Helium Thursday? | Guests: Patrick Courrielche, Matt Kibbe, & Sheriff Bob Songer | 3/21/19

Hour 1 A Zero of a candidacy? Political train wrecks from political train wreck past? Remembering Howard Dean scream? Joe Biden is 144 years old and he use to be against packing the Supreme Courts? 'Stop the hammering!'?  When is it OK to take your mother to see an X-rated movie? Fox News and it's new 'strange hire'?  Hour 2 'Red Pilled America' with Patrick Courrielche? "Our biggest fears are already here"? Unlike Hollywood, Silicon Valley is a 2 way street? Why is Ted Cruz the only one asking good questions? Breaking up Big Techs "should be on the table"? The Fear of generational power, influence and control moving forward?  Hour 3 President Trump, a Re-Election Economic Shoe In? Why does re-election continue to look very promising for President Trump? A good, but fragile economy? Matt Kibbe talks 3D gun printing with Glenn? Washington State Sheriff Bob Songer joins to say he won't enforce the states new gun law?

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