DTW272: Celebrate You... DO THE WORK - Day 272Apr 27, 2017 Listen
When, How, and Why to Start Producing A New Microgreen Crop with Chris Thoreau (FSFS96)Apr 27, 2017 Listen
DTW271: Putting Parts of Life on the Shelf (For Now)... DO THE WORK - Day 271Apr 26, 2017 Listen
DTW270: The Cost of an Extra 5 Minutes?... DO THE WORK - Day 270Apr 25, 2017 Listen
GFL55x: 30 Years of Truly Pastured Raised Lambs with Ulf Kintzel of White Clover Sheep Farm (GFL55x)Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW269: Did you do something impossible?... DO THE WORK - Day 269Apr 24, 2017 Listen
DTW268: Be Present While Being Present.. DO THE WORK - Day 268Apr 23, 2017 Listen
REPLAY: Earth Day Special with the original Earth Day Organizer Denis Hayes (CD3)Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW267: EVERYDAY is the GREATEST DAY... DO THE WORK - Day 267Apr 22, 2017 Listen
DTW266: NOT SURE? - Give it two weeks... DO THE WORK - Day 266Apr 21, 2017 Listen
DTW265: It Will Cost You More in the Long Run... DO THE WORK - Day 265Apr 20, 2017 Listen
FSFS95: Growing Better by Growing Smaller - Going From Half an Acre to 500 Square Feet with Alex Bertsch of Epic by Nature Farm (FSFS95)Apr 19, 2017 Listen
DTW264: Lingering Projects... DO THE WORK - Day 264Apr 19, 2017 Listen
DTW263: Killing Clutter... DO THE WORK - Day 263 Apr 18, 2017 Listen
GFL54X: Building Soil and Restoring Pastures by Grazing Sheep with Jodi Roebuck of Roebuck Farm (GFL54x)Apr 17, 2017 Listen
DTW262: What happens to that thing you're building, when you're gone?... DO THE WORK - Day 262Apr 17, 2017 Listen
DTW261: Great Men Are Rarely Great Parents?... DO THE WORK - Day 261Apr 16, 2017 Listen
DTW260: Challenging You To Do What You Don't Want to Do... DO THE WORK - Day 260Apr 15, 2017 Listen
DTW259: To Do, Just Do... DO THE WORK - Day 259Apr 14, 2017 Listen
DTW258: If It Starts Bad, It Doesn't Have to End Bad... DO THE WORK - Day 258Apr 13, 2017 Listen
FSFS94: Conquering Analysis Paralysis By Starting a Whole Farm at Once - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS94)Apr 12, 2017 Listen
DTW257: Right Tool for the Job Makes All the Difference in the World... DO THE WORK - Day 257Apr 12, 2017 Listen
DTW256: So what did you fail at last week?... DO THE WORK - Day 256Apr 11, 2017 Listen
GFL53x: Raising 100% Grassfed and Certified Organic Lamb with Kinley Coulter of Coulter Farms (GFL53x)Apr 10, 2017 Listen
DTW255: Don't Waste It... DO THE WORK - Day 255Apr 10, 2017 Listen
DTW254: Try like a FIVE year old... DO THE WORK - Day 254Apr 09, 2017 Listen
DTW253: Are you open to growing?... DO THE WORK - Day 253Apr 08, 2017 Listen
DTW252: Making Choices to Move It From Bad to Great... DO THE WORK - Day 252Apr 07, 2017 Listen
DTW251: Do it FOR YOU... DO THE WORK - Day 251Apr 06, 2017 Listen
FSFS93: The Five Things That Made My Farm More Profitable and More Enjoyable with Farmer Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (FSFS93)Apr 05, 2017 Listen
DTW250: You Can't Do It Alone, BUT YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO IT ALONE... DO THE WORK - Day 250Apr 05, 2017 Listen
DTW249: You Can't Do It Alone... DO THE WORK - Day 249Apr 04, 2017 Listen
GFL52: Evaluating a New On Farm Enterprise - The Upside, The Downside, and the Risks - The Economics and Mechanics of Raising Grass Fed Lamb - Part 1 (GFL52)Apr 03, 2017 Listen
DTW248: Ask yourself - DID I FAIL THIS WEEK?... DO THE WORK - Day 248Apr 03, 2017 Listen
DTW247: My 3 Rules... DO THE WORK - Day 247 Apr 02, 2017 Listen
DTW246: BIG CHANGE from Little Things Done Over a Long Time... DO THE WORK - Day 246Apr 01, 2017 Listen
V223: The Importance of Being a Father (V223)Mar 31, 2017 Listen
DTW245: The Importance of Being a Father - A Preview... DO THE WORK - Day 245Mar 31, 2017 Listen
DTW244: The 40% RULE... DO THE WORK - Day 244Mar 30, 2017 Listen
FSFS92: $350,000 on 1.5 Acres and Still Growing with Farmer Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm (FSFS92)Mar 29, 2017 Listen
DTW243: That Thing You DON'T Want to Do, DO IT!... DO THE WORK - Day 243Mar 29, 2017 Listen
DTW242: When You're Stuck - Get Creative... DO THE WORK - Day 242Mar 28, 2017 Listen
GFL51x: Beyond Homesteading with farmers and authors of The Independent Farmstead Shawn and Beth Dougherty (GFL51x)Mar 27, 2017 Listen
DTW241: Overestimate and Underestimate What You Can Do... DO THE WORK - Day 241Mar 27, 2017 Listen
DTW240: Working Your Way Out of a Job... DO THE WORK - Day 240Mar 26, 2017 Listen
DTW239: Missing the Trees Through the Forest... DO THE WORK - Day 239Mar 25, 2017 Listen
DTW238: Focusing on Eating My Own Food, Rather Than Growing My Own Food... DO THE WORK - Day 238Mar 24, 2017 Listen
DTW237: Are you a KNOW-IT-ALL? I hope not... DO THE WORK - Day 237Mar 23, 2017 Listen
FSFS91: Growing More Crops and Making More Money in the Same Space with Interplanting - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS91)Mar 22, 2017 Listen
DTW236: Forward Progress by Stopping... DO THE WORK - Day 236Mar 22, 2017 Listen
DTW235: Have Some Grace, Cause Everyone Is Dealing with Something... DO THE WORK - Day 235Mar 21, 2017 Listen
GFL50x: The Pros and Cons of On Farm Poultry Processing with Farmer John McAuley of Healthy Hen Farms (GFL50x)Mar 20, 2017 Listen
DTW234: The World Doesn't Give a S*** About What You Are Doing... DO THE WORK - Day 234Mar 20, 2017 Listen
V222: Owning Land As Insurance Against Disaster - The Antifragile Property Series with Rob Avis (V222)Mar 19, 2017 Listen
DTW233: Worry Is A Waste of Energy... DO THE WORK - Day 233Mar 19, 2017 Listen
DTW232: Life Goes'ith How You Think'ith... DO THE WORK - Day 232Mar 18, 2017 Listen
DTW231: Celebrate the Small... DO THE WORK - Day 231Mar 17, 2017 Listen
DTW230: Do Work Today Tomorrow Will Thank You For... DO THE WORK - Day 230Mar 16, 2017 Listen
FSFS90: Farming For A Change with Advocate Farmer Caiti Hachmyer of Red H FarmMar 15, 2017 Listen
DTW229: The Hell of Parenting is What You Make It... DO THE WORK - Day 229Mar 15, 2017 Listen
DTW228: Ask Good Questions... DO THE WORK - Day 228Mar 14, 2017 Listen
GFL49: Farmsteading, A Profitable Alternative to Farming? (GFL49)Mar 13, 2017 Listen
DTW227: Stop Stalling and Get F***ing Creative... DO THE WORK - Day 227Mar 13, 2017 Listen
DTW226: Choose POSITIVE or Choose NEGATIVE... DO THE WORK - Day 226Mar 12, 2017 Listen
DTW225: Know How to Play the Game... DO THE WORK - Day 225Mar 11, 2017 Listen
DTW224: Work Around Life vs Life Around Work... DO THE WORK - Day 224Mar 10, 2017 Listen
DTW223: Tracking Your Way to Better... DO THE WORK - Day 223Mar 09, 2017 Listen
FSFS89: 10 Base Principles For Successfully Growing High Quality Microgreens with Farmer Chris ThoreauMar 08, 2017 Listen
DTW222: Face to Face Business... DO THE WORK - Day 222Mar 08, 2017 Listen
DTW221: The Danger of Unrealistic Expectations... DO THE WORK - Day 221Mar 07, 2017 Listen
GFL48x: The Well Planned Farmstead with Greg Burns of Natures Image Farm (GFL48x)Mar 06, 2017 Listen
DTW220: The Hardest Job on the Planet... DO THE WORK - Day 220Mar 06, 2017 Listen
DTW219: The Perfection of Life is Hidden in the Chaos... DO THE WORK - Day 219Mar 05, 2017 Listen
DTW218: Remember why you did it in the first place... DO THE WORK - Day 218Mar 04, 2017 Listen
DTW217: Are you prepared IN CASE IT ACTUALLY GOES RIGHT?... DO THE WORK - Day 217Mar 03, 2017 Listen
DTW216: DIG DEEP!... DO THE WORK - Day 216Mar 02, 2017 Listen
FSFS88: Growing Vegetables and Growing Yourself with farmer Chris GilbertMar 01, 2017 Listen
DTW215: Doing Stuff I Wouldn't Normally Do... DO THE WORK - Day 215Mar 01, 2017 Listen
DTW214: The Savings Accounts You Might Not Know You Had... DO THE WORK - Day 214Feb 28, 2017 Listen
GFL47x: How Pigs Saved My Farm with Luke Groce of Groce Family Farm (GFL47x)Feb 27, 2017 Listen
DTW213: INHALE THE HATE... DO THE WORK - Day 213Feb 27, 2017 Listen
DTW212: Growing All of My Own Food and Wasting Money Doing It... DO THE WORK - Day 212Feb 26, 2017 Listen
DTW211: Overcoming The Urge to Do Nothing... DO THE WORK - Day 211Feb 25, 2017 Listen
DTW210: The Someday Maybe List... DO THE WORK - Day 210Feb 24, 2017 Listen
DTW209: Is Doing Poorly Better Than Not Doing At All?... DO THE WORK - Day 209Feb 23, 2017 Listen
FSFS87: Growing What Chefs Want with farmer Taylor Rogers of In Season OmahaFeb 22, 2017 Listen
DTW208: The Other Side of Perspective... DO THE WORK - Day 208Feb 22, 2017 Listen
GFLx: USDA Microloans – What They Have to Offer All FarmersFeb 21, 2017 Listen
DTW207: The Key to Starting is Starting... DO THE WORK - Day 207Feb 21, 2017 Listen
GFL46: 3 Tips for Starting a Farm, Knowing What I Know Now with Darby SimpsonFeb 20, 2017 Listen
DTW206: The Tragedy of Modern Parenthood... DO THE WORK - Day 206Feb 20, 2017 Listen
DTW205: Addition by Subtraction... DO THE WORK - Day 205Feb 19, 2017 Listen
DTW204: We All Have 24 Hours Each Day... DO THE WORK - Day 204Feb 18, 2017 Listen
DTW203: Calm Is Contagious... DO THE WORK - Day 203Feb 17, 2017 Listen
DTW202: Somewhere along the way, this got REALLY easy... DO THE WORK - Day 202Feb 16, 2017 Listen
FSFS86: Considerations and Constraints with Hiring Farm Employees - The Urban Farmer with Curtis Stone (FSFS86)Feb 15, 2017 Listen
DTW201: The Endless Chase for Perfection... DO THE WORK - Day 201Feb 15, 2017 Listen
DTW200: The Strong, but Thin Resistance... DO THE WORK - Day 200Feb 14, 2017 Listen
GFL45: Practical Thoughts on Farmers Markets for The Upcoming Season - Part 2 of 2Feb 13, 2017 Listen
DTW199: Slow and Thorough vs Fast and Half Ass... DO THE WORK - Day 199Feb 13, 2017 Listen