DTW333: Making Yes Come True... DO THE WORK Jun 27, 2017 Listen
GFLreplay: Goats as Restorative Catalysts - Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration with Cherrie Nolden - Grass Fed LifeJun 26, 2017 Listen
DTW332: You Built It, Enjoy It... DO THE WORK Jun 26, 2017 Listen
DTW331: The Long and Short of Yes... DO THE WORK Jun 25, 2017 Listen
DTW330: The Bottom of the Iceberg... DO THE WORK Jun 24, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Geoff Lawton Talks Permaculture - The Past, The Future, and The Land (V031)Jun 23, 2017 Listen
DTW329: Life Goes as We Thinkith... DO THE WORK Jun 23, 2017 Listen
DTW328: It's Here, Don't Miss It... DO THE WORK Jun 22, 2017 Listen
FSFS104: Bigger or Better - The Next Step for Market Gardening with farmer Jean-Martin Fortier - Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 21, 2017 Listen
DTW327: Seeing The Good Life... DO THE WORK Jun 21, 2017 Listen
DTW326: Hitting the reset button?... DO THE WORK Jun 20, 2017 Listen
GFL63: Preparing for Winter Now - The How, Why and Cost of Hay Production - Grass Fed LifeJun 19, 2017 Listen
DTW325: Where does burnout begin?... DO THE WORK Jun 19, 2017 Listen
DTW324: Sometimes the NO's are YES's... DO THE WORKJun 18, 2017 Listen
DTW323: Doing the Scary... DO THE WORKJun 17, 2017 Listen
VOC227: Lessons Learned Successfully Failing with Oliver Goshey of The Abundant EdgeJun 16, 2017 Listen
DTW322: Fail Forward... DO THE WORKJun 16, 2017 Listen
DTW320: ALWAYS Too Good, Always Too Fast... DO THE WORKJun 15, 2017 Listen
FSFS103: Inside the Organic Inspection Process with Organic Inspector Laura Murray - Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 14, 2017 Listen
DTW320: Expanding the Idea of Net Worth... DO THE WORKJun 14, 2017 Listen
DTW319: Bad Decisions Gone Right... DO THE WORKJun 13, 2017 Listen
GFL62x: Getting Customers to Come to You - Crushing on Farm Sales with Michael Covach - Grass Fed LifeJun 12, 2017 Listen
DTW318: Believing You Can't... DO THE WORK Jun 12, 2017 Listen
DTW317: Win the Day Early... DO THE WORKJun 11, 2017 Listen
DTW316: Losing (but finding) Yourself in It... DO THE WORK Jun 10, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Industrial Farmer to Regenerative Agirculture Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures (V028)Jun 09, 2017 Listen
DTW315: The Forced Fit Isn't a Fit... DO THE WORK Jun 09, 2017 Listen
DTW314: When Risk is the ONLY Option... DO THE WORK Jun 08, 2017 Listen
FSFS102: Is ORGANIC CERTIFICATION worth it with organic pioneer and farmer Scott Murray – Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 07, 2017 Listen
DTW313: It's Never Too Late to End the Day Well... DO THE WORK Jun 07, 2017 Listen
DTW312: LIVE & DO NOW... DO THE WORK Jun 06, 2017 Listen
GFL61: Getting More Farm Sales by Selling Into More Markets - Grass Fed LifeJun 05, 2017 Listen
DTW311: Business and Relationships... DO THE WORKJun 05, 2017 Listen
DTW310: Measuring What You CAN'T.. DO THE WORKJun 04, 2017 Listen
DTW309: Then I Realize I Was "Somebody"... DO THE WORK Jun 03, 2017 Listen
V226: Tips and Thoughts for Buying an Anti-Fragile Property – The Anti-fragile Property Series with Rob Avis – Part 2 Jun 02, 2017 Listen
DTW308: No One Remembers VANILLA... DO THE WORK Jun 02, 2017 Listen
DTW307: What uniform does a guerilla wear?... DO THE WORK Jun 01, 2017 Listen
FSFS101: How to Grow Microgreens Consistently All Year with farmer Chris Thoreau - Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 31, 2017 Listen
DTW306: Be Careful What You Wish For... DO THE WORK May 31, 2017 Listen
DTW305: Say NO to more stuff... DO THE WORK May 30, 2017 Listen
GFL60x: Overcoming New Farm Challenges and Refining Fodder Economics with Tim Bork of Brush Arbor Farmstead - Grass Fed LifeMay 29, 2017 Listen
DTW304: The Brokeness of Buying Success... DO THE WORK May 29, 2017 Listen
DTW303: Put Yourself On The Clock... DO THE WORK May 28, 2017 Listen
DTW302: What would your future self say and want?... DO THE WORK May 27, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Renaturing the Landscape: Influenced by Sepp Holzer and Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 1 (b013)May 26, 2017 Listen
DTW301: Push VS Pull... DO THE WORK May 26, 2017 Listen
DTW300: Get to F***ing Work!... DO THE WORK May 25, 2017 Listen
FSFS100: The Future is Now – Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Urban Farmer & Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 24, 2017 Listen
DTW299: You Can Always Live Life On Your Own Terms*... DO THE WORK May 24, 2017 Listen
DTW298: Who's going to get me my walker?... DO THE WORK May 23, 2017 Listen
GFL59: Far From Utopia – The Never-ending Challenges and Adaptions of Farming – Grass Fed LifeMay 22, 2017 Listen
DTW297: Done Versus 100% Done... DO THE WORK May 22, 2017 Listen
DTW296: Why You Should Celebrate BEFORE You Start... DO THE WORK May 21, 2017 Listen
DTW295: Start When You DON'T Want to Start... DO THE WORKMay 20, 2017 Listen
V225: Building a Profitable Permaculture Farm with Richard Perkins of Ridgedale PermacultureMay 19, 2017 Listen
DTW294: Because... DO THE WORKMay 19, 2017 Listen
DTW293: Little Work Now, Saves A LOT of Work Later... DO THE WORKMay 18, 2017 Listen
FSFS99: Farming When the Game Changes - Balancing Being a New Parent and the Farm - The Urban Farmer with Curtis StoneMay 17, 2017 Listen
DTW292: Finally It Is DONE... DO THE WORKMay 17, 2017 Listen
DTW291: Don't Fight the Minutia... DO THE WORKMay 16, 2017 Listen
GFL58x: Portable Electric Fence for Livestock 101 - Tips, Tricks and Advice with Stephanie Sexton of Premier 1 - Grass Fed LifeMay 15, 2017 Listen
DTW290: Looking Back At The Scheduled Week That Was... DO THE WORK May 15, 2017 Listen
DTW289: Imagine and Do... DO THE WORK May 14, 2017 Listen
DTW288: Growing and Maintaining... DO THE WORK May 13, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Two Fathers Talking Unschooling, Raising Kids, and Life with author Ben Hewitt (VOC165) May 12, 2017 Listen
DTW287: No Thanks... DO THE WORK May 12, 2017 Listen
DTW286: Scheduling it ALL Out... DO THE WORK May 11, 2017 Listen
FSFS98: Profitable Market Farming in The Middle of Nowhere with Blake Cothron of Peaceful Heritage Farm - Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 10, 2017 Listen
DTW285: Improving Productivity with a New Schedule... DO THE WORK May 10, 2017 Listen
DTW284: FAILURE, No Way Around It... DO THE WORKMay 09, 2017 Listen
GFL57: A Beginners Look at Fencing for Livestock - Grass Fed LifeMay 08, 2017 Listen
DTW283: Trying and NEVER Losing... DO THE WORK - Day 283May 08, 2017 Listen
DTW282: Try 100 Things... DO THE WORK - Day 282May 07, 2017 Listen
DTW281: Dull vs EPIC SH*T... DO THE WORK - Day 281May 06, 2017 Listen
V224: Paul Wheaton on Hacking Kickstarter, PDCs, Haters, Failure, and Doing Epic S*** (V224)May 05, 2017 Listen
DTW280: Working From Home Is.... Challenging... DO THE WORK - Day 280May 05, 2017 Listen
DTW279: Life ALWAYS Gets in the Way... DO THE WORK - Day 279May 04, 2017 Listen
FSFS97: Growing a $100,000 Farm - Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farm on No-Till, Farm Efficiency, and Balancing Life (FSFS97)May 03, 2017 Listen
DTW278: Momentum, Growth or Both?... DO THE WORK - Day 278May 03, 2017 Listen
DTW277: Just Do It Now... DO THE WORK - Day 277May 02, 2017 Listen
GFL56: Why I Would or Would Not Raise Grassfed Lamb... The Economics and Mechanics of Raising Grass Fed Lamb - Part 2 (GFL56)May 01, 2017 Listen
DTW276: Conditioned Possibility... DO THE WORK - Day 276May 01, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: From MMA to Farm Startup with the Stoic Farmer Scott HebertApr 30, 2017 Listen
DTW275: An Interstellar Conundrum... DO THE WORK - Day 275Apr 30, 2017 Listen
DTW274: The Upside of Freedom... DO THE WORK - Day 274Apr 29, 2017 Listen
DTW273: 4 Months of Self Employment in Hindsight... DO THE WORK - Day 273Apr 28, 2017 Listen
DTW272: Celebrate You... DO THE WORK - Day 272Apr 27, 2017 Listen
FSFS96: Do New Crops Pay? - The When, How, and Why of a New Crop with Chris Thoreau (FSFS96)Apr 27, 2017 Listen
DTW271: Putting Parts of Life on the Shelf (For Now)... DO THE WORK - Day 271Apr 26, 2017 Listen
DTW270: The Cost of an Extra 5 Minutes?... DO THE WORK - Day 270Apr 25, 2017 Listen
GFL55x: 30 Years of Truly Pastured Raised Lambs with Ulf Kintzel of White Clover Sheep Farm (GFL55x)Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW269: Did you do something impossible?... DO THE WORK - Day 269Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW268: Be Present While Being Present.. DO THE WORK - Day 268Apr 23, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Earth Day Special with the original Earth Day Organizer Denis Hayes (CD3)Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW267: EVERYDAY is the GREATEST DAY... DO THE WORK - Day 267Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW266: NOT SURE? - Give it two weeks... DO THE WORK - Day 266Apr 21, 2017 Listen
DTW265: It Will Cost You More in the Long Run... DO THE WORK - Day 265Apr 20, 2017 Listen
FSFS95: Growing Better by Growing Smaller - Going From Half an Acre to 500 Square Feet with Alex Bertsch of Epic by Nature Farm (FSFS95)Apr 19, 2017 Listen
DTW264: Lingering Projects... DO THE WORK - Day 264Apr 19, 2017 Listen