Ants: Who's in charge here?

We have a lot to learn from ants. This episode digs into the hierarchy of ant colonies (spoiler alert: there is none) and why they walk in a straight line (spoiler alert: they don't). Scientists are also studying how ants spread out and search. This work is teaching us about how cancer spreads, how the internet can be improved, and could even give us new ways to explore Mars. GUESTS: Biologist Deborah Gordon has been studying ants for the last 30 years and runs an ant lab at Stanford University. Computer Scientist Melanie Moses has translated the search functions of ants into an algorithm for robots. Want to learn more about ants? Sign up for the Brains On newsletter. In it you'll find questions designed to help go beyond the show, book recommendations, and a cool citizen science project (the same experiment NASA tested with ants in space).

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