4/19/19 Joe developes a disturbing theme on today's show, one you are not going to want to missApr 19, 2019 Listen
04/18/19 Another episode of positive Thursday. The Mayor can't be deniedApr 18, 2019 Listen
04/17/19 The "White Out" pregame celebration for the Winnipeg Jets is now racistApr 17, 2019 Listen
04/16/19 Tom Hauser on his exclusive interview with President Trump yesterdayApr 16, 2019 Listen
04/15/19 Roof collapses at Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral as massive fire ragesApr 15, 2019 Listen
04/12/19 A 2013 clip where Ilhan Omar joked about people saying "Al Qaeda" and "Hezbollah" in a severe tone, while noting nobody says words like "America" that way.Apr 12, 2019 Listen
4/11/2019 How can Joe be positive with the WX and Rep. Ilhan Omar? HmmmApr 11, 2019 Listen
04/10/19 Lawrence Rudnick from the U of M gives Joe a lesson on the discovery of a black holeApr 10, 2019 Listen
04/09/19 Mark it down GL'ers today was the day Johnny Heidt admitted he was wrong.....sort of.Apr 09, 2019 Listen
04/08/19 Another great tale from the failed academy this time we go to Bentley UniversityApr 08, 2019 Listen
04/05/19 Reusse from the Final Four, Dave Dahl returns, and our first podcast scramble!!Apr 05, 2019 Listen
04/04/19 It is week #2 of Positive Thursday!!Apr 04, 2019 Listen
04/03/19 The company Lime has now pulled all of their bikes out of the city of St PaulApr 03, 2019 Listen
04/02 The Day the Dinosaurs Died A young paleontologist may have discovered a record of the most significant event in the history of life on Earth.Apr 02, 2019 Listen
04/01/19 The left is turning on their own, they have power-washed Joe BidenApr 01, 2019 Listen
03/29/19 The Mayor starts the show with an amazing rant about.....walk up songs!!Mar 29, 2019 Listen
03/28/19 It is the return of POSITIVE THURSDAY!!!!Mar 28, 2019 Listen
03/27/19 The Edge from U2 with a great case of wind-millingMar 27, 2019 Listen
03/26/19 Joe and the crew start the show with a startling revelationMar 26, 2019 Listen
03/25/19 The Mayor had a number of thoughts on the Mueller report to begin the show todayMar 25, 2019 Listen
03/22/19 Private citizen Richard Schwartz puts Seattle City Council in its place when members won't even 'look up' from their 'phones and give attention'Mar 22, 2019 Listen
3/21/19 Another great discovery for GL: More 'pushback' full of Common SenseMar 21, 2019 Listen
03/20/19 "The Brains Behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez"Mar 20, 2019 Listen
03/19/19 The Rev. Tim Christopher from Berean Missionary Baptist ChurchMar 19, 2019 Listen
03/18/19 Rev. Tim Christopher gave a moving testimony at a Minnesota house hearing last week on gun control and it was pretty powerful. Mar 18, 2019 Listen
03/15/19 Forty-nine people were killed in shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New ZealandMar 15, 2019 Listen
03/14/19 The GL jet takes a trip to Sarah Lawrence College for another example of the failed academyMar 14, 2019 Listen
03/14/19 The GL jet takes a trip to Sarah Lawrence College for another example of the failed academyMar 14, 2019 Listen
03/13/19 The academic cheating scandal, and Mother Nature has gone too far this time!Mar 13, 2019 Listen
03/12/19 The Mayor has another deep thought on the salon aligning themselves with the thinking of the likes of the U.N.Mar 12, 2019 Listen
03/11/19 The St Paul city council had a few quotes that you can't even make up.Mar 11, 2019 Listen
03/08/19 "Best of GL" The SportsTalk edition!!Mar 08, 2019 Listen
03/07/19 "Best Of GL" We go back to Jan 9th 2002 - The January thaw.....Mar 07, 2019 Listen
03/06/19 Space Management, Reusse from FL, and do we hate trees or not??Mar 06, 2019 Listen
03/05/19 Rookie's emotional letter to his best friend nearly 40 years agoMar 05, 2019 Listen
03/04/19 Another "Black-Face" controversy that you can't even make upMar 04, 2019 Listen
03/01/19 Joe Biden had to apologize because he called Mike Pence......a decent guy, it's over!!!Mar 01, 2019 Listen
02/28/19 More reaction from the students that visited Senator Dianne Feinstein's officeFeb 28, 2019 Listen
02/27/19 The dynamic of shrinking newspaper newsrooms and the continued growth of mayoral cabinets.Feb 27, 2019 Listen
02/26/19 Two heartbreaking stories out of Faribault over the past weekendFeb 26, 2019 Listen
02/25/19 Amy Klobuchar once ate a salad with a comb???Feb 25, 2019 Listen
02/22/19 Every person in this country needs to hear Joe interview Pinal county Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb and his thoughts on border security.Feb 22, 2019 Listen
02/21/19 Best-Of GL today January 15th 2006 "The Will Steger episode"Feb 21, 2019 Listen
02/20/19 Another case of power-washing takes place in SarasotaFeb 20, 2019 Listen
02/19/19 A record size sturgeon is caught on the St Croix by Darren a long-time GL fan!!Feb 19, 2019 Listen
02/18/19 Hour 1 University of Texas study claims the toaster is going to kill you.Feb 18, 2019 Listen
02/18/19 Hour 2 The alleged "hate crime" on actor Jussie Smollett is not what it seemsFeb 18, 2019 Listen
02/15/19 Hour 1 Joe has deep thoughts on declaring a national emergency over the wallFeb 15, 2019 Listen
02/15/19 Hour 2 A discussion on Garrison Keillor and a weekly appearance from Reusse!!Feb 15, 2019 Listen
02/14/19 Hour 1 The elected adult children and their spending habits with your moneyFeb 14, 2019 Listen
02/14/19 Hour 2 The new green deal and that time Joe buried his car in the sandFeb 14, 2019 Listen
02/13/19 Hour 1 Matthew Fitzpatrick on How global warming will change your town's weather by 2080Feb 13, 2019 Listen
02/13/19 Hour 2 MN Jewish leaders talked with Ilhan Omar about anti-Semitism for hours last year.Feb 13, 2019 Listen
02/12/19 Hour 1 The Great Lakes now have too much water!!Feb 12, 2019 Listen
02/12/19 Hour 2 Kamala Harris claims to have listened to Snoop and 2pac in college while getting highFeb 12, 2019 Listen
02/11 Hour 1 A new term is introduced in GL 'Dead-Naming'Feb 11, 2019 Listen
02/11 Hour 2 The Instagram live video of Elizabeth Warren drinking a beer gets a few different reactionsFeb 11, 2019 Listen
02-07-19 Hour 1 What GL'ers are focused on-Not socialism! Sen. Klobuchar's chances?Feb 07, 2019 Listen
02-07-19 Hour 2 Gucci gets a Powerwash/Cross update from FL/Rookie snow problemFeb 07, 2019 Listen
02-06-19 Hour 1 State of the Union Recap, Lindsey Vonn and Amy KlobucharFeb 06, 2019 Listen
02-06-19 Hour 2 Great info on the USS Constitution, a cross appears on the beach in FLFeb 06, 2019 Listen
02-05-19 In one action packed audio hour: Joe's driveway woes,True North, Mountain lion attackFeb 05, 2019 Listen
02-04-19 Hour 1 The Super Bowl was not, Facts on climate change and BigfootFeb 04, 2019 Listen
02-01-19 Hour 1 Joe welcomes MN State Senator John Jasinski to the podcast.Feb 01, 2019 Listen
02-01-19 Inaccurate wording on a local news website, gets under Joe's skin. Feb 01, 2019 Listen
01/31/19 Hour 1 More historical weather facts from Joe and his new favorite websiteJan 31, 2019 Listen
01/31/19 Hour 2 Joe brings up an op-ed piece from The Washington Examiner that was worthy of another groin kickJan 31, 2019 Listen
01/30/19 Joe has done his homework on the severely cold weather that we are having. Is it Extreme?Jan 30, 2019 Listen
01/29/19 Hour 1 Joe gives a review of 'Deadline Artists' and how Jimmy Breslin and Pete Hamill defined an era of New York journalism in the late 20th centuryJan 29, 2019 Listen
01/29/19 Hour 2 more on the story of the 3 year old North Carolina boy who claims he was saved by a bear after getting lost in the woods. Jan 29, 2019 Listen
01/28/19 Hour 1 Climate change, legalizing marijuana, Tom Brokaw has to apologize, and an llhan Omar updateJan 28, 2019 Listen
Hour 2 Trevor the duck who is the loneliest duck on the entire island of NiueJan 28, 2019 Listen
01/25/19 Hour 1 The Mayor starts out the show with his foolproof plan to end the Government shutdownJan 25, 2019 Listen
01/25/19 Hour 2 The one and only Patrick Reusse makes his weekly stop in Garage Logic and he was in rare form today!!Jan 25, 2019 Listen
01/24/19 Hour 1 The Lake Detective returns to update us on a prediction he made weeks ago!!Jan 24, 2019 Listen
Hour 2 A troubling story from KSTP reporter Jay Kolls on Light Rail causing an accident and they cant be prosecuted.Jan 24, 2019 Listen
01/23/19 Hour 1 Our own llahn Omar has made some pretty outrageous claims against the Covington High School studentsJan 23, 2019 Listen
01/23/19 Hour 2 Joe discovers an avid "Indoor Medallion Hunter" today. Jan 23, 2019 Listen
01/22/19 Hour 1 The Mayor calls the Covington High School case the most important time in American journalismJan 22, 2019 Listen
01/22/19 Hour 2 Listener mail and reaction, Johnny Heidt with the news.Jan 22, 2019 Listen
01/21/19 Hour 1 The controversy surrounding the students from Covington Catholic High School.Jan 21, 2019 Listen
01/21/19 Hour 2 A new report on the CA wild fires, and the word Police are in full force today.Jan 21, 2019 Listen
01/18/19 Hour 1 Charles Krauthammer's thoughts on border protection start today's show.Jan 18, 2019 Listen
01/18/19 Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with an email on a question relating to the Jayme Closs case and the murder of her father.Jan 18, 2019 Listen
01/17/19 Hour 1 Jordan high school students display a "Re-elect Trump 2020" flag during a game vs Mpls Roosevelt. Jan 17, 2019 Listen
01/17/19 Hour 2 Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox have been power-washed in Bemidji!!!Jan 17, 2019 Listen
01/16/19 Hour 1 The second show in the new studio. Yes we realize we had some technical issues yesterday but we hope to have corrected them. Jan 16, 2019 Listen
01/16/19 Hour 2 One of the best GL subjects in a long, long time kicks off Hour 2 Jan 16, 2019 Listen
01/15/19 Hour 1 The boys debut the brand new podcast studios on today's episode!Jan 15, 2019 Listen
01/15/19 Hour 2 Group Calls Photo Of Murdered Officer Waving Thin Blue Line Flag Insensitive And Racist......It's Almost Over!!Jan 15, 2019 Listen
01/14/19 Hour 1 The entire GL crew is in for the show today. They also have new information in the Jayme Kloss case in Barron WI. Jan 14, 2019 Listen
01/14/19 Hour 2 We apparently need better bike lanes in Minneapolis. Breaking news in the criminal complaint against Jake Patterson in the Jayme Kloss kidnapping story. Jan 14, 2019 Listen
01/11/19 Hour 1 Barron county Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined to start the show to discuss Jayme Closs who was found alive after she went missing back on October 15th.Jan 11, 2019 Listen
01/11/19 Hour 2 Reusse's weekly segment, State Rep Raymond Dehn, and a story that frightened The Mayor. Jan 11, 2019 Listen
01/10/19 Hour 1 Listener mail kicks things off and the boys really get the Mayor's blood boiling right away!!Jan 10, 2019 Listen
01/10/19 Hour 2 more from the city of St Paul and they way they are treating residents of a St Paul neighborhood. Jan 10, 2019 Listen
01/09/19 Hour 1 Yes the entire crew is in again for two shows in a row!!Jan 09, 2019 Listen
01/09/19 Hour 2 Kenny has a Boy Scout camping story, and 2 dark examples of the mystery at work. Jan 09, 2019 Listen
01/08/19 Hour 1 The entire GL crew is back after the long Holiday week. Jan 08, 2019 Listen
01/08/19 Hour 2 A great obit, and another trip to the world of the failed academy. Jan 08, 2019 Listen
01/03/19 Hour 1 Todd Okerlund, son of the late great Mean Gene Okerlund joined Joe at the start of show today to share some stories on the life of his dad in the world of professional wrestling. Jan 03, 2019 Listen
01/03/19 Hour 2 Reusse kicks off the second hour with thoughts on the passing of Mean Gene, and Super Dave Osborne. Jan 03, 2019 Listen
12/28/18 Hour 1 It's a best of Garage Logic today. The Christmas Light Rivalry edition!!!Dec 28, 2018 Listen
12/27/18 Hour 1 Joe takes Rookie to task over airport travel, no catastrophic storms, and media coverage of Trump. Dec 27, 2018 Listen
12/27/18 Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour discussing Colin O'Brady completing the first ever unaided walk across Antarctica. Dec 27, 2018 Listen
12/26/18 Hour 1 Weather fact, and airports travel begin the show today.Dec 26, 2018 Listen
12/26/18 Hour 2 Where the bicyclists at? The sea change in politics, and more from Johnny HeidtDec 26, 2018 Listen
12/24/18 Hour 1 Joe and the boys are in for a Christmas Eve edition of GL today!!Dec 24, 2018 Listen
12/24/18 Hour 2 Joe and the boys are in for a Christmas Eve edition of GL today!!Dec 24, 2018 Listen
12/21/18 Hour 1 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!!Dec 21, 2018 Listen
12/21/18 Hour 2 The entire GL crew is live from Summit Brewery for the first ever listener VIP party!!!Dec 21, 2018 Listen
12/20/18 Hour 1 Email roundup, more info on the Summit Brewery show tomorrow, and a mysterious boom??Dec 20, 2018 Listen
12/20/18 Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour today with more on the mission to cover up the Art Deco murals in the St. Paul City Council chambers. Dec 20, 2018 Listen
12/19/18 Hour 1 Michelle Bausch of WTOP in Washington D.C. was the guest today to discuss her new podcast "Going Under: The story of Tangier Island, Va." Dec 19, 2018 Listen
12/19/18 Hour 2 Joe finds a lovely piece of writing sent in by a listener, then the daily "Baby It's Cold Outside" segment. Dec 19, 2018 Listen
12/18/18 Hour 1 Michael Bloomberg Flew Giant Blocks Of Ice To London On A Private Plane To Demonstrate 'Climate Change'Dec 18, 2018 Listen
12/18/18 Hour 2 First transgender Miss Universe contestant, the politicans who wish to be important rather than useful. Dec 18, 2018 Listen
12/17/18 Hour 1 A musical theme to today's show starts with Steven C to promote his Christmas Together show. Dec 17, 2018 Listen
12/17/18 Hour 2 Deana Martin the daughter of the late Dean Martin is on to discuss the ridiculous controversy over "Baby It's Cold Outside"Dec 17, 2018 Listen
12/14/18 Hour 1 You can't keep the Mayor down!! He is in here right from the surgery room. Dec 14, 2018 Listen
12/14/18 Hour 2 The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. A ray of hope out of Michigan, and an absurd CA tax. Dec 14, 2018 Listen
12/12/18 Hour 1 Joe offered up offered up thoughts on the gunman who attacked a Christmas market in Strasbourg France.Dec 12, 2018 Listen
12/12/18 Hour 2 The failed academy strikes again as American University students and staff call for minority-only ‘Spaces’ on campus to promote inclusion......yep. Dec 12, 2018 Listen
12/11/18 Hour 1 Fran Ring a speech pathologist from the Anoka Hennepin school district called in to discuss the brain development in kids because of over use of devices like ipads.Dec 11, 2018 Listen
12/11/18 Hour 2 The Great Crepitation Contest of 1946, A Comedy Record About an International Farting ContestDec 11, 2018 Listen
12/10/18 Hour 1 "Baby It's Cold Outside" comes up again today. The GL crew discovered the politically correct version. Dec 10, 2018 Listen
12/10/18 Hour 2 George Orwell's 1984, the crackpot in Nebraska that tried to cancel Christmas, and the Mayor did some shopping. Dec 10, 2018 Listen
12/07/18 Hour 1 Pearl Harbor anniversary, and Boston DA-elect wants to do away with punishing crimes. Dec 07, 2018 Listen
12/07/18 Hour 2 Reusse with his weekly appearance, and Mankato Professor is the subject of ultimate power-washing!!Dec 07, 2018 Listen
12/06/18 Hour 1 The double standard from the Mysterians, a 21st-er turns in his card, and the hypocrite Bernie Sanders.Dec 06, 2018 Listen
12/06/18 Hour 2 Mpls City Council member Lisa Bender is claiming sexism because she didn't shovel her driveway.....ok. Dec 06, 2018 Listen
12/05/18 Hour 1 Joe started the show today with thoughts on the funeral coverage of George H.W. Bush and how this may very well be the end of the Greatest Generation. Dec 05, 2018 Listen
12/05/18 Hour 2 Stephen Moore distinguished fellow at the Heritage Foundation joined the Mayor to debunk the coming climate apocalypse.Dec 05, 2018 Listen
12/04/18 Hour 1 Ladies and Gentlemen the one and the only Lake Detective makes his podcast debut!!!Dec 04, 2018 Listen
12/04/18 Hour 2 Yellow-vest protests, Rutgers outrage over a DWI, and another call from the former Gov.Dec 04, 2018 Listen
12/03/18 Hour 1 The Mayor began today's show by reflecting on the life of former President George H.W. Bush.Dec 03, 2018 Listen
12/03/18 Hour 2 More power-washing, and a trip to the failed academy. GL also announces the first ever remote podcast at Summit Brewery!!Dec 03, 2018 Listen
11/30/18 Hour 1 Frattallone's gives the fellas a great gift, a major announcement with Summit brewing, and more head-dressing in the land of the elite. Nov 30, 2018 Listen
11/30/18 Hour 2 A stuttering ,am is cured if he can speak in a different accent, and two brand new yet to be discovered Richard Reusse stories!!Nov 30, 2018 Listen
11/29/18 Hour 1 A troubling story over the removal of artwork in the St Paul city council chambers. Nov 29, 2018 Listen
11/29/18 Hour 2 A woman in Texas is upset over an airline gate agent making fun of her 5 year old daughter's name, you better listen to find out what that name is.Nov 29, 2018 Listen
11/28/18 Hour 1 One of the all time moments of the show in which nobody was paying attention.....including the news guy who was reading the story. Nov 28, 2018 Listen
11/28/18 Hour 2 Joe gives us an update on the condition of Sourdough Slim who lost everything in the fires at his home in Paradise CA. Nov 28, 2018 Listen
11/27/18 Hour 1 Joe reads a letter to the editor from a nurse who is blaming disease and other cases on, you guessed it, climate change. Nov 27, 2018 Listen
11/27/18 Hour 2 Email roundup, city trash collection, and Rookie getting hung up on a guy parking his car in his basement. Nov 27, 2018 Listen
11/26/18 Hour 1 More hypocrisy from the UN global chief, and more denying from the great denier. Nov 26, 2018 Listen
11/26/18 Hour 2 Power-washing at it's finest......Charlie Brown is apparentlya racist. Yep, you can't even make it up. Nov 26, 2018 Listen
11/21/18 Hour 1 Joe starts the show with Bruce and Judy Quick who are two former residents of St Paul Mn who reside in Paradise Ca and lost everything in the wild fires. Nov 21, 2018 Listen
Hour 2 Listener email roundup, Chick-Fil-A, and the room goes crazy over Bees mating habits. Nov 21, 2018 Listen
11/20/18 Hour 1 Curlers are kicked out for drinking......shocking, Female member of the Navy likes to dress up as a dog??Nov 20, 2018 Listen
11/20/18 Hour 2 A teacher is in hot water for bullying students....because the teacher thanked students for standing for the anthem. Nov 20, 2018 Listen
11/19/18 Hour 1 Major WIND-MILLING ALERT!!! Right here in our own backyard that you can't even make up. Nov 19, 2018 Listen
11/19/18 Hour 2 The destroyed Academy, a great story about the Schwan's family, and more from the CA wildfires. Nov 19, 2018 Listen
11/15/18 Hour 1 Gov Dayton in the Hospital/Thai Cave Rescue logistics/Prom pic from WI? Uh oh!Nov 15, 2018 Listen
11/15/18 Hour 2 Scientist admidts mistakes on Polar Bears. This makes Joe ask some questions. Joe tells how why he kicked in his first door yesterday!Nov 15, 2018 Listen
11/14/18 Hour 1 Barron County Sheriff Chris fitzgerald discusses the latest from a troubled town.Nov 14, 2018 Listen
11/14/18 Hour 2 Prom picture from Wisconsin is discussed and the staff does not all agreeNov 14, 2018 Listen
11/13/18 Hour 1 The Fires in CA continue to dominate and a Nazi slute in Baraboo, WI?Nov 13, 2018 Listen
11/13/18 Hour 2 Joe gets through some e-mails and then worries about sunspots. Thanksgiving is now EVIL?Nov 13, 2018 Listen
11/12/18 Hour 1 A quote from FDR placed into today's world and Paradise, CA wiped out by fire-Nov 12, 2018 Listen
11-9-18 Hour 1 CNN's Jim Acosta is acting like a fool. He is not supposed to be news.Nov 09, 2018 Listen
11/9/18 Hour 2 Joe comments on the shooting in Thousand Oaks and evil. Patrick Reusse brings up some lighter notes in sports.Nov 09, 2018 Listen
11/08/18 Hour 1 Breaking news of a nightclub shooting, twelve dead. The Presidential news conference was not very elegant.Nov 08, 2018 Listen
11/08/18 Hour 2 We learn today that the phrase "Long time no see" is considered offensive to Asians, at least at Colorado State University.Nov 08, 2018 Listen
11/07/18 Hour 1 The Mayor had a lot of thoughts on yesterday's election results. Nov 07, 2018 Listen
11/07/18 Hour 2 69 year old Dutch wants to legally change his age, find out why. Also, Ventura and Reusse in 2020Nov 07, 2018 Listen
11/06/18 Hour 1 Former Press Secretary John Wodele on the 20th anniversary of Jesse Ventura being elected GovernorNov 06, 2018 Listen
11/06/18 Hour 2 Joe begins the second hour with yet another horrific story out of western WINov 06, 2018 Listen
11/05/18 Hour 1 The voting process, baseball in the military, and trash collection in St Paul. Nov 05, 2018 Listen
11/05/18 Hour 2 A Saturday Night Live actor makes fun of a wounded war veteran who lost an eye, and of course there is very little outrage from "The Club."Nov 05, 2018 Listen
11/02/18 Hour 1 The Mayor starts the show with a story and it just may be "BREAK GLASS, SMOKE LUCKY'S!!!"Nov 02, 2018 Listen
11/02/18 Hour 2 high school football player suing the MSHSL because he was suspended, and Reusse joins to wrap up the week on GL!Nov 02, 2018 Listen
11/01/18 Hour 1 Halloween, Drivers vs Bicyclists, and why Joe is very worried about the game of baseballNov 01, 2018 Listen
11/01/18 Hour 2 The Mayor starts with a big story in the LA times about a problem nature.....and we can't do anything about it. Nov 01, 2018 Listen
10/31/18 Hour 1 The 91 Halloween blizzard, another great Holcomb GL comic, this time featuring Diversity-villeOct 31, 2018 Listen
10/31/18 Hour 2 Joe has been excited for weeks to get the chance to chat with Amor Towles, author of "A Gentleman in Moscow"Oct 31, 2018 Listen
10/30/18 Hour 1 The Mayor actually defends Hillary?? Yep and you need to hear why. Oct 30, 2018 Listen
10/30/18 Hour 2 Joe starts the second hour with the sad state of our current political election races. Oct 30, 2018 Listen
10/29/18 Hour 1 The shootings at a Pittsburgh synagogue, social media, and Chik-fil-A is not in "the club"Oct 29, 2018 Listen
10/29/18 Hour 2 Halloween costume controversy, and yet another story from the failed academyOct 29, 2018 Listen
10/26/18 Hour 1 Joe started the show talking about the Florida man detained after a week-long bomb-package scare. Oct 26, 2018 Listen
10/26/18 Hour 2 Halloween costumes, the Florida bombing suspect lived in MN, and Reusse wraps up the show!!Oct 26, 2018 Listen
10/25/18 Hour 1 Five Eyewitness News anchor Megan Newquist joined at the top to discuss her 3 part special report and exclusive interview with the father of Justine Damond who was fatally shot by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor. Oct 25, 2018 Listen
10/25/18 Hour 2 Megyn Kelly, Halloween, and yet another episode of Corn Corner!!!Oct 25, 2018 Listen
10/24/18 Hour 1 The entire crew is in today!! Joe started the show today with more thoughts on the tragic story from Barron county Wisconsin. Oct 24, 2018 Listen
10/24/18 Hour 2 More from the world of the failed academy this time a production of the classic "Aladdin"Oct 24, 2018 Listen
10/23/18 Hour 1 Barron county sheriff Chris Fitzgerald joined at the start of the show to discuss the case of 13-year-old Jayme Kloss who went missing and her parents were murdered inside their home. Oct 23, 2018 Listen
10/23/18 Hour 2 Drag queen's were on hand for career day in Colorado, parents ruining Halloween for kids. Oct 23, 2018 Listen
10/22/18 Hour 1 A candidate for Governor in the state of Florida wants to get rid of law enforcement and his campaign is in a dead heat with his main competitor. Oct 22, 2018 Listen
10/22/18 Hour 2 Democratic Socialist Ocasio-Cortez compares climate change to 'existential threat' of Nazi GermanyOct 22, 2018 Listen
10/18/18 Hour 1 Fall preparations, backyard fires, Keith Ellison, and a controversy in trans sports. Oct 18, 2018 Listen
10/18/18 Hour 2 The minimizing on the value of life. Reusse joins for a sports update, and listener mail. Oct 18, 2018 Listen
10/17/18 Hour 1 GL'er Rick Copeland builds a custom GL ukulele and Johnny Heidt plays it on the air!!Oct 17, 2018 Listen
10/17/18 Hour 2 More from the world of environmental hysteria!!Oct 17, 2018 Listen
10/16/18 Hour 1 University of St Thomas professor of thermal sciences John Abraham is now blaming climate change on Republicans, he declined an invitation to be on the show. Oct 16, 2018 Listen
10/16/18 Hour 2 Joe Has more thoughts on why exactly Keith Ellison is trying desperately to keep his divorce records private even though they are public record. Oct 16, 2018 Listen
10/15/18 Hour 1 More stories from the great denier, including a man-made climate change story in our own back yard. Oct 15, 2018 Listen
10/15/18 Hour 2 The glaring difference in the Keith Ellison vs Doug Wardlow race for Attorney General. Oct 15, 2018 Listen
10/12/18 Hour 1 Matt Dunn the owner of Scream Town in Chaska joins the show amid Carver County shutting down his operation. Oct 12, 2018 Listen
10/12/18 Hour 2 Reusse joins the show in studio to discuss his debut later today on MyTalk 107.1, and Tom Hauser on the latest in the local elections. Oct 12, 2018 Listen
10/11/18 Hour 1 The great John Sandford was on to discuss his latest Virgil Flowers novel "Holy Ghost."Oct 11, 2018 Listen
10/11/18 Hour 2 The current state of weather hysteria, Kany West, and natural disasters. Oct 11, 2018 Listen
10/10/18 Hour 1 More denying from the Great Denier as it relates to Hurricane Michael!!!Oct 10, 2018 Listen
10/10/18 Hour 2 Joe begins the hour with another great living American, and Ilahn Omar is in the news again. Oct 10, 2018 Listen
10/09/18 Hour 1 Rosemount teacher resigns after tweeting "Kill Kavanaugh" Oct 09, 2018 Listen
10/09/18 Hour 2 the days of endless political ads, and why your gas pump is on a cetain side of your car. Oct 09, 2018 Listen
10/08/18 Hour 1 Joe begins today's show with former St John's QB Tom Linnemann on the death of legendary coach John GagliardiOct 08, 2018 Listen
10/08/18 Hour 2 Austin tv reporter fired for wearing a MAGA hatOct 08, 2018 Listen
10/05/18 Hour 1 Listener email, driver-less cars, and reaction from the President's visit to Rochester yesterday. Oct 05, 2018 Listen
10/05/18 Hour 2 Facebook executive is under fire for merely attending the Kavanaugh hearings......we are in real trouble.Oct 05, 2018 Listen
10/04/18 Hour 1 Joe and the entire crew are back and this may be the best podcast to date!!!Oct 04, 2018 Listen
10/04/18 Hour 2 Another great hour of the entire GL crew however Joe tells the boys to quit talking over each other.....they don't listen!!Oct 04, 2018 Listen
10/03/18 Vince Flynn's final visit to Joe and Rookie in GL six years ago.......Oct 03, 2018 Listen
10/01/18 Hour 1 Soucheray begins the hour talking about what may be the final game for Joe Mauer. Oct 01, 2018 Listen
10/01/18 Hour 2 Joe finds it very difficult to try and make a simple couple of donations. Oct 01, 2018 Listen
09/28/18 Hour 1 Joe starts once again with the most recent developments in the Kavanaugh case. Sep 28, 2018 Listen
09/28/18 Hour 2 Reusse joins the show live from Target Field and yep he did not fail to deliver!!Sep 28, 2018 Listen
09/27/18 Hour 1 Joe has a little trouble getting started today check it out!!Sep 27, 2018 Listen
09/27/18 Hour 2 Joe learns a new word in the midst of a serious topic and our president has to weigh in of course. Sep 27, 2018 Listen
09/26/18 Hour 1 The first GL podcast guest, Dr Tom Combs on the opioid crisis and the threat of yet another Ebola outbreak. Sep 26, 2018 Listen
09/26/18 Hour 2 Joe makes an incredible link between the kid out to sea in Indonesia and the failed Academy. Sep 26, 2018 Listen
09/25/18 Hour 1 Joe starts with a really nice tribute to Legendary Star Tribune reporter Barbara Flanagan who died at 94.Sep 25, 2018 Listen
09/25/18 Hour 2 Ted Cruz can't even go out to dinner without getting harassed at a restaurant with his wife. Sep 25, 2018 Listen
09/24/18 Hour 1 Joe starts with more thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh, and why he can't put IKEA furniture together.Sep 24, 2018 Listen
09/24/18 Hour 2 Joe's daily email segment, and a great clip from when Joe and Rook visited The White House. Sep 24, 2018 Listen
09/21/18 Hour 1 Joe has a number of things via email including a 48 hour ruling. Also, organic cotton grocery bags are now not safe!!Sep 21, 2018 Listen
09/21/18 Hour 2 Patrick joins the show from inside the building, but has to be on his phone.......find out why!!Sep 21, 2018 Listen
09/20/18 Hour 1 Joe dives deep into the hottest topic today...........Are Bert and Ernie gay???Sep 20, 2018 Listen
09/20/18 Hour 2 People are against praying for a sick kid, and some college students don't know how to buy stamps.Sep 20, 2018 Listen
09/19 Hour 1 The whole crew is here to clean up some unfinished business and tackle the Lake Minnetonka docking controversy. Sep 19, 2018 Listen
09/19 Hour 2 Former President Bush stops by to visit the crew, and the discuss your chance to win tickets to hang out at the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert.Sep 19, 2018 Listen
09/18 Hour 1 Comparing the cases of Brett Kavanaugh and Keith EllisonSep 18, 2018 Listen
09/18 Hour 2 More on the hysteria being brought about by the weather channel, and why Joe is done with the New Yorker.Sep 18, 2018 Listen
09/17/18 Hour 1 "Two groin kicks" Mike Seidel of The Weather Channel for exaggerating Hurricane conditions & St Paul Mayor Melvin Carter Sep 17, 2018 Listen
09/17/18 Hour 2 The Mayor goes deep on the latest in the Brett Kavanaugh saga, then ends with a tribute to a Great Living AmericanSep 17, 2018 Listen
09/14/18 Joe reads a story of a B-52 bomber crash landing in a farm near Inver Grove Heights & Patrick makes his return to GL!!!Sep 14, 2018 Listen
09/14/18 Sen. Dianne Feistein (DFL-Cali) should be ashamed of herself. Joe visits the destroyed academy again. Sep 14, 2018 Listen
09/13/18 Hour 1 Joe makes several visits to the world of the destroyed academy. Sep 13, 2018 Listen
09/13/18 Hour 2 Rookie takes yet another hit on the knack scale and GL'er Jennifer checks in from South Carolina ahead of Hurricane FlorenceSep 13, 2018 Listen
09/12/18 we are now blaming President Trump for Hurricane FlorenceSep 12, 2018 Listen
09/12/18 we are now blaming President Trump for Hurricane FlorenceSep 12, 2018 Listen
09/11/18 Hr 1 GOING BACK TO THAT FATEFUL DAY 17 YEARS AGO TODAYSep 11, 2018 Listen
09/11/18 Hr 2 GOING BACK TO THAT FATEFUL DAY 17 YEARS AGO TODAYSep 11, 2018 Listen
09/10/18 Garage Logic debuts as an exclusive to Podcast listeners.Sep 10, 2018 Listen
9/7 Fri HR 1: Final Garage Logic Show! Have a listen!Sep 07, 2018 Listen
9/7 Fri HR 2: Final hour of GL with Scramble-No Crying at all!Sep 07, 2018 Listen
9/6 Thur HR 2: a Big Announcement Regarding the GL Podcast/Top 500 Colleges in the U.S.Sep 06, 2018 Listen
9/6 Thur HR: 1 The Anonymous letter about President Trump/Death of Burt ReynoldsSep 06, 2018 Listen
9/5 Wed HR 1: Joe mentions the future Podcast/Hamburger joint is center of boycottSep 05, 2018 Listen
9/5 Wed HR 2: More on Joe's unique gift from a mortician/What is an iceberg? Rick calls.Sep 05, 2018 Listen