Former Politician Enrages LGBTQ Activists And Trump Rebels Against Republican PartyApr 17, 2019 Listen
Bernie's BIG Victory And Fox News Is PanickingApr 17, 2019 Listen
Trump Stokes Hatred And Democrats Respond To Ilhan Omar ControversyApr 16, 2019 Listen
Ilhan Omar Attacked By Democrat And Trump's Desperate Immigration ThreatApr 13, 2019 Listen
Julian Assange In Custody And Trump Suffering From Amnesia?Apr 12, 2019 Listen
Devin Nunes Is A Political Punch Line And Maxine Waters Throws Down With Steve MnuchinApr 11, 2019 Listen
Devin Nunes Hit With Internet Justice And Trump Cleans HouseApr 10, 2019 Listen
Trump Wants Administration To Serve Jail Time For Him And Judge Shutsdown Trump OrderApr 09, 2019 Listen
Howard Schultz Is Back And Tucker Carlson Gets Triggered By FeministsApr 06, 2019 Listen
The Wind Turbine Conspiracy And Trump Gives Up On BorderApr 05, 2019 Listen
Right-Wing Nut Job Fails AGAIN And Trump Backpedals On HealthcareApr 04, 2019 Listen
Chuck Schumer Mocks Trump And Mar-a-Lago Filled With Spies?Apr 03, 2019 Listen
Joe Biden Called Out By Multiple Women For Acting CreepyApr 02, 2019 Listen
Trump Rally Goes Off The Rails And Trump Jr. Attacks Alexandria Ocasio-CortezMar 30, 2019 Listen
Establishment Dems Say They're Scared Of Progressives And Republicans Adopt Green New DealMar 29, 2019 Listen
Republicans Dismantling Affordable Care Act And Bernie Owns The RNCMar 28, 2019 Listen
Trump's Sad Victory Lap And Mitch McConnell Caught In Web Of LiesMar 27, 2019 Listen
NEW Details On The Mueller Report And Cenk Gets Called OutMar 26, 2019 Listen
What's In Mueller's Report, When Will We See It?Mar 23, 2019 Listen
Gun Control in New Zealand, America Are You Listening?Mar 23, 2019 Listen
Steve King Can't Hide His Bigotry And Pathetic Clinton Strategist Goes After TYTMar 21, 2019 Listen
Republican Sues A Cow And Donald Trump Jr. Whines About The Young TurksMar 19, 2019 Listen
White House Shamelessly Defends Trump And Kellyanne Conway's New CatchphraseMar 19, 2019 Listen
New Zealand Suffers Mass Shooting And White Nationalism Infects The NewsMar 18, 2019 Listen
Democracy Is Dying And Beto O'Rourke Jumps Into Democratic PrimaryMar 14, 2019 Listen
Tucker Carlson Reaches New Deplorable Level And Dave Rubin Fails On Fox NewsMar 14, 2019 Listen
Celebrities Go Down For Bribery And Trump Takes On Student Loan DebtMar 13, 2019 Listen
Nancy Pelosi Reveals Impeachment Plan And Trump Administration's Political GaffeMar 12, 2019 Listen
Mitch McConnell Loves Political Corruption And Joe Biden Gets CringeyMar 09, 2019 Listen
DNC Dumps Fox News And Trump TRACKED JournalistsMar 08, 2019 Listen
How Trump Hid His School Transcripts And PROOF Trump Favored Family In White HouseMar 07, 2019 Listen
White House Is Losing Their Minds And Hilary Clinton Makes Big 2020 AnnouncementMar 06, 2019 Listen
Trump At CPAC: Horrifying American Flag Hug And INSANE SpeechMar 05, 2019 Listen
Otto Warmbier's Parents Speak Out Against Trump And Jared Kushner In Hot WaterMar 02, 2019 Listen
Trump FAILS With Kim Jong Un And His Comments on Otto Warmbier DeathMar 01, 2019 Listen
Michael Cohen's CAPTIVATING Congress TestimonyFeb 28, 2019 Listen
Disgraced Republican Won't Seek Re-election And CNN's Deception During Bernie Sanders' Town HallFeb 27, 2019 Listen
U.S. Won't Stop Meddling In Venezuela Conflict And Trump Dogs His Own OfficialFeb 26, 2019 Listen
Trump And Fox News Barely Acknowledge White Terrorist ArrestFeb 23, 2019 Listen
Jussie Smollett Indicted And 11-Year Old Arrested For Not Doing Pledge Of AllegianceFeb 22, 2019 Listen
Coast Guard Lieutenant Arrested For Terrorist Plot And Trump Makes Dangerous Claims Against MediaFeb 21, 2019 Listen
Bernie Sanders Interview On Running For President In 2020Feb 20, 2019 Listen
Trump ASKED For Peace Prize Nomination And Trumps Attacks Andrew McCabeFeb 19, 2019 Listen
Trump Declares National Emergency During INSANE Press BriefingFeb 16, 2019 Listen
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On Smoking Weed And Tricksy D.C. LobbyistsFeb 15, 2019 Listen
Trump LOSES Border Wall Battle And Extensive Trump Shutdown Damage RevealedFeb 14, 2019 Listen
Trump Caves AGAIN And Trump Supporter Caught Attacking PressFeb 13, 2019 Listen
Rep. Ilhan Omar Faces HARSH Backlash And Notable Anti-Semitism In PoliticsFeb 12, 2019 Listen
Trump Embarrasses Himself During National Prayer Breakfast SpeechFeb 08, 2019 Listen
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back At Republican And Right-Wingers Slam Trump's SOTUFeb 07, 2019 Listen
Trump Might Not Get His 'National Emergency' And Trump Org. FIRES Undocumented ImmigrantsFeb 06, 2019 Listen
Trump's Latest Interview FIASCOFeb 05, 2019 Listen
Cory Booker Announces Presidential Bid And Is He Right For The Job?Feb 02, 2019 Listen
Trump Convinced He'll Get His Wall Funding And ICE Agents Force-Feed Detained ImmigrantsFeb 01, 2019 Listen
Trump Goes After His Own Admin And More Secret Meetings With Putin DiscoveredJan 31, 2019 Listen
Relations In Venezuela Deteriorate And Get Ready For 2020 Election MeddlingJan 30, 2019 Listen
Will Trump Shut Down The Government Again And Watch Him Spar With VERY Unlikely OpponentsJan 29, 2019 Listen
Trump LOSES Shutdown War And Roger Stone Is Raided And ArrestedJan 26, 2019 Listen
The U.S. Government Is Heavily Involved In The Ongoing Crisis In VenezuelaJan 25, 2019 Listen
Nancy Pelosi Has ZERO Time For Trump And Trump Shutdown Is Weakening FBIJan 24, 2019 Listen
Trump Gives Weak Offer For Border Wall And One Republican Thinks Porn Should Pay For WallJan 23, 2019 Listen
Did Trump Finally Get Caught Committing A Crime And Why Is He Not Denying It? Jan 19, 2019 Listen
The FAA Is Forcing Silence On Workers And Someone PLEASE Help Rudy Giuliani!Jan 18, 2019 Listen
Nancy Pelosi Is Getting Under Trump's Skin And Furloughed Workers Are Desperate During Trump ShutdownJan 17, 2019 Listen
Rep. Steve King Stripped Of Power And What Took Republicans So Long To Hold Him Accountable?Jan 16, 2019 Listen
Trump Is Really Good At Incriminating Himself And His Admin SUCK At Covering It UpJan 15, 2019 Listen
Christian Organization Hosted Putin Lackeys And Tulsi Gabbard Announces Presidential BidJan 12, 2019 Listen
Trump Gives BIZARRE Press Briefing And Denies Saying Mexico Will Pay For WallJan 11, 2019 Listen
Trump Refuses Border Wall Negotiations And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez DESTROYS TrumpJan 10, 2019 Listen
What Lies Will Trump Perpetuate Next And ACTUAL National Emergencies In The U.S.Jan 09, 2019 Listen
Jazmine Barnes Murder Suspects Identified And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez '60 Minutes' InterviewJan 08, 2019 Listen
Rep. Rashida Tlaib Did NOT Mince Words About Trump And Was Sworn In Amidst Ridiculous Conservative CriticismJan 05, 2019 Listen
Trump Facing A LOT Of New Investigations And Nancy Pelosi Has Choice Words For TrumpJan 04, 2019 Listen
Mitt Romney Goes In On Trump And Is His Attack A Ploy To Challenge Trump In 2020?Jan 03, 2019 Listen
Trump Softens On Syria And Lindsey Graham Talks Border Wall FundingJan 01, 2019 Listen
Trump's Shutdown Meltdown Hysterics And Federal Employees Told To Do 'Favors' During FurloughDec 29, 2018 Listen
Trump Claims Federal Workers WANT Shutdown And Iraqi Leaders Disgusted With TrumpDec 28, 2018 Listen
Trump Ruins Santa For 7-Year Old And Another Migrant Child Dies In U.S. CustodyDec 27, 2018 Listen
House PASSES Border Wall Funding And Is A government Shutdown Likely?Dec 22, 2018 Listen
James Mattis' SHOCKING White House Retirement And Trump Defends Syria Exit On TwitterDec 21, 2018 Listen
Rudy Giuliani Just Keeps Getting Worse And Trump Announces Surprise Exit From SyriaDec 20, 2018 Listen
Trump Releases Ridiculous New Ad And Michael Flynn Called Out By JudgeDec 19, 2018 Listen
Keep Money OUT Of Politics And PROOF Republicans Don't know AnythingDec 18, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen Reveals ALL In New Interview And Rudy Giuliani Might Be The World's WORST AttorneyDec 15, 2018 Listen
Trump Was Allegedly Present During Hush Money Agreements And Trump Faces ANOTHER InvestigationDec 14, 2018 Listen
Steve King Embarrasses Himself In Congress And Trump Pounces On Politicizing France ShootingDec 13, 2018 Listen
Trump Throws Public Tantrum And Fox News Host DESTROYS Jason ChaffetzDec 12, 2018 Listen
Trump FIRES John Kelly And Jamal Khahoggi's Last Moments REVEALEDDec 11, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen Going Away For A LONG Time And Mueller Disagrees?Dec 08, 2018 Listen
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shames Government Corruption And Trump Is Making The Deficit WorseDec 07, 2018 Listen
Republicans Sabotaging America And Obliterating The Working ClassDec 06, 2018 Listen
Wolf-PAC Meeting Gets Surprise Visitor And Trump’s New Plot To End HumanityDec 05, 2018 Listen
Trump Halts Palestinian Refugee Funding And Wisconsin Republicans Undermine Democracy Dec 04, 2018 Listen
House Democrats Target Dark Money And Matt Whitaker Caught In EPIC LieDec 01, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen Makes Shocking Trump Claim In Court And Republican Senators Move Against Saudi ArabiaDec 01, 2018 Listen
Fox News Launches Streaming Service And House Democrats Turn On ProgressivesNov 29, 2018 Listen
Trump Continues To Make Up Lies About Border Incident And Manafort Reportedly Met With WikiLeaks FounderNov 28, 2018 Listen
Trump Shuts Border Down And White House Officials Fighting Over Military Lethal ForceNov 27, 2018 Listen
Trump Superfan Paints BIZARRE Tribute And Trump Grovels To Saudi ArabiaNov 22, 2018 Listen
Trump ATTACKS Murdered Journalist And Mike Pompeo Struggles To Answer Question On Saudi PunishmentNov 21, 2018 Listen
MSNBC Hosts Defend Nancy Pelosi And Trump's Off The Rails Interview With Chris WallaceNov 20, 2018 Listen
Whoopi Goldberg Went AFTER Justice Democrats And CNN Prevails In Trump LawsuitNov 17, 2018 Listen
Did TMZ Set Up Michael Avenatti And Saudi Arabia Offers Bizarre Explanation For Khashoggi MurderNov 16, 2018 Listen
Republicans Complicate Crucial Vote For Democrats And Stormy Daniels' Lawyer ARRESTEDNov 15, 2018 Listen
Melania Trump Demands Firing Of White House Advisor And CNN Goes After TrumpNov 14, 2018 Listen
BREAKING: Mueller Target Expects Indictment And Florida Headed For RecountsNov 13, 2018 Listen
Trump Has Midterm Meltdown And Bernie Sanders' Interview Causes UproarNov 10, 2018 Listen
California Mass Shooting And Harrowing Stories Of SurvivorsNov 09, 2018 Listen
What Do Midterm Election Results Mean And Why Is Trump Praising Nancy Pelosi?!Nov 08, 2018 Listen
UPDATES On Midterms And Republican Backs Down Before Anyone Casts VoteNov 07, 2018 Listen
Another Extremist Conservative Attack And How Trump's Cuts To Anti-Extremist Programs Fueled HateNov 06, 2018 Listen
Trump Blames Recent Tragedies For 'Momentum' Loss And His Cult Of Followers Will Believe ANYTHINGNov 03, 2018 Listen
Republican Apologizes For Anti-Semitic Campaign Ad And Cops Called On Interracial CanvassersNov 02, 2018 Listen
Don Lemon Destroys Domestic Terrorism Myths And Steve King's Questionable Antics EXPOSEDNov 01, 2018 Listen
Trump's Going After The Constitution And He Visits Mourning Pittsburgh Even When Asked Not ToOct 31, 2018 Listen
Pittsburgh Shooter Wreaks Havoc In Synagogue And Anti-Semitism Is Rising, FastOct 30, 2018 Listen
Bomb Threat Suspect CAUGHT And His Van Is Covered In Trump PropagandaOct 27, 2018 Listen
Two More Targeted With Bomb Threats And Trump's Ridiculous Response At RallyOct 26, 2018 Listen
Donald Trump's Statement After Bombs Sent To Democrats And Who's Your FAVORITE TYT Host?Oct 25, 2018 Listen
The GREATEST Gift You Can Give And Trump Admin Finally Taking Jamal Khashoggi Death SeriouslyOct 24, 2018 Listen
Disturbing New Video Footage In Jamal Khashoggi Death And Mitch McConnell Confronted While DiningOct 23, 2018 Listen
Trump Applauds Criminal Republican Candidate And Beto O'Rourke Talks Ted And TrumpOct 20, 2018 Listen
Washington Post Publishes Last Jamal Khashoggi Column And Horrific Details Of His Death LeakedOct 19, 2018 Listen
Trump Will Do ANYTHNG To Protect Saudis And Suspects In Jamal Khashoggi Case IdentifiedOct 18, 2018 Listen
A Democrat Is Angrily Calling Out EVERYONE In Congress And TYT's Exclusive Ted Cruz AdOct 17, 2018 Listen
Trump's BONKERS '60 Minutes' InterviewOct 16, 2018 Listen
NEW Evidence In Alleged Jamal Khashoggi Slaying And Trump's Non-Action During Hurricane MichaelOct 13, 2018 Listen
Jamal Khashoggi UPDATE And Republicans Respond To Alleged Royal Saudi PlotOct 12, 2018 Listen
Video Footage May Depict Saudi Plot And Officials React To Jamal Khashoggi's DisappearanceOct 11, 2018 Listen
Shocking Trump Admin Resignation And Speculation Surrounding DepartureOct 10, 2018 Listen
Trump Says His Mocking Turned The Tide For Kavanaugh And Jeanine Pirro Won't Stop Fluffing TrumpOct 09, 2018 Listen
Senator Susan Collins Will Vote 'Yes' On Kavanaugh And Lone Democrat Abandons PartyOct 05, 2018 Listen
The FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Is Complete And Lindsey Graham Brags About Not Needing To Read ItOct 05, 2018 Listen
Trump Mocks Dr. Ford And Crowd At Rally Laughs, CheersOct 04, 2018 Listen
The Proof Against Kavanaugh Mounts And Lindsay Graham Is A FraudOct 03, 2018 Listen
Trump Makes Contradicting Kavanaugh Investigation StatementsOct 02, 2018 Listen
Senator Jeff Flake STUNS EveryoneSep 29, 2018 Listen
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Gives Gripping TestimonySep 28, 2018 Listen
ANOTHER Kavanaugh Accuser Steps Forward With New AllegationsSep 27, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Paints 'Church Boy' Persona On Fox NewsSep 26, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Accusers Are Growing In NumbersSep 25, 2018 Listen
Cenk Will Face Off With Fox's Tucker CarlsonSep 22, 2018 Listen
Republican Senators' Hypocritical Demands Of Kavanaugh AccuserSep 21, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Accuser's Classmate Discusses RumorsSep 20, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Updates, Republicans and Trump RespondSep 19, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Accuser Speaks OutSep 18, 2018 Listen
Tick Tick Tick, Trump Associates FlippingSep 15, 2018 Listen
Paul Manafort Pleas, Trump Nervous?Sep 14, 2018 Listen
SHOCKING New Evidence In Trump Tower Meeting InvestigationSep 13, 2018 Listen
9/11 Anniversary, Trump Discovers Water is Wet and Ford vs TrumpSep 12, 2018 Listen
NYT Conspiracy Theory, Bolton vs ICC and Les Moonves UpdateSep 11, 2018 Listen
Trump Freaks Out, Roe v Wade, and Student loan debt crisisSep 08, 2018 Listen
Trump Lashes Out After NYT Op-EdSep 07, 2018 Listen
The White House Is Imploding! NYT Op-Ed From Inside. Sep 06, 2018 Listen
Kavanaugh Hearing, New Trump Book & Nike Kaepernick AdSep 05, 2018 Listen
Trump Polls, Medicare & Bank of America Immigration ScandalSep 01, 2018 Listen
Trump Racism, Ron DeSantis Racism and Cynthia Nixon Destroys CuomoAug 31, 2018 Listen
Weinstein Update, White House Shake Up, Puerto Rico Death TollAug 30, 2018 Listen
David Pecker resigns; AT&T layoffs and outsourcing; Trump vs GoogleAug 29, 2018 Listen
Petty Trump on McCain's Death; Mollie Tibbetts's Family Speaks OutAug 28, 2018 Listen
Trump’s Money Man FLIPS; Even A Majority Of Republicans Want Medicare For AllAug 24, 2018 Listen
Trump Scrambles To Distance Cohen; Russia Investigation Enters National Enquirer PhaseAug 23, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen Fallout, GOP Gives Up The Game On Stealing Your Social SecurityAug 22, 2018 Listen
Down Goes Paul Manafort; Down Goes Michael Cohen; Tick-Tock On Donald TrumpAug 21, 2018 Listen
White House Lawyer Chats It Up With Mueller For THIRTY HOURS; Jake Tapper Vs. RealityAug 20, 2018 Listen
Trump Channels Mean Girls In Mueller Tirade, Tucker Carlson On TacosAug 17, 2018 Listen
Omarosa Continues Punishing The Trump Administration, John Brennan FalloutAug 16, 2018 Listen
Trump Strikes Back At John Brennan; Elizabeth Warren Proposes Bill To Reign In Corporate PowerAug 15, 2018 Listen
Omarosa Lets Katrina Pierson Lie Before Proving It On Tape, FBI Agent Peter Strzok FiredAug 14, 2018 Listen
Tom Perez Bows Before Big Oil; Wilbur Ross Proves He’s Corrupt Enough For Trump’s CabinetAug 13, 2018 Listen
Inside The Mind Of A Racist; Koch Brothers Can’t Stop Stepping On RakesAug 10, 2018 Listen
Devin Nunes Audio Tape LEAKED; Did Tillerson Stop A War?Aug 09, 2018 Listen
Does A Mar-A-Lago Membership Qualify You To Run The VA?; Stephen Miller Making His Racist Dreams Come TrueAug 08, 2018 Listen
Wells Fargo Sorry Their Glitch Took Your House; Rubio’s Social Security Scam ExposedAug 07, 2018 Listen
Trump Tower Fallout; Kyle Kulinski CRUSHES On Fox NewsAug 06, 2018 Listen
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez On A HUGE POWER PANEL; Trump Sweeps Poverty Report Under The RugAug 03, 2018 Listen
Trump's Lawyers Negotiating With Mueller; Even Ivanka Can’t Condone Trump’s ActionsAug 02, 2018 Listen
Trump Tweeting Himself Into Prison?; Exclusive Trump Rally Coverage Doesn’t DisappointAug 01, 2018 Listen
Woman Killed By Racist Paramedic?; Trump Talks Tough To The Koch BrothersJul 31, 2018 Listen
Trump Mulls ANOTHER Billionaire Tax Cut, Coca-Cola Getting More Expensive After TariffsJul 30, 2018 Listen
Trump Swears He Knew Nothing About Trump Tower Meeting, Russian Hackers Hit McCaskillJul 27, 2018 Listen
Republicans Pump The Brakes On Impeaching Rosenstein, Trump Bans CNN ReporterJul 26, 2018 Listen
Cohen’s Trump Audio Tapes Leaked, Scared Conservatives Fake AOC InterviewJul 25, 2018 Listen
Trump Swears Russia Helping Democrats, Fox News Terrified Of AOCJul 24, 2018 Listen
Sacha Baron Cohen Strikes Again, Trump Flip-Flops On Previous Flip-FlopJul 23, 2018 Listen
Cohen’s Secret Trump Tapes Revealed, And Is This Trump’s Worst Week Ever?Jul 20, 2018 Listen
Trump Wants To Let Putin Help With Russia Investigation, And Republicans LOVE ItJul 19, 2018 Listen
Sacha Baron Cohen Tries Bernie Sanders, And Lieberman’s Pathetic Power MoveJul 18, 2018 Listen
Sacha Baron Cohen Goes HAM On GOP, Alleged Russian NRA Mole ArrestedJul 17, 2018 Listen
Trump Bows To Putin; Brexit Is, In Fact, BrexitJul 16, 2018 Listen
Twelve Russian Agents Indicted, Dems Love BernieJul 13, 2018 Listen
Trump Blabbers To NATO, Republican FBI Witch Hunt BackfiresJul 12, 2018 Listen
Brick Beating Suspect Arrested, Trump Hits NATOJul 11, 2018 Listen
Wolf-PAC Updates, Who Is Brett Kavanaugh?, Trump Meeting NATOJul 10, 2018 Listen
Trump’s Supreme Court Pick, North Korea Gets Weird With PompeoJul 09, 2018 Listen
Trump In Debt MILLIONS To Fox NewsJul 07, 2018 Listen
Down Goes Scott PruittJul 06, 2018 Listen
Is Trump Racist?Jul 05, 2018 Listen
Ron Paul, Elliot Broidy & Mexico's ElectionJul 05, 2018 Listen
Annapolis Update & CPR DogJun 30, 2018 Listen
War on Whistleblowers, Ana Unchained!!!Jun 29, 2018 Listen
Anthony Kennedy Retires, North Korean Nuclear Development?Jun 27, 2018 Listen
Trump Now Lying About Jimmy Fallon, Protesters Confront McConnell’s WifeJun 26, 2018 Listen
Trump Now Feuding With Harley-Davidson, Woman Harasses Black Girl Then Breaks Down In TearsJun 25, 2018 Listen
White Supremacy With Fox And Friends, This Gadget Is RUINING People's LivesJun 22, 2018 Listen
Trump STILL Prosecuting Separated Families, Melania’s Psycho JacketJun 21, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen About To Sing, Lewandowski Is The WorstJun 20, 2018 Listen
Child Prison Plane Whistle-Blower, Trump’s Deranged Judge RantJun 19, 2018 Listen
A Closer Look At Trump’s Child Prisons, Roger Stone’s Wacky MemoryJun 18, 2018 Listen
First Trump Official Behind Bars, Trump Jealous Of Kim Jong-UnJun 15, 2018 Listen
Trump’s Latest North Korea Comments, Paul Ryan Still SucksJun 14, 2018 Listen
Trump Not Worried About North Korean Nukes, Iran Enriching Uranium Again?Jun 13, 2018 Listen
Trump Warming Up To North Korea, Will Excessive Bank Loans Crash The Economy?Jun 12, 2018 Listen
G7 Becomes A Meme, Meeting Kim Jong-Un, This Is Your Brain On TrumpJun 11, 2018 Listen
Putin Owns Trump, Bipartisan War On Journalism, Anthony Bordain Passes AwayJun 08, 2018 Listen
Giuliani Judges Stormy Daniels, ICE Spying On Citizens, Cop Denies Running Over ManJun 07, 2018 Listen
Trump Asks Trudeau About Burning Down White House, Wolf-PAC Update, Security Cam Police BrutalityJun 06, 2018 Listen
Trump Disinvites The Eagles, Sarah Sanders Blames The Team, Ted Cruz StumpedJun 05, 2018 Listen
California’s Jungle Primary Tomorrow, More Sarah Sanders Lies, Israel Killing MedicsJun 04, 2018 Listen
Trump Meets Santa Fe Parents, Trump Wants Sam Bee Fired, Police Brutality Caught On CameraJun 01, 2018 Listen
Trump Pardons D’Souza, White House Ignores Its Watchdog, Virginia Medicaid ExpansionMay 31, 2018 Listen
Trey Gowdy Defends Mueller Investigation, Trump Regrets Picking Sessions, Trump Voter’s Husband DeportedMay 30, 2018 Listen
Roseanne Canceled, Why Breitbart Recruited A Bernie Supporter, Florida Cop’s Sick JokeMay 29, 2018 Listen
Trump Tries To Salvage North Korean Talks, Weinstein ChargedMay 25, 2018 Listen
Trump Cancels North Korea Talks, Says Migrant Kids “Not Innocent,” Politician Begs Cop To Let Her Drive DrunkMay 24, 2018 Listen
Cohen’s Secret Ukraine Deal, Dems Banned From DOJ Briefing, Americans On The Mueller InvestigationMay 23, 2018 Listen
Politico Can’t Stop Attacking Bernie, Elliott Broidy Cashes In On Trump’s Swamp, Cohen’s Partner FlipsMay 22, 2018 Listen
Glenn Beck Bends The Knee, Pete Hegseth Thinks Dead Kids Are Funny, Muller Widens Trump ProbeMay 22, 2018 Listen
Santa Fe School Shooting, Trump Responds, Another Giuliani MeltdownMay 18, 2018 Listen
TYT Launches 24-Hour TV Channel, Volcano Golf, Campus Gun ActivistMay 17, 2018 Listen
Senate Votes To Restore Net Neutrality, North Korea Talks Questionable, T.I. ArrestedMay 16, 2018 Listen
Corporate Dems Back Haspel, Muqtada Al-Sadr Wins Iraqi Election, China Buys TrumpMay 15, 2018 Listen
Israel Kills Palestinian Protesters, Right Wing Defends It, Romney Opposes JeffressMay 14, 2018 Listen
John McCain, Possible Resignation, and Waffle House Police BrutalityMay 11, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani, Sheldon Adelson, and Fake News PollMay 10, 2018 Listen
Gina Haspel, Airbnbing While Black, and Boy ScoutsMay 09, 2018 Listen
Iran Deal, and Eric SchneidermanMay 08, 2018 Listen
Don Blankenship, Obama Feinstein, Black Students Dragged Off Stage, and “This Is America”May 07, 2018 Listen
Rudy Giuliani, Gun Buy-Backs, and Analog ClocksMay 04, 2018 Listen
Rudy Giuliani, Stephon Clark, and Cambridge AnalyticaMay 03, 2018 Listen
Ty Cobb, New Trump Lawyer, and Kanye West On OpioidsMay 02, 2018 Listen
Mueller Questions, Kanye Slavery Comments and Stormy Daniels LawsuitMay 01, 2018 Listen
Michelle Wolf, North Korea, Kanye West and Trump ParalympicsApr 30, 2018 Listen
Korean Peace, Otto Warmbier, Tom Brokaw and Charlie RoseApr 27, 2018 Listen
Kanye West, Ronny Jackson, Fresno State Professor and Prison VanApr 26, 2018 Listen
Stephon Clark, and Bill Cosby VerdictApr 26, 2018 Listen
Trump’s tweet Rampage, Paul Ryan on Deficits, Sex Trafficking Law and Shania TwainApr 24, 2018 Listen
Comey Memos and CNN vs Jimmy DoreApr 24, 2018 Listen
Ted Cruz, Beto O’Rourke, Barbara Bush, and Chuck Schumer MarijuanaApr 20, 2018 Listen
Nikki Haley, North Korea, Memphis Monuments, and Elite Dating AppApr 19, 2018 Listen
Stormy Daniels, Glen Beck, Kentucky Teachers Correction, and New Stephon Clark FootageApr 18, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen, Hannity, Starbucks Arrests and Kendrick LamarApr 17, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen, Fox & Friends Syria, and Diamond and SilkApr 16, 2018 Listen
Rand Paul vs Pompeo, Corey Booker vs Pompeo, Bank of America, and Teachers With BatsApr 13, 2018 Listen
Paul Ryan, and Mark Zuckerberg TestimonyApr 12, 2018 Listen
Michael Cohen, Kellyanne’s husband, and Wolf-Pac HawaiiApr 11, 2018 Listen
Joffrey Trump, Ted Nugent, and Kimmel vs HannityApr 10, 2018 Listen
Kevin Williamson Fired, Facebook Medical Records, Luxury Space HotelApr 09, 2018 Listen
Pulse Shooting New Details, Trump Voters, Ted Cruz Human, and Alex JonesApr 06, 2018 Listen
New York Politicians, Alison Hartson, NRATV, and Surprise DNA Test ResultsApr 05, 2018 Listen
Beto O’Rourke, Alison Hartson, Trump Caravans, and Miami TeachersApr 04, 2018 Listen
Condom Challenge, Trump Easter Rant, and Shulkin FiredApr 03, 2018 Listen
Scott Pruitt, Teachers in Oklahoma, and David HoggMar 31, 2018 Listen
David Shulkin, Vermont Gun Control, Larry Nassar DirtMar 30, 2018 Listen
Tax Bill, Medicare For All, Facebook Lawsuit, and Real EstateMar 29, 2018 Listen
Repeal 2nd Amendment, NJ Gun Control, Census Question, and Student LoansMar 27, 2018 Listen
Trump Spelling, Trump Lawyer, Toys ‘R’ Us, and McMaster ResignsMar 24, 2018 Listen
Trump Congratulates Putin, and Facebook ControversyMar 22, 2018 Listen
Cynthia Nixon, Philly DA, and Racism In AmericaMar 21, 2018 Listen
Hillary Comments, Cambridge Analytica, and Firing MuellerMar 20, 2018 Listen
Financial Advisors No Longer Bound By Your Best Interest, Pruitt's Secret MeetingsMar 17, 2018 Listen
Kudlow, Germany Arrest Warrant, and Neo-Nazi Love TriangleMar 16, 2018 Listen
National Student Walkout, Teacher Gun, Conor Lamb, and Bernie Troll BotsMar 15, 2018 Listen
Tillerson Gone, Pompeo In, Austin Bombings, and Schwarzenegger v Oil CompaniesMar 14, 2018 Listen
PA Special Election, Koch Candidate, and Betsy DeVosMar 13, 2018 Listen
Trump Firings, Child Marriage, and NRAMar 10, 2018 Listen
Gary Cohn, Stormy Daniels, and Geek SquadMar 09, 2018 Listen
Texas Primaries, Ted Cruz, and Stormy DanielsMar 08, 2018 Listen
Australia Strikes Back, Trump Elephants, and Amber TamblynMar 07, 2018 Listen
Roy Moore, NEW Steele Dossier, and Sam NunbergMar 06, 2018 Listen
Trump Tariffs, Mike Jeffcoat, Putin Missile Strike, and Trump vs Alec BaldwinMar 03, 2018 Listen
Alex Jones, Jeff Sessions, Solar Industry, and Steel TariffsMar 02, 2018 Listen
Hope Hicks Resigns, Immigrant Habeas Corpus, and Doctored CNN EmailsMar 01, 2018 Listen
Trump Gun Control, DCCC, Gay Adoption, and Trump PaintingFeb 28, 2018 Listen
Sheriff Israel, Gun Control Poll, and CarrierFeb 27, 2018 Listen
Laura Moser, Revenge Porn Governor, and Emotional Support PetsFeb 24, 2018 Listen
Dana Loesch, Scared Democrats, and Wayne LaPierreFeb 23, 2018 Listen
Blue Kentucky, Crisis Actors, and Porn DangersFeb 22, 2018 Listen
Bump Stocks, Jack Kingston, Angry State Senator, and Cape TownFeb 21, 2018 Listen
FBI Parkland Survivors Fight Back, Anti-Gun Republican, Black Panther, and Cancer Drug Price GougingFeb 20, 2018 Listen
FBI Parkland Survivors Fight Back, Anti-Gun Republican, Black Panther, and Cancer Drug Price GougingFeb 20, 2018 Listen
FBI Parkland Shooter, National Enquirer, and Parkland Victim’s MomFeb 17, 2018 Listen
Parkland Shooting Update, Gun Control, Fake News, and Trump On ShootingFeb 16, 2018 Listen
School Shooting, Trump Hiring Immigrants, and West Virginia CopFeb 15, 2018 Listen
Obama Portrait, Anti-Muslim Activist, Teacher Died, and Kirsten GillibrandFeb 14, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.12.18: Teacher Fired, NYPD Tweet, American Hero In Wast Virginia, and DLCC RetreatFeb 13, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.09.18: Olympics, Alt-Right Terrorism, Neo-Nazi Police Team Up, and Kellyanne’s ‘Opioid Cabinet’Feb 10, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.08.18: Steve Wynn, Senate Investigation, Omarosa, and Bad Police SketchFeb 09, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.07.18: Budget Deal, DACA, Sheriff, and Russian Tumblr TrollsFeb 08, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.06.18: Trump/Mueller, John Kelly, Puerto Rica Exploitation, and Edwin JacksonFeb 07, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.05.18: Super Bowl Recap, Breitbart, Ivanka Rubio, and AlimonyFeb 06, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.02.18: Memo Released, Trump’s Reaction, Nassar Attacked, and Alt-Right Fight ClubFeb 03, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 02.01.18: Trump Ratings, Deep State, Kathleen Hartnett White, and Plastic PollutionFeb 02, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.31.18: Trey Gowdy, Nunes Memo, ICE, and Dr. Brenda FitzgeraldFeb 01, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.30.18: Tax Cuts, Rodney Frelinghuysen, Porn App and Prescription PainkillersJan 31, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.29.18: Andrew McCabe, Trump Climate Change, Atomwaffen Division and Jay ZJan 30, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.26.18: Trump Ordered Mueller Fired, and ICEJan 27, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.25.18: Dams Cave, Bernie 2020, and Trump MuellerJan 26, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.24.18: Rush Limbaugh, Evangelical Leaders, Trump Solar Tariffs, and Pennsylvania GerrymanderJan 25, 2018 Listen
Medicare For All National Town Hall January 23, 2018Jan 24, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.23.18: School Shooting, Stopped CNN Shooting, FBI Agent, and Andrew McCabeJan 24, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.22.18: Ryan Bribe, Income Inequality, Restaurant CEO, and Minimum WageJan 23, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.19.18: Opioid Crisis, Carl Higbie, and Tom CottonJan 20, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.18.18: Trump Lawyer, John Kelly, CHIP, and Prosperity PreacherJan 19, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.17.18: Bread Crumbs, Stormy Daniels, HHS Overhaul, and Korean Olympic TeamJan 18, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.16.18: Jim Acosta, Net Neutrality, Sessions Marijuana, and Aziz AnsariJan 17, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.15.18: Trump Sh*thole Comment, Hawaii Missile Scare, Taxpayer Funded Sexual Harassment, and Eliza DushkuJan 16, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.11.18: FISA, Missouri Governor, Racist Class, and Arrested Teacher UpdateJan 12, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.10.18: Feinstein, Grassley, and DACAJan 11, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.09.18: Trump DACA, Senator Arpaio, Racist Basketball Team, and Teacher ArrestedJan 10, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.08.18: Stephen Miller, Jake Tapper, Steve Bannon, and “Stable Genius”Jan 09, 2018 Listen
The Young Turks 01.05.18: Bannon Denies, BWolff Responds, Sam Nunberg, and Alex Jones MeltdownJan 06, 2018 Listen
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