SC EP:258 Logger has encounter in Oregon

A listener writes “I have been a logger for the past 34 years, and on this day in January of 2002 I was driving into one of our logging jobs on the Oregon Coast. There were two empty log trucks sitting on the landing and one loaded on heading out so I needed to find a spot to get out of the way. Since I was kind of needing to go to the bathroom I decided to drive up a spur road to be out of the loaded trucks way and also take care of my “business”. I took a short hike into the timber and proceeded to “squat” it had been dark and rainy all day and at this particular moment the sun broke through the clouds for a few seconds, and a column of sunlight came through the canopy of tree tops. The column of light hit on a spot that I thought was a rotten stump. But then I realized it wasn’t a stump but a creature covered in reddish brown hair also squatting down almost as if to be trying to hide from me. When it realized I had spotted it, it stood straight up and took off walking towards the ridge top. I was also spooked and jumped up and ran back to my rig as quickly as possible. Went many years without telling anyone about it. But the older I get the less I care what anyone else thinks.” I will also be welcoming two other witnesses to the show and one of the witnesses talks about lights in the woods he saw around his cabin.

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