SC EP:195 Two Hunters Encounter A Sasquatch

Kyle writes "As we approached we heard a really loud “huff” and again we froze. We both had our heads on a swivel looking for this “bear”. That’s when at about 30 yards away I saw a huge dark creature standing upright pulling the bamboo aside to peek through. I brought it to the attention of my brother and we both stood there in amazement. We saw what looked a lot like a man. I would say it was between 7.5-8.5 feet tall, black brown hair covering all of the body that was visible to us. The shoulders were as wide as the tailgate of my pickup truck, I mean just tremendous. We also noticed that there was a musky smell reminiscent of a buck during the rut. The forehead had little to no hair on it and the skin was a grayish color. We both saw this creature blink it’s eyes and for whatever reason, I feel like that’s the only thing I was able to focus on was its eyes the eyes were set deep in the skull and almost looked black. I mustered the courage to take a step forward and this thing took off like a dragster. Ive never heard any animal tear through the woods like this thing did. I’ve had trouble recounting all the details but I’m going to see my brother this weekend and we are going to compare notes as to what we both witnessed."

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