Back to School with Sarah and Meagan: The Home Hour Episode 34

Today’s show is a little different from most. In it, Sarah – the Managing Editor at The Happiest Home – and I discuss our summers (including her big move and our awesome weather) and how our lives are changing now that the kids are heading back to school. We talked a little about the tyranny of the school pick-up line (and how it gives me mild road rage,) kids walking to and from school, sometimes in charge of younger siblings, and why we’ll be getting 10-year-old William a cell phone soon (see previous.) Listen now! or keep reading for the iTunes link and to find out how to become part of the show! We also took some time to marvel over how different our lives are right now, Sarah’s and mine, and how different that can make the whole back-to-school experience. Case in point: in this video I was at exactly where Sarah is right now, with six, four, and one-year-olds. It’s hard to believe how different – and how much quieter – things are now, just a handful of years later! If you liked this show, I’d LOVE for you to subscribe or leave a rating or review on iTunes. Here’s how to [...] The post Back to School with Sarah and Meagan: The Home Hour Episode 34 appeared first on Life, Listened..

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