walkers Shortbread as I work on railway track plans. Love the show and always love to hear your enthusiasm every week. Keep up the good work! Cheers"

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