SC EP:204 That is NOT a bear!

I will be welcoming two guests to the show. My first guest came face to face with the creature. It was a hot night and in order to cool the house down she was going to open her back door. As she pulled the curtains back to open the sliding glass door she was face to face with a Sasquatch. The witness describes the creature as very tall and bending down with its arm reaching out like it was trying to open the door. She said the Sasquatch was white and looked very old, as she pulled the curtains back it had a look of shock on its face and she screamed and the creature screamed and ran off. My second guests was camping in Arizona and as the family turned the corner he saw a Sasquatch on all fours drinking out of a small river. The witness describes the creature looking very odd. The witnesses father jumped out of the truck and started shooting his .357 at it. The creature stood up like a man and started running on two legs. The witnesses father told him at the time it was a crippled bear. He said that he has never seen his father so terrified and it was not a bear! Also look for the debut of The Big Thicket Watch Radio tonight! Bob Garrett and Mo return this weekend to interview a couple of guests that were on their recent expedition. What is new in East Texas? What has been recently happening on these expeditions? Tune in and find out! The return of The Big Thicket Watch Radio right here on Sasquatch Chronicles!

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