#238 Learning from Israelis' 2018 Music-Listening Habits

What can we learn from the music-listening habits of Israelis in 2018? Lots of interesting uses of Hebrew words and phrases! The internet music service Spotify just published data on the most popular music listened to by Israelis in 2018. We take a look at these songs and revisit our archives in order to remind ourselves when and why we used these songs in previous episodes. Listen to the All-Hebrew Version of this Episode   Spotify Music Lists: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX7Ey5mhiAT5Z https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DXbt72Q24ypTa https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DX7aj32Qvs6xX https://open.spotify.com/playlist/37i9dQZF1DWULoGdcP6ILX New Words and Expressions: Kmo shnei meshuga’im - Like two crazy people - כמו שני משוגעים Ani mode - I thank - אני מודה (episode #100) Mami ze nigmar - Honey it’s over - מאמי זה נגמר (episode #121) Hu gamar - He finished - הוא גמר Habibi - My darling - חביבי (episode #117) Yesh od anashim ba-reshima - There are more people on the list - יש עוד אנשים ברשימה Bo’i, tni li yad ve-nelech - Come, give me your hand and we’ll go - בואי, תני לי יד ונלך (episode #184, episode #78) Al tevatri - Don’t give up - אל תוותרי (episode #175) Al tagid - Don’t say - אל תגיד Halomot tovim - Good dreams - חלומות טובים (episode #199) Pesek zman - Time out / time off - פסק זמן (episode #48) Lehafsik - To stop - להפסיק Hafsaka - Break - הפסקה Sa le’at - Drive slowly - סע לאט (episode #186) Sa (m.), se’i (f.), s’oo (pl.) - ‘Go!’ - סע, סעי, סעו Lifrok - To unload, to unpack - לפרוק (episode #212) At poreket kartonim - You’re unloading, unpacking cardboards - את פורקת קרטונים Lahzor bahazara - To come back - לחזור בחזרה (episode #227) Kor’im li ba-shchuna malkat ha-shoshanim - They call me in the neighborhood the queen of roses - קוראים לי בשכונה מלכת השושנים Arba lifnot boker lo nirdemet - 4am, I cannot fall asleep - ארבע לפנות בוקר לא נרדמת (episode #179) Arba’a haverim - Four friends (m. pl.) - ארבעה חברים Arba haverot - Four friends (f. pl.) - ארבע חברות Misken - Poor - מסכן (episode #230) Nu dai lehitmasken - Stop complaining - נו, די להתמסכן Lo yoda’at ma kore li - I don’t know what’s happening to me - לא יודעת מה קורה לי (episode #36) Ma kara? - What happened? - מה קרה? Ani ma'amin she- - I believe that… - אני מאמין ש... (episode #158)   Playlist and Clips: Omer Adam - Shnei Meshuga’im (lyrics) Omer Adam - Mode Ani (lyrics) Omer Adam - Mami Ze Nigmar (lyrics) Omer Adam - Tel Aviv (lyrics) The Idan Raichel Project - Bo’i (lyrics) Eyal Golan - Tslil Meitar (lyrics) Eyal Golan - Halomot (lyrics) Arik Einstein - Pesek Zman (lyrics) Arik Einstein - Sa Le’at (lyrics) Tuna & Nechi Nech - Olam Meshuga (lyrics) Eden Ben-Zaken - Ad she-tahzor ba-hazara (lyrics) Eden Ben-Zaken - Malkat Ha-shoshanim (lyrics) Yuval Dayan - She’erioth shel Ha-hayim (lyrics) Yehudit Ravits - Arba Lifnot Boker (lyrics) Jane Bordeaux - Rotza Livkot (lyrics on YouTube) Sarit Hadad - Kshe-ani Itcha Ani Kmo Dag (lyrics) Ha-dag Nachash – Ani Ma'amin (lyrics) Netta - Toy (lyrics)

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