Annoyingly Smart? | Guest: Dave Isay | 3/5/19

Hour 1  Hillary's Big Announcement? AOC came from nowhere? Political Star Backlash? Stu's gives Glenn a passionate sports analogy? The 5 Myths About Socialism? Democratic Socialism is different than (fill in the blank)? A Pat Gray Neverland? HBO's new documentary on Michael Jackson is making noise? The Art of completely wiping out 80's Icon?    Hour 2 Just another 'hate hoax'? South Carolina Mayor claims she was racist hate crime victim after 'yellow sticky substance'? Cops say, not even close? Undocumented Outer Space compassion? It's a sad day for President Trump? Awaiting Bernie's Big move? Socialism, the most successful form of government of all time?  The various 'pit stops' of Socialism? In a world of Incremental progressiveness? When America's innovations spread world-wide, good things happen?   Hour 3 Story, Dave Isay, Founder & President joins to tell the story of Jenn Stanley and Peter Stanley? Daughter and father talk about disagreeing politically for the first time? Important conversations we are not having? Alabama Tornado devastation for a mile wide? Help the Victims Now at Target taxes and the damage they do? It's Time to keep diary?

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