China cooperates with Kim’s germ warfare research. @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast

12-13-2017 (Photo: ) Twitter: @BatchelorShow China cooperates with Kim’s germ warfare research. @GordonGChang @TheDailyBeast Kim’s trip to the biotechnology institute came just two days later, and was clearly intended to send a message, Hanham said in an interview. “Responding by showing their own capability could be taken as a threat,” she said. Some weapons experts were skeptical, noting the absence of biohazard suits and protective gear typically found in laboratories that work with deadly pathogens. But since the release of the images, subsequent examinations have poked holes in the official story about the factory’s purpose. For one thing, some of the machines shown in the video were not visibly connected to any pipes, vents or ductwork. Experts also have questioned why North Korea would buy expensive industrial equipment at black-market rates, just to make a pesticide that can be purchased legally, at vastly cheaper rates, from China. “The real takeaway is that [North Korea] had the dual-use equipment necessary for bioweapons production,” said Andrew C. Weber, a former assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs. “What the photos show is a modern bio-production capability.”

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