Ep. 183: Who Needs Facts When You Have Your Gut?, plus Minna Dubin of #MomLists

Biz and Theresa say, "facts schmacts!” Of course sugar makes kids hyper! Who cares if science says otherwise? Of course drool plus fever means teething! No matter that your kid has all her teeth- IT'S TEETHING! Astrology? Ha! Your attempts to deny its accuracy just prove you are a (insert your sign here). Okay, okay, all joking aside, science really is the best. We explore the difference between the “gut truths” that aren’t harmful to anyone and the truths that must be recognized as facts in order to keep us all safe. Plus, Biz is forgetting her homework, Theresa's kids team up for trouble, and we talk to the very cool and very honest Minna Dubin, founder of #MomLists. #MomLists: http://momlists.tumblr.com/
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