Screw Sully: 7 True Stories That Would Make Better Movies

Ahh September, the leaves are changing into autumnal shades of yellow, red and orange, the air has a chilly bite, and movie theaters are being inundated with 'Based on a True Story' Oscar-bait. This month alone we've got 3 true story movies that shouldn't have much suspense to them: 'Sully' (the plane lands); 'Deepwater Horizon' (oil gets everywhere); and 'Snowden' (dude's in Russia).We've got a little hint for you, Hollywood: how about releasing a movie that isn't about something that happened, like, six seconds ago? History is full of amazing true stories and you're giving us a movie about the most unceremonious, bloodless and explosion-less crash in the history of aviation? Pshhh.This week we've got seven true stories for you that we promise would make better movies than 'Snowden': from the mad warring paleontologists who would rather burn down a museum than see each other gain a modicum of success, to the 10th century Slavic saint who murdered just everybody. Jack O'Brien and Michael Swaim co-host live from the UCB Sunset Theatre in Los Angeles with Cracked guests Carmen Angelica, Tom Reimann and Alex Schmidt, and guest comedians Lindsay Adams, Sunah Bilsted, Eli Olsberg and Steven Wilber.Jack is also joined by Cracked writer and researcher Evan Caris to talk about a major world event that is always underserved in film: World War I.Footnotes:Salon Interview with Atilla Ambrus, The Whiskey Robber: of the Whiskey Robber: 6 People With WTF Secret Lives Absolutely Nobody Saw Coming: of Julie d'Aubigny:'60 Minutes' Clip with Jack Barsky: of 'The Bone Wars': of Olga of Kiev: of Sarah Jacob, The Fasting Girl: Reimann on Twitter: Angelica on Twitter: Wilber on Twitter: Adams on Twitter: Schmidt on Twitter: Olsberg on Twitter: Bilsted on Twitter: episode is sponsored by Casper Mattresses and Blue Apron.

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