Ep. 161: Two-Year-Olds Are Emotional, It Turns Out

Biz and Theresa discuss the emotional roller coaster that is parenting a two-year-old. Our kids are often intense, clingy, loving, and on the verge of a tantrum. It takes all our energy to stay calm in the face of the hurricane (and let's get real - plenty of times we don't stay calm, and that takes energy too)! Plus, Biz is losing her mind over Band-Aids, Theresa is losing her mind over sunscreen, and no guest this week means we have ample time to indulge in the many ways we're losing our minds over our bananas two-year-olds! You're welcome, guys! Happy 4th! We'll be back in two weeks! Share your genius and fail moments! Call 206-350-9485* *Be sure to tell us at the top of your message whether you're leaving a genius moment, a fail, or a rant! Thanks!! Share a personal or commercial message on the show! Subscribe to One Bad Mother in iTunes Join our mailing list!

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