The Strange Death of Loretta Fuddy & Why it Matters Today

Segment 1: Important News and Information Segments 2-4: Investigative Findings Revealed: Rex, an aviation and computer company executive for many years, has been investigating the “death” of Obama birth certificate gatekeeper Loretta Fuddy via the crash of a small plane on December 11, 2013. Fuddy was the sole fatality of the 9 passengers on that aircraft and not coincidently, the person who knew the truth behind Barack Hussein Obama’s birth records. With all of the news and other issues taking place today, one might be tempted to ask, so what? The findings by Rex and his investigative colleague reveal the astounding details of an intricately-planned hoax and fraud, being the product of corrupt, coordinated activities among several organizations and individuals, at least some of which are highly-placed within the US government. Their motives are as relevant to today as they were almost three years ago, as is their methods of operation. The investigative findings, the product of an extensive investigation that has taken nearly three years and countless hours, will be revealed first to audience of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. Hour 3:Stan Deyo Click HERE for show websiteClick HERE for show Prep: ( us on Facebook HERE: ( us on Twitter HERE ( Doug on Facebook HERE: (

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