#178 How Do I Look?

So you went to buy clothes in a Tel Avivi shop. The next thing you know, the customer next to you, while trying on a dress, says that you shouldn’t wear red. Ever. Let’s talk about what just happened here and learn some phrases in clothes shopping lingo. Looking to support the show? Learn how on Patreon. Words and expressions discussed: Lakachti le-baali kazé – I took one just like this for my husband – לקחתי לבעלי כזה Lakachti le-achoti kazé – I took one just like this for my sister – לקחתי לאחותי כזה Ahoti gam kanta kazé – My sister also bought one like this – אחותי גם קנתה כזה Kazé – Like this – כזה Yesh kazé aval gadol? – Do you have one like this, but bigger? – יש כזה אבל גדול? Yesh kazé be-od tsva’im? – Do you have one like this, in additional colors? – יש כזה בעוד צבעים? Yesh kaze be-kahol? – Do you have one like this in blue? – יש כזה בכחול? Efshar limdod? – May I try it on? – אפשר למדוד? Ta medida – Fitting room – תא מדידה Mamash mat’im lecha/lach – It really suits you – ממש מתאים לך Gadol miday (alay) – It’s too big – גדול עליי Katan miday (alay) – It’s too small – קטן עליי Mida – Size – מידה Eizo mida at/a? – Which size are you? – איזו מידה את/ה? Nashim be-midot gdolot – Women in big sizes – נשים במידות גדולות Yesh et ze be-small/medium/large? – Do you have this in small/medium/large? – יש את זה בסמול/מדיום/לארג’? Yesh et ze be-mida yoter gdola? – Do you have this in a bigger size? – יש את זה במידה יותר גדולה? Eich ze? – How is it? – איך זה? Ze yoshev alayich/alecha bool – It sits on you ‘spot on’ – זה יושב עליך/עלייך בול Al tikchi et ze, ze gadol alayich – Don’t take it, it’s too big on you – אל תקחי את זה, זה גדול עלייך Aval lama adom mami? – But why red, darling? – אבל למה אדום, ממי? Slicha she-ani omeret – Sorry I say this – סליחה שאני אומרת Music:
Efraim Shamir & Astar Shamir – Erev shel Yom Bahir (lyrics)
Yossi Banai – Ani Ve-simon ve-moise ha-katan (lyrics)
Gidi Gov – Im Yivaled Li Yeled (lyrics)
Nashim be-midot gdolot – TV1
Arik Einstein – Mazal (lyrics) Want to see more Hebrew gems? Like Streetwise Hebrew on Facebook and Instagram. Want Guy to talk about a pressing Hebrew issue? Find him at StreetWiseHebrew.com or follow him on Twitter.

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