Episode 11: Serious Lunch

Serious Lunch (see-ree-OS LUN-ch) Noun 1. A fun lunch with your best friend that takes a serious turn. 2. When you think you're going to a casual lunch, but your bestie has something unexpected and important to get off her chest This weeks episode starts with a blues riff in the key of MAID.  Sponge lends her generous ears as Rag tells his recent tales of woe and deceit.  Lies, betrayal, court dates and redemption, all to be found in the first 20 minutes of this episode Then the maids turn their frowns upside down and welcome DR. STEVEN PHILLIPS-HORST (@gossipbabies), resident sluts-pert in for a MAJOR sex/relationship advice segment. We asked you to email, tweet and facebook us your queeries to be answered by our panel of experts and the response was overwhelmingly amazing. Thank you for your questions, we love our fans. Topics covered: Therapists, double-d's, vegan girlfriends, lesbian sex and much, much more. Sponge even touches a condom for the first time EVER.  AS ALWAYS, SEND YOUR QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, PICTURES AND STORIES TO: Realhousemaids@yahoo.com

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