Little Baby Steps? | Guests: Salena Zito & Erick Stakelbeck | 4/8/19

Hour 1 America is turning into Nazi Germany with little baby steps? The media will do anything to avoid Socialism in Venezuela?  ...Trump Homeland Security Chief Resigns? ...It's time to keep a personal journal? ...Here comes Mayor Pete?    Hour 2  "How Pete Buttigieg could hurt Trump in the Rust Belt? Journalist, Salena Zito joins?  A both ways genuine kinda guy, when it comes to capitalism & socialism? IF Democrats go full Left in 2020, "they got a white male problem" ...The far Lefts attack on American traditions and values is in full force?    Hour 3 Will Benjamin Netanyahu win in Israel? Erick Stakelbeck from The Watchman,  tells us what he thinks? Israel attack Update? ...the Democrats have a Ukrainian problem? Joe Biden 'Creepiest' picture,  Vote Now at ...A Supreme Court Justice Bro-mance is in Bloom? ...Roberts vs. Kavanaugh? 

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