#259 Shalom Stranger

How do we greet a stranger in the elevator, in Hebrew? How about a neighbor from our building? Could we perhaps just look down and not say anything at all? Guy presents a concise guide to Israeli elevator etiquette 101. Listen to the All-Hebrew Version of this Episode New Words and Expressions: Ze yachol lehechashev lo menumas - It might be considered impolite - זה יכול להיחשב לא מנומס Hagana atsmit - Self defence - הגנה עצמית Shalom - Hi, hello - שלום Shalom, shalom, hopa! Ma itcha, ma ata ose po? - Hey, hey! What’s going on, what are you doing here? - שלום, שלום, הופה! מה איתך, מה אתה עושה פה? Hi - Hi - היי Ahlan - Hi - אהלן Ma kore? - What’s happening? - מה קורה? Ahlan, ma kore? - Hi, how are you? - אהלן, מה קורה Hi, ma kore? - Hi, how are you? - היי, מה קורה Boker tov - Good morning - בוקר טוב ...Kertov - Kertov - קרטוב “Boker!” - Morning! - בוקר! Tsohorayim tovim - Greeting used around 1pm - צהריים טובים Aahar tsohorayim tovim - Good afternoon - אחר צוהוריים טובים Erev tov - Good evening - ערב טוב Laila tov - Good night - לילה טוב Hi-oosh - Hi (cutsy) - היוש   Playlist and Clips: Shokolad-Menta-Mastik - Emor Shalom (lyrics) Shem-tov Levy - Hit’orerut (lyrics) Ariel Zilber - Shemesh Shemesh (lyrics) Tislam - Boker shel Kef (lyrics)

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