Tips on Managing the Perfect Imperfections of Time and Ambition with Javan Bernakevitch (VOC242)Mar 10, 2018 Listen
A Practical Look at Vegetable Farming and a Fragile Seed System with Chris Thoreau (FSFS126)Feb 04, 2018 Listen
Start Your Successful Farm Business with Joel Salatin [GFL86]Feb 03, 2018 Listen
VOC Replay: The Rise of the Mushroom with Peter McCoyDec 01, 2017 Listen
VOC Replay: Radical Mycology with Peter McCoyNov 24, 2017 Listen
FSFS Replay: Your Journey to You - Following The Dream and Following Opportunity Too (TUFS2E14)Nov 22, 2017 Listen
GFL Replay: Increasing Farm Profits by Raising Turkeys (GFL34)Nov 20, 2017 Listen
VOC241: From Farmer's Markets to Stores Nationwide - The Struggles and Challenges of Entrepreneurship with Stacey Marcellus of Cappello'sNov 17, 2017 Listen
FSFS122: The Challenges of Market Farming in Hot and Wet Texas with Brent Heironimus (FSFS122)Nov 15, 2017 Listen
GFL81: 7 Traits of Successful Farmers and FarmsNov 13, 2017 Listen
V240: Battling Cancer with Gerson Therapy - A Survivors Story with Marianne WestNov 10, 2017 Listen
FSFS121: The 10 Year Evolution of a Microgreen Farmer - Life and Business, Business and LifeNov 08, 2017 Listen
GFL80: Homestead Sheep with Dan Ohmann of the Grassfed HomesteadNov 06, 2017 Listen
VOC239: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation with Adam BrockNov 03, 2017 Listen
FSFS120: Increasing Post Harvest Processing Efficiency with Michael KilpatrickNov 01, 2017 Listen
GFL79: The Independent Farmstead with Shawn and Beth DoughertyOct 30, 2017 Listen
FSFS119: Starting and Growing an On Site Farmstand and Farm with Jenny Quiner of Dog Patch Urban GardensOct 25, 2017 Listen
GFL78: The Sustainable Cattle Herd - An Introduction to Calving on FarmOct 23, 2017 Listen
VOC238: The Importance of Taking Time Off with Javan Bernakevitch - Part 2 - The Post-MortemOct 20, 2017 Listen
GFL77: Practical Farmsteading with Greg Burns of Natures Image FarmOct 18, 2017 Listen
FSFS118: Base Principles Which Make Neversink Farm Successful with farmer Conor CrickmoreOct 18, 2017 Listen
VOC237: The Importance of Taking Time Off with Javan Bernakevitch - Part 1 - The Pre-MortemOct 13, 2017 Listen
FSFS117: The Journey Towards the Regenerative Vegetable Farm - Learning, Selling, and Growing More Product Over Time with Shawn Kuhn of Vitruvian Farms Oct 11, 2017 Listen
GFL76: How to Make Bulk Sales Simple so You Can Sell More MeatOct 09, 2017 Listen
FSFS116: Continuous Improvement - Lessons Learned on Farm and on Other Farms with Brian Bates of Bear Creek OrganicsOct 04, 2017 Listen
GFL75: Overcome: Battling Cancer While Starting a Farm with Lou RomanOct 02, 2017 Listen
FSFS115: Knowing and Growing What Chef's Want and What's Profitable with chef and farmer, The Culinary Gardener Evan ChenderSep 27, 2017 Listen
VOC236: Harvesting Water, Planting Trees and Restoring the Ecosystem AS A CAREER with Erik OhlsenSep 26, 2017 Listen
GFL74: Overcoming Challenges and Creating Success Farming on the Side with Charles Mayfield - Grass Fed LifeSep 25, 2017 Listen
DTW's LAST DAY on THIS FEED [See Description for Details]... DO THE WORKSep 25, 2017 Listen
DTW422: When Life Comes Full Circle... DO THE WORK - Day 422Sep 24, 2017 Listen
DTW421: Scheduling in Reality... DO THE WORKSep 23, 2017 Listen
VOC235: Practical Tips, Ideas and Technologies for Homescale Biochar with Gloria FloraSep 22, 2017 Listen
DTW420: The Idea Litmus Test... DO THE WORKSep 22, 2017 Listen
DTW419: Start Small and Simple... DO THE WORKSep 21, 2017 Listen
FSFS114: Start with What You Can and Grow - Season Extension, Farm Tools, and Improving Processes with Ray TylerSep 20, 2017 Listen
DTW418: Only Touch it Once... DO THE WORKSep 20, 2017 Listen
DTW417: The 3 2 1 Email Strategy... DO THE WORKSep 19, 2017 Listen
GFL73: Which Poultry Feed Is Best - Inside the Numbers and the Ideology - Grass Fed LifeSep 18, 2017 Listen
DTW416: Life Taker or Life Maker?... DO THE WORKSep 18, 2017 Listen
DTW415: Slow Down... DO THE WORKSep 17, 2017 Listen
DTW414: Make it Right... DO THE WORKSep 16, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Building A Million Dollar Permaculture Business - Ecologically, Socially, and Financially Sustainable with Erik Ohlsen [CD5]Sep 15, 2017 Listen
DTW413: 7 Lessons to Change Your Life - Day 31... DO THE WORKSep 15, 2017 Listen
DTW412: A Strategic Approach to Saying YES - Day 30... DO THE WORKSep 14, 2017 Listen
FSFS113: Increasing Farm Productivity and Efficiency with Michael KilpatrickSep 13, 2017 Listen
DTW411: A Lean Core - Day 29... DO THE WORKSep 13, 2017 Listen
DTW410: Never Take Photos - Day 28... DO THE WORKSep 12, 2017 Listen
GFL72: How to Balance the Pace of Progress with Reality - Grass Fed LifeSep 11, 2017 Listen
DTW409: Flipping the Switch - Day 27... DO THE WORKSep 11, 2017 Listen
DTW408: Accept Tradeoffs - Day 26... DO THE WORKSep 10, 2017 Listen
DTW407: Are We REALLY In Troubled Times? - Day 25... DO THE WORKSep 09, 2017 Listen
DTW406: One Mistake I Always Make - Day 24... DO THE WORKSep 09, 2017 Listen
DTW405: Challenge YOU to be GREAT - Day 23... DO THE WORKSep 08, 2017 Listen
DTW404: The Stuff Isn't the Memory - Day 22... DO THE WORKSep 07, 2017 Listen
DTW403: Does It Bring You JOY? - Day 21... DO THE WORKSep 06, 2017 Listen
DTW402: Taking a Week Off - Day 20... DO THE WORKSep 04, 2017 Listen
DTW401: The Cheat Day - Day 19... DO THE WORKSep 03, 2017 Listen
DTW400: Family Time on Calendar - Day 18... DO THE WORKSep 02, 2017 Listen
VOC234: Increasing Crop Quality - Better Soil, Better Crops with Dan Kittredge of BioNutrient.orgSep 01, 2017 Listen
DTW399: Go Forward Quickly and Freely - Day 17... DO THE WORKSep 01, 2017 Listen
DTW398: Progress Has Been Made - Day 16... DO THE WORKAug 31, 2017 Listen
FSFS112: The Lean Farm with Ben HartmanAug 30, 2017 Listen
DTW397: Creating a Place for Work - Day 15... DO THE WORKAug 30, 2017 Listen
DTW396: Getting Rid of Stuff - Day 14... DO THE WORKAug 29, 2017 Listen
GFL71x: Five Farmers Talk About Their Experiences Raising Pastured Poultry on Small AcreageAug 28, 2017 Listen
DTW395: Less Busy - To Do Better - Day 13... DO THE WORKAug 28, 2017 Listen
DTW394: Less Busy - To Think - Day 12... DO THE WORKAug 27, 2017 Listen
DTW393: Less Busy - To Have Time Off - Day 11... DO THE WORKAug 26, 2017 Listen
VOC233: Dealing with the Practical Realities of Modern Day Homesteading with Chris and Lindsay Hodge of Haven HomesteadAug 25, 2017 Listen
DTW392: Waking Up, Same Time, ALWAYS - Day 10... DO THE WORKAug 25, 2017 Listen
DTW391: Intermittent Fasting - Day 9... DO THE WORKAug 24, 2017 Listen
FSFS111: Buying, Growing, and Improving a Microgreens Business with Max Beecher and Chris ThoreauAug 23, 2017 Listen
DTW390: Progress by Stopping - Day 8... DO THE WORKAug 23, 2017 Listen
DTW389: Breaking Phone Dependency - Day 7... DO THE WORKAug 22, 2017 Listen
GFL70: Which Farm is Right for US - Analyzing and Buying a Farm with Emily and Patrick NelsonAug 21, 2017 Listen
DTW388: Prioritization - Day 6... DO THE WORKAug 21, 2017 Listen
DTW387: An Intro to Essentialism - Day 5... DO THE WORKAug 20, 2017 Listen
DTW386: Stop Doing Stuff - Day 4... DO THE WORKAug 19, 2017 Listen
V232: Improving the Business and Marketing of Small Farms from A City Dweller's Point of View with Rob Avis and Javan BernakevitchAug 18, 2017 Listen
DTW385: I Blew My Mind Looking at My TO DO List - Day 3... DO THE WORKAug 18, 2017 Listen
DTW384: Getting Off My Ass - Day 2... DO THE WORKAug 17, 2017 Listen
FSFS110: Starting Your Own Farm by Selling Someone Else's Vegetables First with Max BeecherAug 16, 2017 Listen
DTW383: Filling The Downtime Without a Phone - Day 1... DO THE WORKAug 16, 2017 Listen
DTW382: The 30 Day Life Reboot - Day 0... DO THE WORKAug 15, 2017 Listen
GFL69: Micro Beef - Raising Grassfed Beef on Less Land Than You Thought Possible - Grassfed LifeAug 14, 2017 Listen
DTW381: How You Do Anything, Is How You Do Everything... DO THE WORKAug 14, 2017 Listen
DTW380: Don't Let It Consume You... Until It Does... DO THE WORKAug 13, 2017 Listen
DTW379: See Negative, Be Negative... DO THE WORKAug 12, 2017 Listen
V231: 6 Base Principles for Starting, Running, and Improving a Successful Business with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch - Part 4Aug 11, 2017 Listen
DTW378: Have Civic Courage... DO THE WORKAug 11, 2017 Listen
DTW377: Technology Doing Work For You... DO THE WORKAug 10, 2017 Listen
FSFS109: The Struggles and Successes of Microgreen Startup with Eddy Gilmore - Farm Small, Farm SmartAug 09, 2017 Listen
DTW376: Time to Make Some Hard Cuts... DO THE WORKAug 09, 2017 Listen
DTW375: Looking Beneath the Shiny Surface... DO THE WORKAug 08, 2017 Listen
GFL68: Profitable Pigs for the Farmstead, Homestead or Small Farm - Grass Fed Life Aug 07, 2017 Listen
DTW374: The Quickbooks Problem and Solution... DO THE WORK Aug 07, 2017 Listen
DTW373: Lot's Of Problems, How to Solve Just One... DO THE WORK Aug 06, 2017 Listen
DTW372: It's What You Can't See That Will Get You... DO THE WORK Aug 05, 2017 Listen
V230: 6 Base Principles for Starting, Running, and Improving a Successful Business with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch - Part 3Aug 04, 2017 Listen
DTW371: Don't Miss NOW for a Regret... DO THE WORK Aug 03, 2017 Listen
DTW370: Building Momentum... DO THE WORK Aug 03, 2017 Listen
FSFS108: Mastering Summer Greens - How 4 Farmers are Effectively and Productively Growing Salad Greens in the Heat - Farm Small, Farm SmartAug 02, 2017 Listen
DTW369: Quantity to Quality... DO THE WORK Aug 02, 2017 Listen
DTW368: Trading What You Can, For What You Can't... DO THE WORK Aug 01, 2017 Listen
GFL67: How to Convert a Fallow Meadow to a Usuable Pasture - Grass Fed LifeJul 31, 2017 Listen
DTW367: Trust Your Skills and Experience... DO THE WORK Jul 31, 2017 Listen
DTW366: Keep Grinding... DO THE WORK Jul 30, 2017 Listen
DTW365: Do It... DO THE WORK Jul 29, 2017 Listen
V229: 6 Base Principles for Starting, Running, and Improving a Successful Business with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch - Part 2 Jul 28, 2017 Listen
DTW364: Things Change, and That's the Way It Is... DO THE WORK Jul 28, 2017 Listen
DTW363: Do This and Have A Better Life... DO THE WORK Jul 27, 2017 Listen
FSFS107: The Challenges and Successes of CSA Farming on 2 Acres with Sam McLemore of Bountiful Harvest Farms - Farm Small, Farm SmartJul 26, 2017 Listen
DTW362: Why You Shouldn't Do ONE Thing Well... DO THE WORK Jul 26, 2017 Listen
DTW361: Our Secret Power... DO THE WORK Jul 25, 2017 Listen
GFL66x: 40 Years of Grazing, A Lookback with John Phelan - Grass Fed LifeJul 24, 2017 Listen
DTW360: You'll Never Know Before... DO THE WORKJul 24, 2017 Listen
DTW359: It Has NEVER Been Easy... DO THE WORKJul 23, 2017 Listen
DTW358: No Plan Survives the Fog of War... DO THE WORKJul 22, 2017 Listen
V228: 6 Base Principles for Starting, Running, and Improving a Successful Business with Rob Avis and Javan Bernakevitch - Part 1Jul 21, 2017 Listen
DTW357: Having a Career of Careers... DO THE WORKJul 21, 2017 Listen
DTW356: Pause and Think Before Starting... DO THE WORKJul 20, 2017 Listen
FSFS106: No-Till Farming in Rural Arkansas with farmer Brandon Gordon of 5 Acre Farms - Farm Small, Farm SmartJul 19, 2017 Listen
DTW355: The Current Email Problem... DO THE WORKJul 19, 2017 Listen
DTW354: Don't Discount Luck... DO THE WORKJul 18, 2017 Listen
GFL65: $6000 and 600 Chickens - The 1 Acre Pastured Poultry Operation - Grass Fed LifeJul 17, 2017 Listen
DTW353: Create the Conditions for YES to Happen... DO THE WORKJul 17, 2017 Listen
DTW352: Maybe It's Your Fault... DO THE WORKJul 16, 2017 Listen
DTW351: Sometimes You Just Have to Give It a Shot... DO THE WORKJul 15, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Story Farm Marketing with Marty McDonaldJul 14, 2017 Listen
DTW349: What if I was WE... DO THE WORKJul 13, 2017 Listen
FSFS105: The Long Journey of Slowly Scaling a Farm on the Side with farmer Travis Schulert - Farm Small, Farm SmartJul 12, 2017 Listen
DTW348: Start Where You Are... DO THE WORKJul 12, 2017 Listen
DTW347: Real Clock, Fake Clock... DO THE WORKJul 11, 2017 Listen
GFL64: Why an Off Farm Job Might Be Good For Your Farm - Grass Fed LifeJul 10, 2017 Listen
DTW346: Life - The Anti-Career... DO THE WORKJul 10, 2017 Listen
DTW345: Breaking Through the Resistance... DO THE WORKJul 09, 2017 Listen
DTW344: This Is What Life is About... DO THE WORKJul 08, 2017 Listen
DTW343: Finish How You Start... DO THE WORKJul 07, 2017 Listen
DTW342: Do It Right Once... DO THE WORKJul 06, 2017 Listen
FSFSreplay: Killing Busy So You Can Live - A Productivity Episode - The Urban Farmer - Farm Small, Farm SmartJul 05, 2017 Listen
DTW341: Do Good Where You Are... DO THE WORKJul 05, 2017 Listen
DTW340: Without Context it Falls Apart Quickly... DO THE WORKJul 04, 2017 Listen
GFLreplay: Declaring Independence in Your Own Life, From What Society Tells You It Has to Be – Grass Fed LifeJul 03, 2017 Listen
DTW339: That Little Experience Really Helps... DO THE WORK Jul 03, 2017 Listen
DTW338: The Yes Monster Inside Us... DO THE WORK Jul 02, 2017 Listen
DTW337: Ruthlessly Dismembering The To Do List... DO THE WORK Jul 01, 2017 Listen
DTW336: Anything is Possible, Just Not Right Away... DO THE WORK Jun 30, 2017 Listen
DTW335: Resetting The Normal... DO THE WORK Jun 29, 2017 Listen
FSFSreplay: Starting a Farm and Living the Happy Farm Life with farmer Shannon Jones of Broadfork Farm - Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 28, 2017 Listen
DTW334: Forced Uncomfort... DO THE WORK Jun 28, 2017 Listen
DTW333: Making Yes Come True... DO THE WORK Jun 27, 2017 Listen
GFLreplay: Goats as Restorative Catalysts - Managing Goats for Environmental Regeneration with Cherrie Nolden - Grass Fed LifeJun 26, 2017 Listen
DTW332: You Built It, Enjoy It... DO THE WORK Jun 26, 2017 Listen
DTW331: The Long and Short of Yes... DO THE WORK Jun 25, 2017 Listen
DTW330: The Bottom of the Iceberg... DO THE WORK Jun 24, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Geoff Lawton Talks Permaculture - The Past, The Future, and The Land (V031)Jun 23, 2017 Listen
DTW329: Life Goes as We Thinkith... DO THE WORK Jun 23, 2017 Listen
DTW328: It's Here, Don't Miss It... DO THE WORK Jun 22, 2017 Listen
FSFS104: Bigger or Better - The Next Step for Market Gardening with farmer Jean-Martin Fortier - Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 21, 2017 Listen
DTW327: Seeing The Good Life... DO THE WORK Jun 21, 2017 Listen
DTW326: Hitting the reset button?... DO THE WORK Jun 20, 2017 Listen
GFL63: Preparing for Winter Now - The How, Why and Cost of Hay Production - Grass Fed LifeJun 19, 2017 Listen
DTW325: Where does burnout begin?... DO THE WORK Jun 19, 2017 Listen
DTW324: Sometimes the NO's are YES's... DO THE WORKJun 18, 2017 Listen
DTW323: Doing the Scary... DO THE WORKJun 17, 2017 Listen
VOC227: Lessons Learned Successfully Failing with Oliver Goshey of The Abundant EdgeJun 16, 2017 Listen
DTW322: Fail Forward... DO THE WORKJun 16, 2017 Listen
DTW320: ALWAYS Too Good, Always Too Fast... DO THE WORKJun 15, 2017 Listen
FSFS103: Inside the Organic Inspection Process with Organic Inspector Laura Murray - Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 14, 2017 Listen
DTW320: Expanding the Idea of Net Worth... DO THE WORKJun 14, 2017 Listen
DTW319: Bad Decisions Gone Right... DO THE WORKJun 13, 2017 Listen
GFL62x: Getting Customers to Come to You - Crushing on Farm Sales with Michael Covach - Grass Fed LifeJun 12, 2017 Listen
DTW318: Believing You Can't... DO THE WORK Jun 12, 2017 Listen
DTW317: Win the Day Early... DO THE WORKJun 11, 2017 Listen
DTW316: Losing (but finding) Yourself in It... DO THE WORK Jun 10, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Industrial Farmer to Regenerative Agirculture Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures (V028)Jun 09, 2017 Listen
DTW315: The Forced Fit Isn't a Fit... DO THE WORK Jun 09, 2017 Listen
DTW314: When Risk is the ONLY Option... DO THE WORK Jun 08, 2017 Listen
FSFS102: Is ORGANIC CERTIFICATION worth it with organic pioneer and farmer Scott Murray – Farm Small, Farm SmartJun 07, 2017 Listen
DTW313: It's Never Too Late to End the Day Well... DO THE WORK Jun 07, 2017 Listen
DTW312: LIVE & DO NOW... DO THE WORK Jun 06, 2017 Listen
GFL61: Getting More Farm Sales by Selling Into More Markets - Grass Fed LifeJun 05, 2017 Listen
DTW311: Business and Relationships... DO THE WORKJun 05, 2017 Listen
DTW310: Measuring What You CAN'T.. DO THE WORKJun 04, 2017 Listen
DTW309: Then I Realize I Was "Somebody"... DO THE WORK Jun 03, 2017 Listen
V226: Tips and Thoughts for Buying an Anti-Fragile Property – The Anti-fragile Property Series with Rob Avis – Part 2 Jun 02, 2017 Listen
DTW308: No One Remembers VANILLA... DO THE WORK Jun 02, 2017 Listen
DTW307: What uniform does a guerilla wear?... DO THE WORK Jun 01, 2017 Listen
FSFS101: How to Grow Microgreens Consistently All Year with farmer Chris Thoreau - Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 31, 2017 Listen
DTW306: Be Careful What You Wish For... DO THE WORK May 31, 2017 Listen
DTW305: Say NO to more stuff... DO THE WORK May 30, 2017 Listen
GFL60x: Overcoming New Farm Challenges and Refining Fodder Economics with Tim Bork of Brush Arbor Farmstead - Grass Fed LifeMay 29, 2017 Listen
DTW304: The Brokeness of Buying Success... DO THE WORK May 29, 2017 Listen
DTW303: Put Yourself On The Clock... DO THE WORK May 28, 2017 Listen
DTW302: What would your future self say and want?... DO THE WORK May 27, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Renaturing the Landscape: Influenced by Sepp Holzer and Presented by Zach Weiss. Part 1 (b013)May 26, 2017 Listen
DTW301: Push VS Pull... DO THE WORK May 26, 2017 Listen
DTW300: Get to F***ing Work!... DO THE WORK May 25, 2017 Listen
FSFS100: The Future is Now – Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Urban Farmer & Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 24, 2017 Listen
DTW299: You Can Always Live Life On Your Own Terms*... DO THE WORK May 24, 2017 Listen
DTW298: Who's going to get me my walker?... DO THE WORK May 23, 2017 Listen
GFL59: Far From Utopia – The Never-ending Challenges and Adaptions of Farming – Grass Fed LifeMay 22, 2017 Listen
DTW297: Done Versus 100% Done... DO THE WORK May 22, 2017 Listen
DTW296: Why You Should Celebrate BEFORE You Start... DO THE WORK May 21, 2017 Listen
DTW295: Start When You DON'T Want to Start... DO THE WORKMay 20, 2017 Listen
V225: Building a Profitable Permaculture Farm with Richard Perkins of Ridgedale PermacultureMay 19, 2017 Listen
DTW294: Because... DO THE WORKMay 19, 2017 Listen
DTW293: Little Work Now, Saves A LOT of Work Later... DO THE WORKMay 18, 2017 Listen
FSFS99: Farming When the Game Changes - Balancing Being a New Parent and the Farm - The Urban Farmer with Curtis StoneMay 17, 2017 Listen
DTW292: Finally It Is DONE... DO THE WORKMay 17, 2017 Listen
DTW291: Don't Fight the Minutia... DO THE WORKMay 16, 2017 Listen
GFL58x: Portable Electric Fence for Livestock 101 - Tips, Tricks and Advice with Stephanie Sexton of Premier 1 - Grass Fed LifeMay 15, 2017 Listen
DTW290: Looking Back At The Scheduled Week That Was... DO THE WORK May 15, 2017 Listen
DTW289: Imagine and Do... DO THE WORK May 14, 2017 Listen
DTW288: Growing and Maintaining... DO THE WORK May 13, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Two Fathers Talking Unschooling, Raising Kids, and Life with author Ben Hewitt (VOC165) May 12, 2017 Listen
DTW287: No Thanks... DO THE WORK May 12, 2017 Listen
DTW286: Scheduling it ALL Out... DO THE WORK May 11, 2017 Listen
FSFS98: Profitable Market Farming in The Middle of Nowhere with Blake Cothron of Peaceful Heritage Farm - Farm Small, Farm SmartMay 10, 2017 Listen
DTW285: Improving Productivity with a New Schedule... DO THE WORK May 10, 2017 Listen
DTW284: FAILURE, No Way Around It... DO THE WORKMay 09, 2017 Listen
GFL57: A Beginners Look at Fencing for Livestock - Grass Fed LifeMay 08, 2017 Listen
DTW283: Trying and NEVER Losing... DO THE WORK - Day 283May 08, 2017 Listen
DTW282: Try 100 Things... DO THE WORK - Day 282May 07, 2017 Listen
DTW281: Dull vs EPIC SH*T... DO THE WORK - Day 281May 06, 2017 Listen
V224: Paul Wheaton on Hacking Kickstarter, PDCs, Haters, Failure, and Doing Epic S*** (V224)May 05, 2017 Listen
DTW280: Working From Home Is.... Challenging... DO THE WORK - Day 280May 05, 2017 Listen
DTW279: Life ALWAYS Gets in the Way... DO THE WORK - Day 279May 04, 2017 Listen
FSFS97: Growing a $100,000 Farm - Elliot Seldner of Fair Share Farm on No-Till, Farm Efficiency, and Balancing Life (FSFS97)May 03, 2017 Listen
DTW278: Momentum, Growth or Both?... DO THE WORK - Day 278May 03, 2017 Listen
DTW277: Just Do It Now... DO THE WORK - Day 277May 02, 2017 Listen
GFL56: Why I Would or Would Not Raise Grassfed Lamb... The Economics and Mechanics of Raising Grass Fed Lamb - Part 2 (GFL56)May 01, 2017 Listen
DTW276: Conditioned Possibility... DO THE WORK - Day 276May 01, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: From MMA to Farm Startup with the Stoic Farmer Scott HebertApr 30, 2017 Listen
DTW275: An Interstellar Conundrum... DO THE WORK - Day 275Apr 30, 2017 Listen
DTW274: The Upside of Freedom... DO THE WORK - Day 274Apr 29, 2017 Listen
DTW273: 4 Months of Self Employment in Hindsight... DO THE WORK - Day 273Apr 28, 2017 Listen
DTW272: Celebrate You... DO THE WORK - Day 272Apr 27, 2017 Listen
FSFS96: Do New Crops Pay? - The When, How, and Why of a New Crop with Chris Thoreau (FSFS96)Apr 27, 2017 Listen
DTW271: Putting Parts of Life on the Shelf (For Now)... DO THE WORK - Day 271Apr 26, 2017 Listen
DTW270: The Cost of an Extra 5 Minutes?... DO THE WORK - Day 270Apr 25, 2017 Listen
GFL55x: 30 Years of Truly Pastured Raised Lambs with Ulf Kintzel of White Clover Sheep Farm (GFL55x)Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW269: Did you do something impossible?... DO THE WORK - Day 269Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW268: Be Present While Being Present.. DO THE WORK - Day 268Apr 23, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Earth Day Special with the original Earth Day Organizer Denis Hayes (CD3)Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW267: EVERYDAY is the GREATEST DAY... DO THE WORK - Day 267Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW266: NOT SURE? - Give it two weeks... DO THE WORK - Day 266Apr 21, 2017 Listen
DTW265: It Will Cost You More in the Long Run... DO THE WORK - Day 265Apr 20, 2017 Listen
FSFS95: Growing Better by Growing Smaller - Going From Half an Acre to 500 Square Feet with Alex Bertsch of Epic by Nature Farm (FSFS95)Apr 19, 2017 Listen
DTW264: Lingering Projects... DO THE WORK - Day 264Apr 19, 2017 Listen
DTW263: Killing Clutter... DO THE WORK - Day 263 Apr 18, 2017 Listen
GFL54X: Building Soil and Restoring Pastures by Grazing Sheep with Jodi Roebuck of Roebuck Farm (GFL54x)Apr 17, 2017 Listen
DTW262: What happens to that thing you're building, when you're gone?... DO THE WORK - Day 262Apr 17, 2017 Listen
DTW261: Great Men Are Rarely Great Parents?... DO THE WORK - Day 261Apr 16, 2017 Listen
DTW260: Challenging You To Do What You Don't Want to Do... DO THE WORK - Day 260Apr 15, 2017 Listen
DTW259: To Do, Just Do... DO THE WORK - Day 259Apr 14, 2017 Listen
DTW258: If It Starts Bad, It Doesn't Have to End Bad... DO THE WORK - Day 258Apr 13, 2017 Listen
FSFS94: Conquering Analysis Paralysis By Starting a Whole Farm at Once - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS94)Apr 12, 2017 Listen
DTW257: Right Tool for the Job Makes All the Difference in the World... DO THE WORK - Day 257Apr 12, 2017 Listen
DTW256: So what did you fail at last week?... DO THE WORK - Day 256Apr 11, 2017 Listen
GFL53x: Raising 100% Grassfed and Certified Organic Lamb with Kinley Coulter of Coulter Farms (GFL53x)Apr 10, 2017 Listen
DTW255: Don't Waste It... DO THE WORK - Day 255Apr 10, 2017 Listen
DTW254: Try like a FIVE year old... DO THE WORK - Day 254Apr 09, 2017 Listen
DTW253: Are you open to growing?... DO THE WORK - Day 253Apr 08, 2017 Listen
DTW252: Making Choices to Move It From Bad to Great... DO THE WORK - Day 252Apr 07, 2017 Listen
DTW251: Do it FOR YOU... DO THE WORK - Day 251Apr 06, 2017 Listen
FSFS93: The Five Things That Made My Farm More Profitable and More Enjoyable with Farmer Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (FSFS93)Apr 05, 2017 Listen
DTW250: You Can't Do It Alone, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO IT ALONE... DO THE WORK - Day 250Apr 05, 2017 Listen
DTW249: You Can't Do It Alone... DO THE WORK - Day 249Apr 04, 2017 Listen
GFL52: Evaluating a New On Farm Enterprise - The Upside, The Downside, and the Risks - The Economics and Mechanics of Raising Grass Fed Lamb - Part 1 (GFL52)Apr 03, 2017 Listen
DTW248: Ask yourself - DID I FAIL THIS WEEK?... DO THE WORK - Day 248Apr 03, 2017 Listen
DTW247: My 3 Rules... DO THE WORK - Day 247 Apr 02, 2017 Listen
DTW246: BIG CHANGE from Little Things Done Over a Long Time... DO THE WORK - Day 246Apr 01, 2017 Listen
V223: The Importance of Being a Father (V223)Mar 31, 2017 Listen
DTW245: The Importance of Being a Father - A Preview... DO THE WORK - Day 245Mar 31, 2017 Listen
DTW244: The 40% RULE... DO THE WORK - Day 244Mar 30, 2017 Listen
FSFS92: $350,000 on 1.5 Acres and Still Growing with Farmer Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (FSFS92)Mar 29, 2017 Listen
DTW243: That Thing You DON'T Want to Do, DO IT!... DO THE WORK - Day 243Mar 29, 2017 Listen
DTW242: When You're Stuck - Get Creative... DO THE WORK - Day 242Mar 28, 2017 Listen
GFL51x: Beyond Homesteading with farmers and authors of The Independent Farmstead Shawn and Beth Dougherty (GFL51x)Mar 27, 2017 Listen
DTW241: Overestimate and Underestimate What You Can Do... DO THE WORK - Day 241Mar 27, 2017 Listen
DTW240: Working Your Way Out of a Job... DO THE WORK - Day 240Mar 26, 2017 Listen
DTW239: Missing the Trees Through the Forest... DO THE WORK - Day 239Mar 25, 2017 Listen
DTW238: Focusing on Eating My Own Food, Rather Than Growing My Own Food... DO THE WORK - Day 238Mar 24, 2017 Listen
DTW237: Are you a KNOW-IT-ALL? I hope not... DO THE WORK - Day 237Mar 23, 2017 Listen
FSFS91: Growing More Crops and Making More Money in the Same Space with Interplanting - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS91)Mar 22, 2017 Listen
DTW236: Forward Progress by Stopping... DO THE WORK - Day 236Mar 22, 2017 Listen
DTW235: Have Some Grace, Cause Everyone Is Dealing with Something... DO THE WORK - Day 235Mar 21, 2017 Listen
GFL50x: The Pros and Cons of On Farm Poultry Processing with Farmer John McAuley of Healthy Hen Farms (GFL50x)Mar 20, 2017 Listen
DTW234: The World Doesn't Give a S*** About What You Are Doing... DO THE WORK - Day 234Mar 20, 2017 Listen
V222: Owning Land As Insurance Against Disaster - The Antifragile Property Series with Rob Avis (V222)Mar 19, 2017 Listen
DTW233: Worry Is A Waste of Energy... DO THE WORK - Day 233Mar 19, 2017 Listen
DTW232: Life Goes'ith How You Think'ith... DO THE WORK - Day 232Mar 18, 2017 Listen
DTW231: Celebrate the Small... DO THE WORK - Day 231Mar 17, 2017 Listen
DTW230: Do Work Today Tomorrow Will Thank You For... DO THE WORK - Day 230Mar 16, 2017 Listen
FSFS90: Farming For A Change with Advocate Farmer Caiti Hachmyer of Red H FarmMar 15, 2017 Listen
DTW229: The Hell of Parenting is What You Make It... DO THE WORK - Day 229Mar 15, 2017 Listen
DTW228: Ask Good Questions... DO THE WORK - Day 228Mar 14, 2017 Listen
GFL49: Farmsteading, A Profitable Alternative to Farming? (GFL49)Mar 13, 2017 Listen
DTW227: Stop Stalling and Get F***ing Creative... DO THE WORK - Day 227Mar 13, 2017 Listen
DTW226: Choose POSITIVE or Choose NEGATIVE... DO THE WORK - Day 226Mar 12, 2017 Listen
DTW225: Know How to Play the Game... DO THE WORK - Day 225Mar 11, 2017 Listen
DTW224: Work Around Life vs Life Around Work... DO THE WORK - Day 224Mar 10, 2017 Listen
DTW223: Tracking Your Way to Better... DO THE WORK - Day 223Mar 09, 2017 Listen
FSFS89: 10 Base Principles For Successfully Growing High Quality Microgreens with Farmer Chris ThoreauMar 08, 2017 Listen
DTW222: Face to Face Business... DO THE WORK - Day 222Mar 08, 2017 Listen
DTW221: The Danger of Unrealistic Expectations... DO THE WORK - Day 221Mar 07, 2017 Listen
GFL48x: The Well Planned Farmstead with Greg Burns of Natures Image Farm (GFL48x)Mar 06, 2017 Listen
DTW220: The Hardest Job on the Planet... DO THE WORK - Day 220Mar 06, 2017 Listen
DTW219: The Perfection of Life is Hidden in the Chaos... DO THE WORK - Day 219Mar 05, 2017 Listen
DTW218: Remember why you did it in the first place... DO THE WORK - Day 218Mar 04, 2017 Listen
DTW217: Are you prepared IN CASE IT ACTUALLY GOES RIGHT?... DO THE WORK - Day 217Mar 03, 2017 Listen
DTW216: DIG DEEP!... DO THE WORK - Day 216Mar 02, 2017 Listen
FSFS88: Growing Vegetables and Growing Yourself with farmer Chris GilbertMar 01, 2017 Listen
DTW215: Doing Stuff I Wouldn't Normally Do... DO THE WORK - Day 215Mar 01, 2017 Listen
DTW214: The Savings Accounts You Might Not Know You Had... DO THE WORK - Day 214Feb 28, 2017 Listen
GFL47x: How Pigs Saved My Farm with Luke Groce of Groce Family Farm (GFL47x)Feb 27, 2017 Listen
DTW213: INHALE THE HATE... DO THE WORK - Day 213Feb 27, 2017 Listen
DTW212: Growing All of My Own Food and Wasting Money Doing It... DO THE WORK - Day 212Feb 26, 2017 Listen
DTW211: Overcoming The Urge to Do Nothing... DO THE WORK - Day 211Feb 25, 2017 Listen
DTW210: The Someday Maybe List... DO THE WORK - Day 210Feb 24, 2017 Listen
DTW209: Is Doing Poorly Better Than Not Doing At All?... DO THE WORK - Day 209Feb 23, 2017 Listen
FSFS87: Growing What Chefs Want with farmer Taylor Rogers of In Season OmahaFeb 22, 2017 Listen
DTW208: The Other Side of Perspective... DO THE WORK - Day 208Feb 22, 2017 Listen
GFLx: USDA Microloans – What They Have to Offer All FarmersFeb 21, 2017 Listen
DTW207: The Key to Starting is Starting... DO THE WORK - Day 207Feb 21, 2017 Listen
GFL46: 3 Tips for Starting a Farm, Knowing What I Know Now with Darby SimpsonFeb 20, 2017 Listen
DTW206: The Tragedy of Modern Parenthood... DO THE WORK - Day 206Feb 20, 2017 Listen
DTW205: Addition by Subtraction... DO THE WORK - Day 205Feb 19, 2017 Listen
DTW204: We All Have 24 Hours Each Day... DO THE WORK - Day 204Feb 18, 2017 Listen
DTW203: Calm Is Contagious... DO THE WORK - Day 203Feb 17, 2017 Listen
DTW202: Somewhere along the way, this got REALLY easy... DO THE WORK - Day 202Feb 16, 2017 Listen
FSFS86: Considerations and Constraints with Hiring Farm Employees - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS86)Feb 15, 2017 Listen
DTW201: The Endless Chase for Perfection... DO THE WORK - Day 201Feb 15, 2017 Listen
DTW200: The Strong, but Thin Resistance... DO THE WORK - Day 200Feb 14, 2017 Listen
GFL45: Practical Thoughts on Farmers Markets for The Upcoming Season - Part 2 of 2Feb 13, 2017 Listen
DTW199: Slow and Thorough vs Fast and Half Ass... DO THE WORK - Day 199Feb 13, 2017 Listen
DTW198: 8 Lessons Learned from Creating 10 YouTube Videos in 10 Days ... DO THE WORK - Day 198Feb 12, 2017 Listen
DTW197: Crazy S*** Trump Does and Why it DOESN'T MATTER... DO THE WORK - Day 197Feb 11, 2017 Listen
DTW196: Some days be like.. meh... DO THE WORK - Day 196Feb 10, 2017 Listen
DTW195: Brain Dump - Clearing My Head... DO THE WORK - Day 195 Feb 09, 2017 Listen
FSFS85: Why Microgreen Grower Chris Thoreau Set Up A Co-Operative Business Structure for his Micro Urban FarmFeb 08, 2017 Listen
DTW194: Focusing on Little Details THAT DON'T MATTER... DO THE WORK - Day 194Feb 08, 2017 Listen
DTW193: Beware of THE SHORTCUT... DO THE WORK - Day 193Feb 07, 2017 Listen
GFL44: Practical Thoughts on Farmers Markets for The Upcoming Season - Part 1 of 2Feb 06, 2017 Listen
DTW192: Productivity and The Dangerous Cocktail... DO THE WORK - Day 192Feb 06, 2017 Listen
DTW191: What EXACTLY is a Permaculture Business? Because I don't know... DO THE WORK - Day 191Feb 05, 2017 Listen
DTW190: Riding the Wave of Enthusiasm... DO THE WORK - Day 190Feb 04, 2017 Listen
Dr. Ross Mars on Practical and Realistic Processing of Homescale Greywater and Blackwater (V152)Feb 03, 2017 Listen
DTW189: Losing Arguments with Reality... DO THE WORK - Day 189Feb 03, 2017 Listen
DTW188: Purposefully Doing What's Uncomfortable - The YouTube Journey Begins... DO THE WORK - Day 188Feb 02, 2017 Listen
FSFS84: How Farmer Ray Tyler Tripled His Sales by Farming LESS Land and Focusing on Base PrinciplesFeb 01, 2017 Listen
DTW187: Fun, Hell, Zen - The Phases of Getting Hard Done... DO THE WORK - Day 187Feb 01, 2017 Listen
DTW186: Worlds Colliding When the Answer is NO... DO THE WORK - Day 186Jan 31, 2017 Listen
GFL43: How to Create Cash Flow Early In the Season Using a CSA ProgramJan 30, 2017 Listen
DTW185: If you don't use the product, should you work there?... DO THE WORK - Day 185Jan 30, 2017 Listen
DTW184: Two Days, Two Dramatically Different Results... DO THE WORK - Day 184Jan 29, 2017 Listen
DTW183: When People Expected You to Screw Them, Don't... DO THE WORK - Day 183Jan 28, 2017 Listen
DTW182: 2 is 1, 1 is None... DO THE WORK - Day 182Jan 27, 2017 Listen
DTW181: Always, always, always STAY AHEAD... DO THE WORK - Day 181Jan 26, 2017 Listen
FSFS83: Farming Against All Odds with Ray Tyler of Rosecreek FarmsJan 25, 2017 Listen
DTW180: Going True No-Till... DO THE WORK - Day 180Jan 25, 2017 Listen
DTW179: Two Big Lessons from the Homestead... DO THE WORK - Day 179Jan 24, 2017 Listen
GFL42x: Starting a Successful Farm on the Road with Wilson Marsh of Whole Earth FarmJan 23, 2017 Listen
DTW178: Is technology making us stupid?... DO THE WORK - Day 178Jan 23, 2017 Listen
DTW177: The Danger of Comparing Yourself to Snapshots... DO THE WORK - Day 177Jan 22, 2017 Listen
DTW176: The Grime is Slowly Coming Off to Reveal Life... DO THE WORK - Day 176Jan 21, 2017 Listen
V151: Permaculture - Another Tool in The Toolbox - Where Engineering Meets Permaculture with Rob AvisJan 20, 2017 Listen
DTW175: A Peaceful Way of Life... DO THE WORK - Day 175Jan 20, 2017 Listen
DTW174: A Lesson from a 3 Year Old - Random Acts of Kindness... DO THE WORK - Day 174Jan 19, 2017 Listen
FSFS82: Interns - The Good and The Bad - The Urban Farmer with Curtis StoneJan 18, 2017 Listen
DTW173: A Lesson from Rockstar Neil Young - F*ck'em... DO THE WORK - Day 173Jan 18, 2017 Listen
DTW172: The Pomodoro Technique... DO THE WORK - Day 172Jan 17, 2017 Listen
GFL41: Should I start farming with pigs, chickens, or both? – A Case Study – Grass Fed LifeJan 16, 2017 Listen
DTW171: The Stats Don't Actually Matter... DO THE WORK - Day 171Jan 16, 2017 Listen
DTW170: 4AM to 8PM, The Disaster That Was Friday Planned on Paper... DO THE WORK - Day 170Jan 15, 2017 Listen
DTW169: Communal Knowledge Alchemy - Creating Change from Nothing... DO THE WORK - Day 169Jan 14, 2017 Listen
DTW168: The 15 Minute Micro Break to Keep My Sanity... DO THE WORK - Day 168Jan 13, 2017 Listen
DTW167: Greatest Day Ever? Maybe... DO THE WORK - Day 167Jan 12, 2017 Listen
FSFS81: From the Suburbs and Skateboards to The Country and a Broadfork - The Journey of Jean-Martin FortierJan 11, 2017 Listen
DTW166: Buried in Loose Threads... DO THE WORK - Day 166Jan 11, 2017 Listen
DTW165: If It Adds to the Story It's a YES... DO THE WORK - Day 165Jan 10, 2017 Listen
GFL40: 6 Things You Can Start Doing Now If You Want to Farm in 2017 – Grass Fed LifeJan 09, 2017 Listen
DTW164: A Call For Support... DO THE WORK - Day 164Jan 09, 2017 Listen
V150: Massive Influence - A Tribute To Toby Hemenway (V150)Jan 08, 2017 Listen
DTW163: 3 Lessons From This Week to Push Your Limits... DO THE WORK - Day 163Jan 08, 2017 Listen
V149: The Untold Story of Gaia's Garden (V149)Jan 07, 2017 Listen
DTW162: Starting with Very Small Incremental Progress to Make Very Large Long Term Progress... DO THE WORK - Day 162Jan 07, 2017 Listen
V148: Liberation Permaculture by Toby Hemenway (V148)Jan 06, 2017 Listen
DTW161: Measuring Balance... DO THE WORK - Day 161Jan 06, 2017 Listen
V147: Liberation Permaculture - The Prequel - An Interview with Toby Hemenway (V147)Jan 05, 2017 Listen
DTW160: It's All About Perspective... DO THE WORK - Day 160Jan 05, 2017 Listen
V146: Backing Away from the Energy Cliff: A Permaculturist's Guide to Thinking About Energy (V146) Jan 04, 2017 Listen
DTW159: There's Never Enough Time, Except There's Always Enough Time... DO THE WORK - Day 159Jan 04, 2017 Listen
V145: A Look at Agriculture, Horticulture, Permaculture: Why Agriculture Can Never Be Sustainable, and a Permacultural Solution with Toby Hemenway (V145)Jan 03, 2017 Listen
DTW158: It's Always Darkest in the Eye of the Shiticane... DO THE WORK - Day 158Jan 03, 2017 Listen
V144: Arrive at a Solution, Don’t Impose a Solution – Permaculture and Life with Toby Hemenway (V144)Jan 02, 2017 Listen
DTW157: Sprinting into 2017 and Running Right into a Brick Wall... DO THE WORK - Day 157Jan 02, 2017 Listen
V143: How Permaculture Can Save Humanity and the Earth, but Not Civilization presented by Toby Hemenway (V143)Jan 01, 2017 Listen
DTW156: Starting out 2017 with a tribute to Toby Hemenway... DO THE WORK - Day 156Jan 01, 2017 Listen
DTW155: Choose to Be a Great (not good) Dad - 2016 Lessons... DO THE WORK - Day 155Dec 31, 2016 Listen
V: 10 Big Lessons to Change Your Life in 2017 and Beyond with Javan BernakevitchDec 30, 2016 Listen
DTW154: If it doesn't add to quality of life, why do it? - 2016 Lessons... DO THE WORK - Day 154Dec 30, 2016 Listen
AVPM: I'm wondering if you have any information about inoculating trees to grow truffles? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology Dec 29, 2016 Listen
DTW153: Lean Into Fear - ALWAYS Lean Into the Fear - 2016 Lessons ... DO THE WORK - Day 153Dec 29, 2016 Listen
V142: Managing Success and Growth Doing The Work You Were Destined to Do with Justin Rhodes (V142)Dec 28, 2016 Listen
DTW152: The Importance of Balance - 2016 Lessons... DO THE WORK - Day 152Dec 28, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Innoculating the bedding in the chicken brooder? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyDec 27, 2016 Listen
DTW151: Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things Like Writing - 2016 Lessons... DO THE WORK - Day 151Dec 27, 2016 Listen
GFL39: 5 Reasons to Start Farming in 2017 – Grass Fed Life – Episode 39Dec 26, 2016 Listen
DTW150: Merry Christmas, No Work Tomorrow... DO THE WORK - Day 150Dec 26, 2016 Listen
DTW149: Merry Christmas and Thanks... DO THE WORK - Day 149Dec 25, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Inoculating wood chips to break them down faster, is it worth it? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyDec 24, 2016 Listen
DTW148: Getting Just a Little More Done and Apply the Arnold Factor... DO THE WORK - Day 148Dec 24, 2016 Listen
MICRO: The Niche Farm - Experiences Selling to A Diversity of Market Streams Without a Diversity of Crops - Episode 4Dec 23, 2016 Listen
DTW147: When Giant Redwoods Fall... DO THE WORK - Day 147Dec 23, 2016 Listen
DTW146: No money is sometimes greater than some money... DO THE WORK - Day 146Dec 22, 2016 Listen
TUF35: Increasing Revenue, Dropping Crops, and Growing 14,500lbs of Vegetables on One Third of an Acre - A Year End Review – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 35Dec 21, 2016 Listen
DTW145: Toby's Passing and The Passing of Time - Our Most Precious Resource... Don't Waste It ... DO THE WORK - Day 145Dec 21, 2016 Listen
GFL38: "If it was easy, everyone would do it" - A Year End Review – Grass Fed Life – Episode 38Dec 19, 2016 Listen
DTW143: Be Careful Who Raises Your Kids, Advice from Mother May... DO THE WORK - Day 143Dec 19, 2016 Listen
DTW142: Removing the Golden Handcuffs - Drew Sample Interviews Me... DO THE WORK - Day 142Dec 19, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Raised beds with multiple strains co-habitating, is it possible? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyDec 17, 2016 Listen
DTW141: The Early Morning Sprint to End 2016... DO THE WORK - Day 141Dec 17, 2016 Listen
V141: "Farming" Tree Crops - Maintenance, Harvesting and Sales - All Less Work Than You Might Think with Stefan Sobkowiak (V141)Dec 16, 2016 Listen
DTW140: The Piece of Coal I Won't Be Dealing with This Christmas... DO THE WORK - Day 140Dec 16, 2016 Listen
DTW139: Why Are You Starting That Business? Don't know? BAD IDEA.. DO THE WORK - Day 139Dec 15, 2016 Listen
TUF34: Staying Motivated Pursuing Your Own Path – Be it Growth, a Cause, or Freedom – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 34Dec 14, 2016 Listen
DTW138: A Little More Than Nothing is Better Than Nothing Done... DO THE WORK - Day 138Dec 14, 2016 Listen
DTW137: Do Tasks versus Think Tasks - My Week - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 137Dec 13, 2016 Listen
DTW135: The one thing all families are vulnerable to, but one you probably are not thinking about... DO THE WORK - Day 135Dec 12, 2016 Listen
GFL37: Important Considerations for Value Adding Meat and Choosing a Processor – Grass Fed Life – Episode 37Dec 12, 2016 Listen
DTW136: Do With Time in Mind - Do What You Do Best, When You Do It Best - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 136Dec 12, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Thoughts on looking for local strains of mushrooms to cultivate out? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyDec 10, 2016 Listen
DTW134: When Unicorns S*** Off Rainbows Onto You... DO THE WORK - Day 134Dec 10, 2016 Listen
V: Rotational Grazing Layer Chickens in a Small Backyard with Shawn McCarty (V140)Dec 09, 2016 Listen
DTW133: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Advice from Father Joe... DO THE WORK - Day 133Dec 09, 2016 Listen
DTW132: The Sorry State of 'Working for the Man'... DO THE WORK - Day 132Dec 08, 2016 Listen
TUF33: Making Your Farm Better Without Spending Much Money – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 33Dec 07, 2016 Listen
DTW131: Filling Out the Calendar Based on Knowns - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 131Dec 07, 2016 Listen
DTW130: Dropping Podcasts - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 130Dec 06, 2016 Listen
GFL: When You are Almost Ready to Burnout, The Offseason Arrives – Grass Fed Life – Episode 36Dec 05, 2016 Listen
DTW129: Cutting Back to What Cash Flows - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 129 Dec 05, 2016 Listen
V: The Great Work of Our Time presented by John D. Liu [REPLAY]Dec 04, 2016 Listen
DTW128: Blocking Out Fixed Time and Personal Time - 2017 Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 128Dec 04, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Current roadblocks to grow morels? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyDec 03, 2016 Listen
DTW127: December, A Month of Planning... DO THE WORK - Day 127Dec 03, 2016 Listen
V: Work to Live or Live to Work with Javan BernakevitchDec 02, 2016 Listen
DTW126: In the Airlock and T-21 Days... DO THE WORK - Day 126Dec 02, 2016 Listen
AVJR: Basic advice, suggestions and learnings on breeding chickens on the homestead? - Ask Voices with Homestead Justin Rhodes ProcessDec 01, 2016 Listen
DTW125: Seeking voluntary simplicity, but not reducing the quality of life... DO THE WORK - Day 125Dec 01, 2016 Listen
MICRO: Thinking About Growing Microgreens as a Business - The Tedious, Detail Oriented Reality of Growing Microgreens - Episode 3Nov 30, 2016 Listen
Jean-Martin Fortier's The Market Gardener is Now an Audiobook... DO THE WORK - Day 124Nov 30, 2016 Listen
DTW123: Slow, Calculated Forward Progress Not Stasis... DO THE WORK - Day 123Nov 29, 2016 Listen
GFL35: Thinking About Starting a Farm - Start Here First – Grass Fed Life – Episode 35Nov 28, 2016 Listen
DTW122: The Ecological Function of a Gopher Is... DO THE WORK - Day 122Nov 28, 2016 Listen
V027: Permaculture Design and Advanced Homesteading in Cold Climates with Ben Falk [REPLAY]Nov 27, 2016 Listen
DTW121: When 90% Off and 90 Years Old Collide... DO THE WORK - Day 121Nov 27, 2016 Listen
DTW120: Coming Full Circle... DO THE WORK - Day 120Nov 26, 2016 Listen
V: Balancing Personal Goals, Raising Kids, and Day to Day Work with Rob Avis (V139)Nov 25, 2016 Listen
DTW119: "Technically" I am Unemployed... DO THE WORK - Day 119Nov 25, 2016 Listen
DTW118: It's Thanksgiving, Be Thankful... DO THE WORK - Day 118Nov 24, 2016 Listen
MICRO: Tips and Tricks for Growing, Harvesting, and Selling Microgreens as a Business with Chris Thoreau – Episode 2Nov 23, 2016 Listen
DTW117: Choosing Horse Poop over The Office - You Have a Choice.. DO THE WORK - Day 117Nov 23, 2016 Listen
DTW116: You In Their Eyes... DO THE WORK - Day 116Nov 22, 2016 Listen
GFL34: Increasing Farm Profits by Raising Turkeys – Grass Fed Life – Episode 34Nov 21, 2016 Listen
DTW115: Exceeding Your Own Expectations with Dirt... DO THE WORK - Day 115Nov 21, 2016 Listen
DTW114: Living vs Surviving... DO THE WORK - Day 114Nov 20, 2016 Listen
AVPM: What are you thoughts on combing biochar and fungi? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyNov 19, 2016 Listen
DTW113: Telling people to work hard is... MEAN?... DO THE WORK - Day 113Nov 19, 2016 Listen
V: Rocket Mass Heater Basics and Practical Applications with Erica WisnerNov 18, 2016 Listen
DTW112: Shooting Nice Bullets... DO THE WORK - Day 112Nov 18, 2016 Listen
AVJR: Advice for processing birds on a homestead? - Ask Voices with Homestead Justin Rhodes ProcessNov 17, 2016 Listen
DTW111: Asking For the Keys to the Kingdom... DO THE WORK - Day 111Nov 17, 2016 Listen
MICRO: How Chris Thoreau Started, Built, and Grew a Thriving Microgreens Business - Episode 1Nov 16, 2016 Listen
DTW110: The Devil is in the $149 Details... DO THE WORK - Day 110Nov 16, 2016 Listen
DTW109: It Suddenly All Got Really Real... DO THE WORK - Day 109Nov 15, 2016 Listen
GFL33: Filtering Your Ideas into an Enterprise that Works For You - A Workshop Recap - Grass Fed LifeNov 14, 2016 Listen
DTW108: It Happened... DO THE WORK - Day 108Nov 14, 2016 Listen
V: Hazelnuts. A Viable Broadacre Crop for the Midwest? Almost. with Phil Rutter [REPLAY]Nov 13, 2016 Listen
DTW107: Re-Inventing the Blob... DO THE WORK - Day 107Nov 13, 2016 Listen
Making "plastic" using mycelium on a straw based substrate? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyNov 12, 2016 Listen
DTW106: Rapid Iterative Businesses... DO THE WORK - Day 106Nov 12, 2016 Listen
V: Chestnuts, Woody Agriculture, and Breeding Trees - Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter - Part 2 of 2 [REPLAY]Nov 11, 2016 Listen
DTW105: Chasing Shiny Objects... DO THE WORK - Day 105Nov 11, 2016 Listen
AVJR: How to get kids to do work on the farm? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesNov 10, 2016 Listen
DTW104: Don't Remember, Just Remind Yourself... DO THE WORK - Day 104Nov 10, 2016 Listen
TUF32: Building Soil - Where Bio-intensive Growing and Market Farming Collide with Jodi Roebuck – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 32Nov 09, 2016 Listen
DTW103: The Black Machete - A Hard Work Collective... DO THE WORK - Day 103Nov 09, 2016 Listen
DTW102: The Rise of the Black Machete... DO THE WORK - Day 102Nov 08, 2016 Listen
GFL32: How to Raise Pigs Regeneratively in the Woods - Part 4 - The Numbers - Grass Fed LifeNov 07, 2016 Listen
DTW101: Trolls, Babies and Humanity... DO THE WORK - Day 101Nov 07, 2016 Listen
V: Darren Doherty Talks The Keyline Design Process and the Importance of Building Soil in the Landscape [REPLAY]Nov 06, 2016 Listen
DTW100: 4 8 15 16 23 42 - ENTER - Episode 100... DO THE WORK - Day 100Nov 06, 2016 Listen
AVPM: What are your thoughts on the integration of fungi into water catchment systems? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyNov 05, 2016 Listen
DTW99: Fulfillment Over Achievement... DO THE WORK - Day 99Nov 05, 2016 Listen
V: Chestnuts, Woody Agriculture, and Breeding Trees - Restoring a Piece of America’s Past and Establishing a Piece of Our Agricultural Future with Phil Rutter - Part 1 of 2 [REPLAY]Nov 04, 2016 Listen
DTW98: Building Better by Building More... DO THE WORK - Day 98Nov 04, 2016 Listen
AVJR: How has it been raising turkeys, is it worth it? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesNov 03, 2016 Listen
DTW97: Why I Don't Give A F***... DO THE WORK - Day 97Nov 03, 2016 Listen
TUF31: Why not add more land - How much land should YOU farm? - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 31Nov 02, 2016 Listen
DTW96: The Insanity Check... DO THE WORK - Day 96Nov 02, 2016 Listen
DTW95: I Don't Have All the Answers... DO THE WORK - Day 95Nov 01, 2016 Listen
GFL31: Transitioning from a Full Time Career as an Engineer to Making a Living as a Full Time Farmer - Darby's Story - Grass Fed Life - Episode 31Oct 31, 2016 Listen
DTW94: Just A... DO THE WORK - Day 94Oct 31, 2016 Listen
V: Darren Doherty on Agriculture, Regrarianism, and Why Regenerative is Better than Sustainable [REPLAY]Oct 30, 2016 Listen
DTW93: 30 Years in 3 Weeks... DO THE WORK - Day 93Oct 30, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Is there any advantage to taking mycelium back to grain once it is on sawdust? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyOct 29, 2016 Listen
DTW92: Feedback, Planning, and None of the Above... DO THE WORK - Day 92Oct 29, 2016 Listen
V: Change the Job or Change the Level of Dissatisfaction with Javan BernakevitchOct 28, 2016 Listen
DTW91: The Yin and Yang of The Office and Dirt... DO THE WORK - Day 91Oct 28, 2016 Listen
AVJR: What did you learn in your 100 days of growing food series? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesOct 27, 2016 Listen
DTW90: Interval Working - Sprint, Relax, Sprint... DO THE WORK - Day 90Oct 27, 2016 Listen
TUF30: Going For It and Failing Above Other Peoples' Heads - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 30Oct 26, 2016 Listen
DTW89: The Odometer of Success... DO THE WORK - Day 89Oct 26, 2016 Listen
DTW88: YOU + ME > YOU AND ME... DO THE WORK - Day 88Oct 25, 2016 Listen
GFL30: How to Increase Farm Sales by Taking Advantage of A Winter Farmers Market - Grass Fed Life - Episode 30Oct 24, 2016 Listen
DTW87: Long Days Followed by Long Days, FAIL... DO THE WORK - Day 87Oct 24, 2016 Listen
V015: Joel Salatin On The Next Generation of Farmers. Starting Out, Interning, Mentoring, and Partnering with Existing Farmers [REPLAY]Oct 23, 2016 Listen
DTW86: Be F***ing Braveheart... DO THE WORK - Day 86Oct 23, 2016 Listen
AVPM: Cultivation seems like a lot of work. What's a simple way to cultivate mushrooms? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologyOct 22, 2016 Listen
DTW85: If the Calendar Fits Wear It... DO THE WORK - Day 85Oct 22, 2016 Listen
V137: Pasture Cropping with Colin SeisOct 21, 2016 Listen
DTW84: Closing the Income Gap... DO THE WORK - Day 84Oct 21, 2016 Listen
AVJR - When you first started the vlog, what was the goal? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesOct 20, 2016 Listen
DTW83: Big versus Little, Little Wins.. DO THE WORK - Day 83Oct 20, 2016 Listen
TUF29: Making More Money With Less Land – Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm – Part 3 – The Urban Farmer – Season 2 – Week 29Oct 19, 2016 Listen
DTW82: Jumping Sanely Into the Unknown or Insanely Into the Unknown... DO THE WORK - Day 82Oct 19, 2016 Listen
DTW81: The Day the Music Died... DO THE WORK - Day 81Oct 18, 2016 Listen
GFL29: Competition versus Coopetition - Advice for Entering a Crowded Market - Competing With Friends and Allies not Enemies - Grass Fed Life - Episode 29Oct 17, 2016 Listen
DTW80: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too - WEEKLY REVIEW... DO THE WORK - Day 80Oct 17, 2016 Listen
Michael Pollan talks GMOs, Industrial Agriculture, and the Impact of Cooking your Own Food (PVP023)Oct 16, 2016 Listen
Thank You... DO THE WORK - Day 79Oct 16, 2016 Listen
Paul Stamets Presents: BioDiversity is BioSecurity – Strengthening Foodwebs using Mycological Solutions (PVP121)Oct 15, 2016 Listen
Who Gives a F *** Friday... DO THE WORK - Day 78Oct 15, 2016 Listen
Willie Smits on Permaculture, Palm Oil, and Reforestation in IndonesiaOct 14, 2016 Listen
Leaving Failure Behind on The Road to Success... DO THE WORK - Day 77Oct 14, 2016 Listen
Whatever Happened, Happened... DO THE WORK - Day 76Oct 13, 2016 Listen
Making More Money With Less Land - Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm - Part 2 - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 28Oct 12, 2016 Listen
Differentiating by Beating the Sad Low Low Bar of Average Customer Service... DO THE WORK - Day 75Oct 12, 2016 Listen
Doing What You Love, Working at The Dollar Tree... DO THE WORK - Day 74Oct 11, 2016 Listen
Getting Free Land by Building Pasture - More Grass Means More Animals - Part 2 - Grass Fed Life - Episode 28Oct 10, 2016 Listen
Doing A LOT of work now to payoff A LOT later... DO THE WORK - Day 73Oct 10, 2016 Listen
Building Soil, Healing the Land and Raising High Quality Food with Rotational Grazing f. Doniga Markegard [REPLAY]Oct 09, 2016 Listen
Measuring Success Poorly... DO THE WORK - Day 72Oct 09, 2016 Listen
If I add mycorrhizal spores to my soil how do I know that the fungus is actually growing? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology Oct 08, 2016 Listen
The 1993 Sony Car Discman and Business... DO THE WORK - Day 71Oct 08, 2016 Listen
The 8 Forms of Capital - Through Regenerative Cacao presented by Gregory Landua Oct 07, 2016 Listen
Laborious Days and Self-Discipline ... DO THE WORK - Day 70Oct 07, 2016 Listen
What advice would you have for someone who wants to start vlogging? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesOct 06, 2016 Listen
TEXT E X P A N D E R... DO THE WORK - Day 69Oct 06, 2016 Listen
Killing Fear with Bullet Points... DO THE WORK - Day 68Oct 06, 2016 Listen
Making More Money With Less Land - Maximizing The Farm versus Growing the Farm - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 27Oct 05, 2016 Listen
Eating Peanut Butter Sandwiches Every Day for 11 Years.. DO THE WORK - Day 67Oct 04, 2016 Listen
Getting Free Land by Building Pasture - More Grass Means More Animals - Part 1 - Grass Fed Life - Episode 27Oct 03, 2016 Listen
Planning for 2017 NOW - Weekly Review... DO THE WORK - Day 66Oct 03, 2016 Listen
Maximizing Fruit Production and Growing Fruit Trees in Small Spaces for Year Round Harvest.Oct 02, 2016 Listen
Making a $36,000 Bet and Analyzing Transition... DO THE WORK - Day 65Oct 02, 2016 Listen
Got coffee grounds, what mushrooms should I grow? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology Oct 01, 2016 Listen
Fear Disquised as Practicality... DO THE WORK - Day 64Oct 01, 2016 Listen
Agruing with Reality - And Making Yourself Miserable with Javan BernakevitchSep 30, 2016 Listen
Crushing The Lost Hours... DO THE WORK - Day 63Sep 30, 2016 Listen
As a homesteader, how have you decided to educate your kids, and why? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesSep 29, 2016 Listen
How To Connect People [A Process]... DO THE WORK - Day 62Sep 29, 2016 Listen
Growing to Get Better - Not Just Bigger - Changes Coming to Green City Acres - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 26Sep 28, 2016 Listen
Stuff Just Always Gets Done... DO THE WORK - Day 61Sep 28, 2016 Listen
The Stuff You Can't Replicate... DO THE WORK - Day 60Sep 27, 2016 Listen
Old School and New School Farmers - When Paradigms and Views Don't Align – Grass Fed Life – Episode 26Sep 26, 2016 Listen
In Memory of Bill Mollison (1928-2016)... DO THE WORK - Day 59Sep 26, 2016 Listen
Starting a farm and living the happy farm life - A conversation with farmer Shannon Jones [REPLAY]Sep 25, 2016 Listen
$282.04 - The Price to Make it Just End... DO THE WORK - Day 58Sep 25, 2016 Listen
How to incoporate micro-nutrients into mushroom substrate? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologySep 24, 2016 Listen
Operation Trash Panda... DO THE WORK - Day 57Sep 24, 2016 Listen
Secret Sorrows, An Inside Look at the World of Depression and Suicide - The Untold Story of YouSep 23, 2016 Listen
56 Episodes in 56 Days, Not 56 Weeks... DO THE WORK - Day 56Sep 23, 2016 Listen
You have kids, how do you work from home and get anything done? - Ask Voices with Justin RhodesSep 22, 2016 Listen
Jumping Out Fear's Windows Into the Unknown... DO THE WORK - Day 55Sep 22, 2016 Listen
Hustle - The Biggest and Most Powerful Tool on The Farm, And It's Free - The Urban Farmer - Season 2 - Week 25Sep 21, 2016 Listen
New Computers, Old Computers, and FEAR... DO THE WORK - Day 54Sep 21, 2016 Listen
Mile Marker 243... DO THE WORK - Day 53Sep 20, 2016 Listen
The Summer Grind - Dealing With and Setting Expectations for the Long Hours of Summer – Grass Fed Life – Episode 25Sep 19, 2016 Listen
In Sickness and In Health - WEEKLY REVIEW... DO THE WORK - Day 52Sep 19, 2016 Listen
The Permaculture Orchard - Converting An Organic Orchard into A Permaculture, Polyculture [REPLAY]Sep 18, 2016 Listen
A Gravelly Voice Yelling 'Anti-Fragile!'... DO THE WORK - Day 51Sep 18, 2016 Listen
In a Perfect World, What is the Ideal Mushroom Substrate? - Ask Voices with Peter McCoy of Radical MycologySep 17, 2016 Listen
Building A Ship in a Hurricane... DO THE WORK - Day 50Sep 17, 2016 Listen
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