Monumental Strength – How to Get Fit (and Actually Enjoy It)

I made two big mistakes when I was pursuing financial independence… The first was I put off happiness until I hit FI. The second was I also put off my health. In today’s episode of the Financial Independence Podcast, I chat to my personal trainer, Doug from Monumental Strength. Doug has spent the past two years taking me from a puny computer programmer to a strong, healthy weightlifter! It’s been a fantastic journey, with numerous unexpected benefits, so don’t wait until FI like I did. Start focusing on your health now and drastically improve your journey to FI (and your life beyond)! Highlights: Why lifting weights is a perfect activity for improving your health How to build a good workout plan Why free weights are better than machines What to eat if you want to build muscle Why weightlifting is better than running for burning fat and losing weight How to progress to doing more difficult lifts The benefits of intermittent fasting

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