Lovin, Touchin, Squeezing Transparently? | Guests: Peter Schweizer & John Solomon | 4/4/19

Hour 1  Joltin Joe Biden begs for forgiveness..."Reset, I Get It"? Why is this New Ukraine report on Joe so important? Will Uncle Joe's creepiness help him? ..."Jesus Didn't Die On Cross, Was Too Soon"? says, Louis Farrakhan on Helium Thursday? "Minor kinks in the hose"? ...Rest In Peace Nipsey Hussle?    Hour 2     The Joe Biden Creepy Line keeps getting creeper? Hunter Biden has been cashing in Big TIme, Peter Schweizer joins to explain? "The Buck stopped with Joe Biden"? ...Is Faded 80's sitcom star Alyssa Milano the spokesperson for All of Hollywood? "Texas is better without being in it Hollywood"?    Hour 3 Has Joe Biden's Ukrainian nightmare just begun? John Solomon, Executive Vice President at The Hill.com. tell us why this is an important story? Who is Viktor Shokin? Why is the mainstream media so silent on this? ...Who's the biggest fraud currently running in 2020?

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