Never Tell Me the Odds - Part II - The Old Gold

Full of Sith proudly presents this two-part podcast miniseries on the score to Solo: A Star Wars Story, focused on the music composed and created by John Powell, featuring original and new themes by John Williams Part two of this miniseries focuses on action music in film scores, Powell's unique approach to composing it, and the multiple uses of pre-existing themes and motifs throughout Solo, both as inspiration for his new work and through variations on the old Star Wars standbys. Music in this episode includes:
Larger than Life (Captain America: Civil War)
Origins (Thor: The Dark World
Captain America March (Captain America: The First Avenger)
End Credits (The Avengers)
Warrior Falls (Black Panther)
Why So Serious (The Dark Knight)
Drink Up Me Hearties (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Reminiscence Therapy
Train Heist
Krennic's Aspirations (Rogue One)
The Imperial March (The Empire Strikes Back)
Into the Maw
L3 and Millennium Falcon
Ben's Death and TIE Fighter Attack (Star Wars)
Into the Superstructure (Return of the Jedi)
The Battle of Crait (The Last Jedi)
Forbidden Friendship (How to Train Your Dragon)
A Man of Constant Sorrow (O Brother, Where Art Thou)
Chicken in the Pot
Lapti Nek (Return of the Jedi)
Duel of the Fates
Marauders Arrive
Flying with Chewie
Dice and Roll/End Credits Includes excerpts from the video essay "The Marvel Cinematic Universe" by Every Frame a Painting (Taylor Ramos & Tony Zhou), Solo: A Star Wars Story, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Written, produced & edited by Bobby Roberts If you haven’t already, join our new Facebook group and join in the discussions with us and other listeners at – If you like the show, please leave us iTunes/Stitcher reviews and share us with your friends and family! We’d greatly appreciate it.

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