After years of drugs use and months in prison, Chad is now clean and sober...Feb 17, 2017 Listen
Lisa's husband has been lying about his whereabouts...Feb 16, 2017 Listen
What should Britney do when her parents' fighting gets out of hand?Feb 15, 2017 Listen
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Carol got an STD from her husband...Feb 09, 2017 Listen
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Cynthia has a heart-to-heart with Dr. Laura...Feb 01, 2017 Listen
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Schoolteacher Terry helps Dr. Laura give some much-needed parenting advice...Jan 27, 2017 Listen
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How can Molly comfort her mom?Jan 25, 2017 Listen
Dan and Jan need some help in the bedroom...Jan 20, 2017 Listen
Jenny's husband, Jim, has been keeping financial secrets from her...Jan 19, 2017 Listen
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Paul Anka surprises Dr. Laura with a very special birthday message...Jan 16, 2017 Listen
Jo just found out that she's the other woman...Jan 13, 2017 Listen
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Valerie's daughter doesn't like the way she looks...Dec 15, 2016 Listen
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Ann still feels guilty for something she did in the past...Aug 29, 2016 Listen
Janet overheard her daughter's boyfriend talking seductively to another girl...Aug 25, 2016 Listen
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Irene's family has a history of mental illness. Can she escape the same fate as her loved ones?Aug 18, 2016 Listen
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Even though Nisha loves her son, she feels like she has been cheated out of certain life experiences...Aug 15, 2016 Listen
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How can Rachel stay strong for her sonMay 06, 2016 Listen
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JJ feels horrible for not seeing her dad before he passed...Mar 17, 2016 Listen
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Victoria calls to thank Mother Laura for her guidance, support, and humor over the years...Mar 14, 2016 Listen
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Where can Destiny find the strength to cut ties with her mom?Mar 10, 2016 Listen
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