Mike Pompeo interviewDec 20, 2018 Listen
Major Garrett Interview: "This President is more accessible to White House reporters than Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. There's justNov 20, 2018 Listen
Georgia's Governor-Elect Brian Kemp Joins Laura To Discuss His Victory Over Stacey Abrams, Who Still Refuses To Acknowledge His Election As 'Legitimate'Nov 19, 2018 Listen
'Democrats Don't Care Whether Votes Are Legal Or Illegal' - Newt Gingrich joins Laura to discuss the midterms and voting problems in Florida and GeorgiaNov 14, 2018 Listen
Bill O'Reilly on the Media and April Ryan: They're Not in Business to Promote the News,Nov 12, 2018 Listen
UNMASK ANTIFA: Former Attorney General Mukasey joins Laura to discuss opening a RICO investigation into Antifa and other issues.Nov 09, 2018 Listen
Bob Hugin Reveals he's Received Little Support from the RNC in New JerseyOct 31, 2018 Listen
Steve Scalise: The President Struck the Right Tone in Condemning these threats, I wish the Left Would Be More Vocal When There are Attacks on the RightOct 25, 2018 Listen
Josh Hawley for MO: Missourians need a Senator Who Reflects Their ValuesOct 23, 2018 Listen
Craig Shirley: We Need to Stop Using the Left's Language, Including the word 'caravan' -- this is a mass invasion & a roving mobOct 22, 2018 Listen
John Cornyn: Beto Appears to be Running for President in 2020, not for the Senate in Texas in 2018Oct 12, 2018 Listen
Grassley: Public Officials All Ought to Set an Example of Civility, Maxine Waters is encouraging instances like what happened to Ted Cruz and Sarah Huckabee SandersOct 10, 2018 Listen
Sen. Perdue on Liberal Activists Accosting Republicans in Public: This is a George Soros Conspiracy, and it needs to be stoppedOct 03, 2018 Listen
Lighthizer: Claims that Auto Industry will be harmed by this are 'nonsense,' it will bring a lot of jobs back to Mexico and CanadaOct 02, 2018 Listen
Shelby Steele: Liberalism will die an ugly death, and it will hurt people in the processSep 26, 2018 Listen
Dershowitz: Michael Avenatti is Muddying the Waters, He Taints the Credibility of Everything he TouchesSep 24, 2018 Listen
Joe diGenova: If Republicans postpone the vote, I guarantee you they will lose the Senate because Republicans are sick of Senators not fighting backSep 19, 2018 Listen
Ken Starr: Delaying Kavanaugh Vote Would be A Profound InjusticeSep 17, 2018 Listen
Kevin McCarthy: That Wall is Gonna Get Built, and in California it's Already Being builtSep 12, 2018 Listen
Rio Grande Sector Border Chief: There is a Convergence of the threat categorically between drug cartels and MS-13Sep 12, 2018 Listen
Art Laffer: Obama literally had the worst recovery ever in American historySep 11, 2018 Listen
Pat Buchanan on Anonymous Op-Ed: This is nothing but a stunt by the NYT, the White House Has Let Itself be Too Taken by This Whole ThingSep 07, 2018 Listen
Darrell Issa: Sessions Doesn't Have it in Him to Get to Reopen the Investigation into Hillary Clinton, He Hasn't Done the JobAug 30, 2018 Listen
Laura and Raymond Discuss the Challenges Facing the Catholic Church, and What it Means for the Faithful and the CountryAug 28, 2018 Listen
Lighthizer: The WSJ has been unkind to the President's trade policiesAug 28, 2018 Listen
Chief Border Patrol Agent Jason OwensAug 14, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul Joins the Laura Ingraham Show From Russia with Love After Weeklong Trip to the Soviet UnionAug 14, 2018 Listen
Niger Innis: Omarosa Wreaked Havoc on the Trump Administration and the African American community she was supposed to serve.Aug 13, 2018 Listen
Avery Price, hero who stood for the national anthem despite hereditary spastic paraplegia, calls in to The Laura Ingraham Show!Aug 10, 2018 Listen
Craig Shirley Destroys the Media's Sloppy Analysis of Reagan's Immigration PolicyAug 10, 2018 Listen
Dinesh D'Souza on his Latest Movie, Death of a NationAug 10, 2018 Listen
Dr. Mark Christian: "I am an Immigrant and they are taking what you said out of context completely."Aug 10, 2018 Listen
Andy McCarthy: Ridiculous for Media to Claim There's No Such Thing as a Perjury TrapAug 09, 2018 Listen
Bill Bennett: "I've Never Seen Anything Like the Attacks on Administration Officials from the Media Like I Do Today"Aug 09, 2018 Listen
Don Jr. Exclusive on Trump Tower Meeting: Adoption was the Primary Discussion, It Was a 20 Minute Meeting About Essentially NothingAug 06, 2018 Listen
Newt: A Democratic House Would be a Nightmare, There Would be Never Ending HearingsAug 02, 2018 Listen
Secretary Wilbur Ross: Trump's Plan is Straightforward, Increase the Pain on China to the Point Where They'll Find it Less Painful to Trade FairlyAug 02, 2018 Listen
Lindsey Graham: This is the Best Economy of My Political LifetimeJul 31, 2018 Listen
Listen: Gregg Jarrett in studio with Laura discussing his #1 Amazon Bestseller The Russia HoaxJul 31, 2018 Listen
Pat Buchanan: Russia is not the power it once was, if we could meet with Kruschev and Gorbachev when Russia was a menace, why can't we do it now?Jul 26, 2018 Listen
Sean Spicer on His View from Behind the Podium in his new book "The Briefing"Jul 24, 2018 Listen
Dan Hoffman: John Brennan was behind Obama's reset policy, the most naive policy toward Russia in our history.Jul 18, 2018 Listen
Judge Jeanine Pirro: Trump Needs to Get Out on the Stump Again and Explain to Americans Why He's Doing What He's DoingJul 18, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul: John Brennan will go down in history as the most biased CIA Director in history.Jul 18, 2018 Listen
Grassley to Schumer on Kavanaugh Nomination: "Loosen Up, Chuck, and remember our history"Jul 17, 2018 Listen
Greenwald on John Brennan's 'Treason' Comments: It's Complete LunacyJul 17, 2018 Listen
Mike Lee: If Democrat Attacks on Brett Kavanaugh Weren't So Comical They'd Be ScaryJul 11, 2018 Listen
Nigel Farage: I Have Never Seen Middle England as Angry as They are Right Now, The Parliament Needs to Bring Theresa May DownJul 11, 2018 Listen
DiGenova: Paul Manafort Cannot Get a Fair Trial in the District of Columbia in a Politically Charged CaseJul 10, 2018 Listen
Shannon Bream cancels live SCOTUS show because of safety fearsJul 10, 2018 Listen
Christian Whiton: Theresa May had a lot of Potential with her Premiership but has been a disappointment, I call her 'Talentless Theresa'Jul 09, 2018 Listen
Craig Shirley: The Supreme Court is Everything, It is a Vitally Important Decision for POTUSJul 09, 2018 Listen
Sol Wisenberg: Bret Kavanaugh is a brilliant writer, textualist and constructionist judge; would be a great choiceJul 09, 2018 Listen
Alan Dershowitz: Mike Lee is My Favorite Trump's List of Potential Justices, He Has an Extraordinary Legal MindJun 28, 2018 Listen
Newt Gingrich: We're going to have to get tougher and tougher on China; They've Exploited Every Opportunity to go to a Rules Based SystemJun 27, 2018 Listen
Art Arthur: Due Process is Satisfied in the Expedited Removal ProcessJun 26, 2018 Listen
SC Congressman Norman -- Goodlatte Could Have Passed if Trump Had Pushed For It, Much Stronger on Chain Migration than current billJun 26, 2018 Listen
Huckabee: After Asking Sarah Sanders to Leave, Red Hen Owner organized a protest outside the restaurant where Sanders' family dinedJun 25, 2018 Listen
LI Caller: The Left is Bringing Us Back to the Vietnam EraJun 25, 2018 Listen
Nunes: Violence Like we Saw with Scalise ShootingJun 25, 2018 Listen
LI Caller in the Asphalt Paving Industry Describes His Experience at a company dominated by illegal immigrant workersJun 22, 2018 Listen
Rep. Dave Brat: Leadership Needs to Bring Up the Goodlatte Bill Again; Goodlatte Bill Was 15 Votes Short but 'Compromise' Bill 100 Votes ShortJun 22, 2018 Listen
Nigel Farage: Teresa May is the worst PM England has ever HadJun 21, 2018 Listen
Dershowitz: Michael Hayden's "minimized" the Holocaust with his tweet comparing migrant camps to Nazi concentration campsJun 18, 2018 Listen
Roger Stone on Meeting with Russian National: He Tried to Sell me Dirt on Clinton for $2 million and I Laughed in his FaceJun 18, 2018 Listen
Sol Wisenberg: It's obvious Hillary's server was set up in her home to avoid FOIA requests that would reveal embarrassing informationJun 14, 2018 Listen
Graham Allison: North Korea negotiations a big win for the US, we are far better off than we were a year ago.Jun 13, 2018 Listen
Inhofe: We All Understand the President Has the Authority to Impose Tariffs, Corker Hates the President & Will do Anything he Can to Inflict DamageJun 13, 2018 Listen
Peter Navarro: I don't understand how self righteous Canada wants to be, we would've had a NAFTA deal if they hadn't been dragging their heelsJun 08, 2018 Listen
John Cox: We're going to turn this state around and we'll see a new day in CaliforniaJun 04, 2018 Listen
Buchanan: Trump is an Economic PatriotJun 01, 2018 Listen
Judge Mike Mukasey InterviewJun 01, 2018 Listen
Dinesh D'Souza on Pardon: Obama's team of Goons was Unleashed to Get me in Retaliation for my Movie about ObamaMay 31, 2018 Listen
Shelby Steele: Racism Has Become Virtually MeaninglessMay 30, 2018 Listen
Alan DershowitzMay 21, 2018 Listen
Roger StoneMay 21, 2018 Listen
Mike Pillsbury: This ZTE Decision Makes the President Look Bad, I Worry Not Taking Bolton's Advice Makes him Look WeakMay 16, 2018 Listen
Senator David Perdue: Immigration is Killing Us, We Are Filling up the Labor Rolls with People Who Aren't Qualified to WorkMay 16, 2018 Listen
Joe diGenova: Rosenstein and Sessions Have Been Told 'Your Jobs Are not Secure'May 15, 2018 Listen
Donald Trump Jr.: Media and Democrat Hysteria is Only Helping Republicans in 2018May 14, 2018 Listen
HHS Secretary Alex Azar: The President is Attacking this Tough, and We're Going to Bring Down Those Drug PricesMay 14, 2018 Listen
GOP House Majority Leader McCarthy on Holding Sessions in Contempt: "You've Got to Put Everything on the Table"May 09, 2018 Listen
Dershowitz: The Media Doesn't Hold People Responsible for Their Past ViewsMay 03, 2018 Listen
Brent Bozell: I've Never Seen a Network so Obsessed with One Thing Than CNN is with Donald TrumpMay 01, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul: We haven't had a Republican president brave enough to criticize the Bushes until now, Trump has exceeded my expectations in every way.Apr 24, 2018 Listen
Ronna McDaniel: Dem Lawsuit Reeks of Desperation, They're Looking to the Past and Failing to See That Their Candidate Ran a Terrible CampaignApr 23, 2018 Listen
Sol Wisenberg: If true, it would be striking for someone as thorough as Mueller not to have attempted to speak to Russian lawyer Natalia VeselnitskayaApr 23, 2018 Listen
Former LA ICE Agent Claude Arnold: 1-2 Busloads a Day of Unaccompanied Minors are Crossing the Border per DayApr 20, 2018 Listen
Former Immigration Judge Art Arthur: Justice Gorsuch got it wrong on yesterday's SCOTUS decision, and so did the analystsApr 18, 2018 Listen
Steve Moore: Manufacturers are bullish on the future and talking about expanding their operations as a result of the tax cutApr 18, 2018 Listen
Rassmussen's Fran Coombs: We stand behind our polls 100%Apr 16, 2018 Listen
John Fund: 'Blue Wave' Midterm Predictions are Psychological Warfare on the Part of the Media, They Want to Convince GOP It's Over Before it BeginsApr 12, 2018 Listen
Rep. Luke Messer of Indiana stops by to talk about his new plan to stop sanctuary city fundingApr 12, 2018 Listen
Joe diGenova - Former DC US Attorney, Partner & Founder, diGenova & Toensing on Cohen Office FBI RaidApr 10, 2018 Listen
Newt Gingrich - 50th Speaker of the House of Representatives, Author of Understanding Trump (2017)Apr 10, 2018 Listen
Pat Buchanan: The Special Counsel is a machine to take down the president, they are Engines Inside the Executive Branch to Bring Down PresidentsApr 09, 2018 Listen
Peter Navarro: The Chinese are Buying up America's Crown Jewels in Technology, the Arrogant Idea that We'll Always be First in Tech is IncorrectApr 09, 2018 Listen
Issa: We're seeing a movement among law enforcement against sanctuary cities, now starting to hold criminal aliens accountable.Mar 29, 2018 Listen
CT Gov. Candidate Peter Lumaj: We have been enticing illegals to come into our state because of the benefits we giveMar 28, 2018 Listen
VDH: What we are Seeing with Trump is Just the Beginning of the Rebalancing of our Relationship with RussiaMar 22, 2018 Listen
Lanny Davis: Comey's Conduct is of a Man Who Chooses What Rules he will Follow and Which Ones He Doesn't Have to, it's all about HimselfMar 21, 2018 Listen
GOTV for Jeanne Ives! 'Rauner is Throwing His Hands Up in Illinois, But Our Governor's Office has a Lot of Power'Mar 20, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul: No question that there is a deep state, John Brennan and James Clapper were doing whatever the hell they wanted in the Obama AdministrationMar 20, 2018 Listen
Claude Arnold says Hillsdale should send pocket constitutions to every school in CaliforniaMar 08, 2018 Listen
VDH: China has brilliantly and perfectly xeroxed our political culture of diversity, they're our most formidable geopolitical foeMar 08, 2018 Listen
Joe diGenova: These 17 People Would be Alive Today if Adults at the FBI had Done Their Jobs, But they Didn'tFeb 21, 2018 Listen
Jason Whitlock: LeBron's criticism of the President was unsophisticated, ineffective, and had no substance.Feb 20, 2018 Listen
Hogan Gidley: Democrats' Hatred for Trump Outweighs Their Love of the CountryFeb 16, 2018 Listen
VDH to Lebron James: 'If you can't take the heat, stay on the court.'Feb 16, 2018 Listen
Andy McCarthy: Rosenstein's Original Sin is That When he Appointed Mueller, He Did Not Name a Crime Like You Are Supposed ToFeb 01, 2018 Listen
Sol Wisenberg: The Clinton Email Investigation Was a Farce, The Message Was Set from the Beginning that It Wasn't Going to be a Serious InvestigationJan 30, 2018 Listen
Joy Villa on Jay Z: His Comments Were 'Ridiculous' Money and Job Creation Matter in Black Communities Every CommunityJan 29, 2018 Listen
Dershowitz: In a Mueller interview, Trump could refuse to answer certain questions; he exercised his constitutional authority in firing Comey.Jan 25, 2018 Listen
Kurtz: I'm a product of the mainstream media, but I've been radicalized over these past 2 years by the personal and political attacks on Trump.Jan 25, 2018 Listen
Joe DiGenova on FBI's Missing Stzrok & Page Texts: 'This stuff exists, and it's all at the NSA.'Jan 23, 2018 Listen
Carol Swain: He's not a racist, he's a true speaker. I think a lot of what he says resonates with all races, and that's why he's done so wellJan 16, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul on DACA: Democrats want everything; they want what they want, and they've never been willing to compromise.Jan 16, 2018 Listen
Homan: Every place we've built a wall it's worked, Trump making it harder for illegals to game the systemJan 04, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul: To show we are serious about immigration, anyone picked up would need to be returned back across the border within 24 hours.Jan 04, 2018 Listen
Roger Stone: Donald Trump is not a Confection, or a Career Politician, or Talking Points Written by Someone Else, He is His Own Chief StrategistJan 04, 2018 Listen
Ronna McDaniel: I firmly believe that pot is a gateway drug, and something that we should be educating our children about.Jan 02, 2018 Listen
Bill Donahue: Better to Send Your Kids to a Public School Where They'll Need to Defend Their Faith Than a Catholic School Where They Might Lose ItDec 19, 2017 Listen
Andy McCarthy: I Rate Jeff Sessions a '1' on a scale of 1-10 in his handling of the Russia investigationDec 18, 2017 Listen
Female LI Listeners Speak Out About #MeToo MovementDec 15, 2017 Listen
Roger Stone on Omarosa: She's not a conservative, doesn't understand the Trump agenda; She's Angry Over Her FiringDec 14, 2017 Listen
Victor Davis Hanson: Mueller Was Duplicitous in Removing Anti-Trump Members of His Team and Now He is Being Praised for His DuplicityDec 14, 2017 Listen
Rep. Mo Brooks: Roy Moore is Lightyears Better Than Jones on Illegal Immigrants, Building the Wall, Confirming Conservative JusticesDec 12, 2017 Listen
Rep. Todd Rokita: I Would Fully Support the Renaming of San Francisco Park After Kate SteinleDec 07, 2017 Listen
Joy Villa on Giving Up Her Baby for Adoption: Even though I had made mistakes, I knew that my baby was innocent and deserved a beautiful life.Dec 06, 2017 Listen
Alan Dershowitz: You Simply Cannot Be Charged for Obstruction of Justice for Exercising Your Article II Authority as President and Calling CongressDec 05, 2017 Listen
Find out the True Meaning of Christmas with Charlie Brown, Linus, and Lee HabeebDec 04, 2017 Listen
Jeremy Siegel: The Promise of the Corporate Tax Cut is Driving the Boom in the MarketsDec 01, 2017 Listen
Sen. Mike Lee - Tax Cuts Will be Done by December 'Because They Have To'Dec 01, 2017 Listen
Ron Rubin: The CFPB is the Best Demonstration You'll Ever Find of Absolute Power Corrupting AbsolutelyNov 29, 2017 Listen
Niger Innis: Academia's Hyper-Obsession With Grievance Identity Politics is Harmful to Our RepublicNov 14, 2017 Listen
Graham Allison: China seeks to displace the United States, and it is on Track to Do SoNov 13, 2017 Listen
Stephen B. Presser: WaPo Has Used The Nuclear Option on Roy Moore; There's Been a Herd Mentality with the Rush to Judgment Calling Him a PedophileNov 13, 2017 Listen
Foster Friess: I Never Would've Considered Running Had Bannon Not Called Me Up And AskedNov 09, 2017 Listen
Michael Pillsbury: Trump Using a Smart Approach in China, Using Their Own Culture Against ThemNov 09, 2017 Listen
Julie Belshe: A 'Private Guardian' Took My Elderly Parents From Their Home Without Notifying MeNov 07, 2017 Listen
Byron York: The Bushes Slamming Trump is Chapter 4 of Billionaire at the Barricades Playing Out Before UsNov 06, 2017 Listen
Gov. Greg Abbott on TX Shooting: The World Has Evil in It, But the Only Way to Defeat Evil is to Rely Upon God.Nov 06, 2017 Listen
Brian Kilmeade: There is a War on History Going on and We Are Witnessing it Firsthand With These Monument ControversiesNov 03, 2017 Listen
Rand Paul: We'll See Growth, But This is Not a Significant Tax CutNov 02, 2017 Listen
Roger Stone: McCain is Drowning in Bitterness, It's Really Pathetic What He's BecomeOct 31, 2017 Listen
Gov. Chris Christie to Mueller on Trump Russia Investigation:Oct 27, 2017 Listen
Secret Service Agent Clint Hill Recalls the Fateful Day of JFK's Assassination.Oct 27, 2017 Listen
Larry Sabato: People Are Wrong to Say Flake Has Courage Because He's Retiring; Having Courage Would be to Fight the Fight and LoseOct 26, 2017 Listen
Chris Buskirk: Nobody's Home at State Dept, Anti-Trump People are Running the ShowOct 24, 2017 Listen
Col. Jim Waurishuk: I Don't Know Why W. Bush is Pushing Globalist RhetoricOct 20, 2017 Listen
Rep. Sean Duffy: GOP Will be Destroyed if They Don't Pass Tax ReformOct 12, 2017 Listen
Football Legend Lou Holtz: Standing is About Respect for the Country; We Need Unity in the Locker Room for the Right ReasonsOct 06, 2017 Listen
Special Ops Army Veteran Brett Velicovich: A bump stock ban won't keep us safe, there are too many ways to get around itOct 06, 2017 Listen
Bill O'Reilly on Going Back to Fox: It Was Like a Big Party, So Great to See My Old Staff and All the Wonderful People ThereOct 05, 2017 Listen
Tom Fitton: Opposing Donald Trump is Always Going to Be First and the Constitution Second With Russia InvestigationOct 05, 2017 Listen
Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Vegas Shooter Was Likely Radicalized; I'm Mystified as to Why Law Enforcement Hasn't Released Hotel FootageOct 04, 2017 Listen
Pat Buchanan: The De-Christianization of America Plays a Role in the Cultural Decline Leading to ShootingOct 04, 2017 Listen
Larry Kudlow: The Republicans Can't Let Themselves Be Mau-mau'd by the Left's Tax Reform HysteriaSep 29, 2017 Listen
Moore Victory Left McConnell with Egg on His FaceSep 27, 2017 Listen
Trump's Comments Were Ill Advised, but Sincere; I For One No Longer Watch the NFLSep 25, 2017 Listen
Roger Stone: 'President Trump Owes Paul Manafort a Debt of Gratitude; Manafort Has Done Nothing Wrong & Will Not Cave to Mueller'Sep 20, 2017 Listen
Amb. Bolton: 'Trump Does Not Have Control Over the State Department; He Needs to Staff People That Run With His Foreign Policy Agenda'Sep 18, 2017 Listen
Sara Carter: Susan Rice's Testimony Exonerates Devin Nunes, We Have Seen an Exponential Rise of Unmasking Incidences for Political PurposesSep 15, 2017 Listen
Ingraham Callers Speak Out: Trump's Base Revolts Over Deal with Dems Promising AmnestySep 14, 2017 Listen
Sen. Paul: 'Trump Violating Pledge On The Wall at His Own Peril; Not Sure How the Base Reacts'Sep 14, 2017 Listen
Steve Cortes: 'Immigration Is Clearly a Sovereign Nation Issue; This Pope Should Never Comment on Politics, Especially Regarding DACA'Sep 13, 2017 Listen
Gov. Abbott: 'Seamless & Well Run Operation During Hurricane Harvey, But We Do Need More Assets on the Ground'Sep 12, 2017 Listen
Rep. DeSantis: 'Steve Bannon's Comments on the Establishment & the Swamp Has Merit; Everyone Needs to Push the Trump Agenda'Sep 11, 2017 Listen
Pat Buchanan: 'The Bush Establishment Republican Ideology Is All Over; If the GOP Wants to Be Productive, Work For Trump's Agenda'Sep 08, 2017 Listen
Newt Gingrich: If Republicans Don't Get Tax Cuts Done By Thanksgiving - 'It's Over'Sep 07, 2017 Listen
Ben Carson: 'The FEMA Trailers May Not Workout to Well; Asking Citizens to House Their Neighbors'Sep 06, 2017 Listen
Sheriff Clarke: 'The Constitution Is The Bedrock of Our Society; Too Many Emotional Immigration Stories Getting In The Way of the Rule of Law'Sep 06, 2017 Listen
Mark Krikorian: 'Jared & Ivanka Probably Delayed the DACA Repeal; Trump Should Have Ended This Program Day One'Dec 19, 2017 Listen
Sen. Cotton: 'If Trump Ends DACA Abruptly It Would Put Congress In Disarray; American People Support Ending This Unconstitutional Program'Sep 05, 2017 Listen
Judge Moore: 'I Think President Trump Has Lost Connection with the Populist People; Kushner Could Have Advised Trump to Endorse Luther Strange'Aug 31, 2017 Listen
Steve Forbes on Trump's Tax Plan: 'Don't Play By Washington's Rules; You Learn More from Your Daily Horoscope Than From the CBO'Aug 31, 2017 Listen
Shelby Steele: 'Michael Eric Dyson Is a Plague On Minority People; He Is Preaching Bad Faith & an Awful Message to African Americans'Aug 30, 2017 Listen
Dr. Gorka: 'Trump Is Being Undermined by White House Insiders Who Would Rather Have Worked for Hillary Clinton'Aug 28, 2017 Listen
TX Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: 'It's Not The Time For Anyone to Criticize the President; Trump Has Taken Action to Keep the American People Safe'Aug 28, 2017 Listen
Walter Isaacson: 'P.G.T Beauregard Statue Should Never Have Been Taken Down in New Orleans; Slippery Slope to Eliminate History'Aug 15, 2017 Listen
Bill McGurn: 'Many Reasons for China Not to Help the U.S. with NKorea; Communist Countries Do Not Improve'Aug 11, 2017 Listen
Gingrich: 'The President Shouldn't Attack McConnell & I Don't Think Trump Has a Domestic Strategy; We Have To Work As a Republican Team'Aug 11, 2017 Listen
Dr. Bennet Omalu: Do You As Parents Love Football More Than You Love Your Child? Concussion Doctor Says Youth Football is Child AbuseAug 10, 2017 Listen
Gordon Chang: 'U.S. & NKorea Might End Up Exchanging Nuclear Weapons; Troubling Question is Whether China is Giving NK New Military Technology'Aug 09, 2017 Listen
Pat Buchanan: 'Economic Nationalism Will Go Out The Window If Bannon Leaves; Very Concerned About Gen. McMaster's Foreign Policy Ideas'Aug 09, 2017 Listen
RNC CHAIR: 'GOP Voters Demand That Congress Support Trump'Aug 07, 2017 Listen
Brent Bozell: I've Never Seen Someone Be As Dishonest as Jeff Flake WasAug 03, 2017 Listen
Sen. Cotton: 'Condescending & Insulting to Suggest that Americans Don't Want or Need Jobs That Immigrants Do'Aug 03, 2017 Listen
Corey Lewandowski: 'The American People Voted For Donald Trump, Despite What the Critics Say; Let Trump Be Trump'Jul 31, 2017 Listen
Michael Pillsbury: 'Decoding China's 'Secret Plan' To Supplant United States As The Most Powerful Country'Jul 31, 2017 Listen
Byron York: 'It's Bonkers On What Scaramucci Is Doing; This Is NOT What A Comms. Director Should Be Doing'Jul 28, 2017 Listen
Pat Buchanan: 'The Scaramucci Comments Are A Hard Thing For The Trump Administration To Recover From'Jul 28, 2017 Listen
VDH: 'If Jeff Sessions & Steve Bannon Leave the Administration the Entire 2016 Campaign Agenda Is Upended'Jul 28, 2017 Listen
Newt Gingrich: 'President Trump Needs To Be More Disciplined; Scaramucci ls Full Of Himself, He's Being More Pugnacious Than Effective'Jul 27, 2017 Listen
Rep. Meadows: 'The President Is Fighting for the American People; WH Infighting Needs to Stop & Order Is Required to Run Smoothly'Jul 27, 2017 Listen
Andy McCarthy: 'AG Sessions Should Have Recused Himself With Respect To Gen. Flynn But NOT The Entire Russia Investigation In General'Jul 26, 2017 Listen
Director of WH Trade Council: 'Trump Is the Opposite of Bush & Clinton on Trade & Foreign PolicyJul 26, 2017 Listen
Newt Gingrich: 'The Trump Administration Will Have a Civil War with the Bureaucracy for the Entire 8 Years in Office'Jul 11, 2017 Listen
VP Pence: 'President Trump Drops His Call for a Joint Cyber Security Team With Russia; Not a Good Idea After All'Jul 10, 2017 Listen
Rep. Steve King: 'Eric Holders Tweet Could Be Obstructing the Mueller Special Investigation'Jun 30, 2017 Listen
Bill O'Reilly: 'Americans Do Not Want Distractions & Some Tweets Take Us Off Message'Jun 29, 2017 Listen
Sen. Rand Paul: 'When It Comes to Health Care Reform Establishment Republicans Don't Know How to Make a Good Deal'Jun 29, 2017 Listen
Glenn Greenwald: 'The Media Thinks Any Communication With Russia Is Collusion & This Is Dangerous For Our Foreign Policy'Jun 28, 2017 Listen
Rep. Andy Biggs: 'Republicans Have Done A Terrible Job Messaging On Policies That Will Protect American Lives; Specifically Messaging on Immigration'Jun 28, 2017 Listen
David Cortman: 'Supreme Court to take case on baker who refused to sell wedding cake to gay couple'Jun 27, 2017 Listen
Sen. Jim Risch: 'Bob Mueller Appointing Liberal Loyalist to the Special Counsel Is Deeply Disturbing'Jun 27, 2017 Listen
Alan Dershowitz: 'Justice Ginsburg Should Recuse Herself From Any Case That Involves President Trump Personally'Jun 26, 2017 Listen
Joe diGenova: 'The Judges Travel Ban Decisions In The 4th & 9th Circuits Are Impeachable'Jun 26, 2017 Listen
Rep. Dingell: 'Donald Trump Understood The American Peoples Fears; Democratic Party Has to Find a Real Message That Appeals to Voters'Jun 26, 2017 Listen
Jeremy Peters: 'There Are Plenty of People Around Trump Saying 'No Mr. President' But He Doesn't Listen & It Has Worked Out Well'Jun 23, 2017 Listen
Larry Sabato: 'It's Time For Nancy Pelosi To Go; The Congress & Senate Has Become A Nursing Home'Jun 23, 2017 Listen
Reagan Historian: 'The Press Briefings are a Shooting Gallery & Full of Gotcha Questions for Spicer'Jun 22, 2017 Listen
Roger Stone: 'Mueller, Comey & Rosenstein Have All Worked for the Bush's & Clinton's; That Tells You Everything & Trump Should Fire Them'Jun 22, 2017 Listen
Tom Fitton: 'Mueller's Special Counsel Was Corrupted The Day He Spoke to Comey; Only Appointing Democratic Donors'Jun 22, 2017 Listen
Pat Buchanan: 'Sen. McConnell & Speaker Ryan Are Deliberately Slow Walking President Trump's Legislation & Agenda'Jun 21, 2017 Listen
Sean Spicer: The Press Is More Focused On Getting Their Clip on YouTube or Their Claim to Fame; The Snarkiness By The Media Is Incredible'Jun 21, 2017 Listen
Gordon Chang: 'The Chinese Have NOT Done Enough To Halt North Korea; We Have To Enforce U.S. Law on China, Only Way To Implement Pressure'Jun 20, 2017 Listen
Andy McCarthy: 'Completely Unnecessary For AG Sessions To Recuse Himself; The Comey Testimony Would Have Never Happened'Jun 19, 2017 Listen
Fmr. CIA Officer: 'Comey Should NOT Have Leaked His Memos & Showed Bad Judgment; He Knew The Notes Would Lead to a Special Counsel'Jun 19, 2017 Listen
Byron York: 'Republicans Praising Mueller Should Be Careful; Dems Can Use Their Words Against Them'Jun 16, 2017 Listen
Jay Sekulow: 'Mueller Being Appointed To Special Counsel Has Ironic Timing; He Was Being Considered For FBI Director & Special Counsel'Jun 16, 2017 Listen
Joe diGenova: 'Congressmen Were Shot Because Of The Outrageous Violent Claims By The Left; Democrats Have Blood On Their Hands'Jun 15, 2017 Listen
Rep. Mark Walker: 'This Partisan Language Has Reached A Fever Pitch; Yesterday Was The First Time Pelosi Has Said Anything Positive About Trump'Jun 15, 2017 Listen
Victor Davis Hanson: We are in revolutionary times; there is a slow moving coup in Washington to oust TrumpJun 14, 2017 Listen
Chris Ruddy: 'I Have NOT Spoken to President Trump About Firing Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller; The Communication Is Like Amateur Hour In The WH'Jun 13, 2017 Listen
Fmr. FBI Asst Director: 'Mueller Huge Conflict Interest'Jun 13, 2017 Listen
Gingrich: 'Comey's a bad man; you can't expect him or Mueller to be fair in this investigation.'Jun 12, 2017 Listen
Bill O'Reilly: 'Comey Will Insinuate Many Things About Trump But Not Will Accuse Him Of Anything'Jun 08, 2017 Listen
Sen. Rand Paul: 'Lindsey Graham Is NOT My Spokesmen; He Doesn't Need to Express My View Of The World'Jun 07, 2017 Listen
Harvard Professor: 'Implicitly Criticizes Harvard's Hateful Meme Controversy; If You're Coming To A University You Must Accept Different Ideas'Jun 06, 2017 Listen
Rep. Peter King: 'London Mayor Needs To Realize There Is A Hostile Muslim Population In London With Many Radical Mosques'Jun 06, 2017 Listen
Sen. Coburn: "Lindsey Graham and John McCain will never stop being war hawks with $100 billion per year in wasteful defense spending."Jun 05, 2017 Listen
Karen Handel for Congress: 'Hollywood & Pelosi Want To Buy GA- 6 Seat For Jon Ossoff'Jun 02, 2017 Listen
Corey Lewandowski: 'The Only Thing That Soiled On Election Night Was George Will's Pants; How Can He Be Opposed To Tax Cuts & ObamaCare Replacement'Jun 01, 2017 Listen
Rep. Mo Brooks: 'Conservatives Are NOT Majority In The House or Senate; We Have Too Many Republican Establishment Types'Jun 01, 2017 Listen
John Fund: 'Hillary Says Voter Suppression Cost Her the Election; At the same time, real evidence of illegal-alien voting surfaces'May 31, 2017 Listen
Rep. Devin Nunes: 'First Time In U.S. History We Have One Political Party Refusing To Accept The Results Of The Election'May 31, 2017 Listen
Fmr. Intel Chair: 'Americans Meddle In Elections Just Like The Russians; It's Great Kushner Communicates With Russia'May 30, 2017 Listen
Sen. Mike Lee: 'North Korea & ISIS Are A Larger Threat Than Russia; I Disagree With Senator McCain Completely'May 30, 2017 Listen
Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: 'Election of Gianforte to Congress is a huge win for Montana, the president, and the party'May 26, 2017 Listen
James Woolsey: 'Trump did a great job at NATO Summit; Obama's Spying on Americans was Illegal.'May 26, 2017 Listen
Alicia Acuna: 'Fox Reporter Saw Montana GOP Congressional Candidate Body Slam A Reporter But Says He Did NOT Grab Him By The Neck'May 25, 2017 Listen
Byron York On The Media: 'Trump Has Gotten In Their Head; That's Why MSNBC & CNN Have Such Negative Coverage'May 25, 2017 Listen
Buchanan: 'FBI Has Discovered NO Collusion; Now We Appoint A Special Prosecutor For Years'May 19, 2017 Listen
Fmr. CIA Agent: 'Count On The Government Monitoring The Trump Family; They Are Very Vulnerable To CIA & FBI'May 19, 2017 Listen
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