Nikki Haley, North Korea, Memphis Monuments, and Elite Dating App

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from April 18, 2018. For more go to 

Hour 1:
Cenk & Ana. Nikki Haley goes toe to toe with Donald Trump. Cenk and Ana weigh in on her policy approach. Mike Pompeo has visited North Korea and spoken to officials. Trump makes a mistake on twitter. Other world leaders showing Trump “respect” to avoid tariffs and other implications of his temper. 

Hour 2:
Cardi B mentioned the FDR was the real MAGA president , for helping older Americans get social security. Bernie Sanders replied “Cardi B is right”. Ana talks about her tumultuous history with Cardi B. Tennessee lawmakers pull back money after removal of Confederate statues. Exclusive dating apps for Elite singles, could divide the country

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