SC EP:274 First Nations encounters with Sasquatch

Tom Sewid will be my guest, Tom is a Native Watchman from coastal British Columbia. For the next couple of nights I will be having Tom on to share with us encounters and stories from the First Nation people, I think you will really enjoy these next couple of nights. It is a great chance to learn about Sasquatch. Tom will be sharing with us his own personal encounters with Sasquatch as well as his views on the Sasquatch from a First Nations perspective. Tom has spent many years in the bush alone, living off of the land. He also works as a commercial fisherman and shares his encounter when he was anchored off of the coast line. Tom says “we were really close to shore when two of the creatures approached, I turned my spot light on and got a clear view of the creatures. There was several people on board and I raised my rifle to shoot one but I was unable to pull the trigger.” Tom will be sharing not only his own personal encounters on Sasquatch but also historical accounts. We might even get into Dogman and the little people. Thomas Sewid & Peggy Ferderer U.S.A. Cell 206-617-7547 Ha Moo Moo Adventures

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